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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

A Nile town!

Ancient Lie said: Now this man come parajumpers jackets sale to me, that is to kill the killer star has more than five of force strength, she told me to act together, the success rate greatly! He simply said the things themselves attacked again.

Dominicans extremely shocked that these parajumpers jackets gobi things never said Gu Lie, did not expect him to go out every so dangerous, but fortunately can be saved the day, otherwise he might die on the outside do not know.

Too dangerous up!

Ancient Lie laughed: I told Autumn Leaves is a bad start, I helped her, presumably the assassination request, she will not refuse.

Open the door, strode into the autumn leaves, the look of unhappy, complained: Ancient strong, you too mean, do not even go pick me!

Men a fresh look at this woman, so to speak, you know that the relationship would definitely not normal, and quickly shut the door make way, some words, but rather listening into trouble.

Guliehaha laughed: Do not get excited, sit down and speak slowly! He describes, This is a multi-Ming uncle, gangs are a number of issues for me is the uncle who ignores.

Autumn leaves very polite hellos, Dominicans laughed: Autumn leaves, very beautiful ah! But my mind was whispered, although the appearance of the leaves in autumn as good as her beautiful, gorgeous can sense it is also the daughter kissing less, just listen to him speak bluntly of ancient Jin Lie, I know their relationship is unusual, so it seems, is also regarded as the daughter of a big rival emotionally.

Ancient Lie asked: You should not leave you, how such a small town, went to the Nile where the authors is on vacation?

Autumn leaves rolled his eyes and said: I heard that you are not yourself, it is estimated will need help, came running over to help, you were really heartless!

Ancient Lie laughed: you know you terrific! I’m still considering the assassination of Philo before things uncle firmly opposed, now have your help, the success rate of at least 90%!

Autumn leaves glanced at him with disdain, hum: Philo? Do not need you, I personally shot, the success rate is one hundred percent! Did she say such a thing of the capital, five of force levels, even if it is face to face, Philo is not her opponent.

Ancient Lie said: Do not the effect, Philo now certainly I have preparedness, if arranged around heavy guard, even if they can assassinate success is very troublesome to be successfully escape!

Autumn Leaves said: Rest assured, since ready to come and help, there is ready!

Dominicans turned to ancient Lie said: Uncle, now you will not object to me to assassinate Philo, right?

Dominicans laughed: That certainly not anymore! He stood up and said, I went to arrange people about news, try to determine Philo place to rest at night, so that you can better facilitate the action!

He went out after the leaves fall chuckled and said: This looks like your uncle is very friendly to me Well ……

No, absolutely not, huh, huh …… Ancient Lie smiled, in fact, he knew, mostly because Dolly causes.

Autumn leaves on this issue does not tangle, said: Even I know that the Nile situation in the town, I am afraid that the boss of the three cities also soon be able to know, how are you going parajumpers outlet store to respond?

Not ready yet, is still to try to win the Nile town! If water repair the city to rob, I backward Amdo, if not, I also have an agreement with the Amdo

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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Real name, into the magic to start. The use of real names in addition to shouting outside, and have a limited function magic parajumpers parka outlet ceremony dress is the same, so it can be said that treasure with magic ritual


In addition, there are parajumpers jackets sale also souls to own treasure with class effect moves for the treasure with those holdings. For example Emiya uses magic? Inherent enchantment unlimited blade works (UnlimitedBlade

Works) , is his treasure with. Moreover, Heracles should have held shot one hundred (NineLives) is a treasure for the shape of a bow and arrow, but Heracles to other weapons can also make out

With this shot one hundred (NineLives) moves the same effect.

Treasure with objects according to their scope and effect, there is a human treasure and treasure with the military and other categories.


Human treasure with

On their own, such as a single enemy target given the very limited effect treasure with. Kuqiu parajumpers jackets Lin’s death spines puncture of the gun (GaeBolg), Heracles Twelve trials (GodHand)

And Gilgamesh’s King of the treasure (GateofBabylon), etc. are included. Consumption much magic in one on one battle, efficiency is remarkably high.

Name of the user position levels

Wind Wang Liya Saber enchantment Alto

Hama red rose loup wood Duo Aodi that Lancer

Will destroy the yellow rose

Gilgamesh the king’s treasure Archer

Assassin delusional fantasy Hassan Al-Sabah

Without destroying the lake Lancelot Berserker

Knights do not die unarmed

Not for the glory of their own issue

(2) treasure with the military

Implicated dozens to hundreds of people in the army, to a wide range of objects treasure with. Medusa’s riding Britain’s reins (Bellerophon) and Kuqiu Lin’s Guns of perforation dead Xiang (GaeBolg)

And so included. Much energy is diffused huge enemy attack bombers fly in one fell swoop, or conjured something.

Name of the user position levels

Distant from the ravages system of hegemony Iskandar Rider

Wang Zhijun potential

Gil de textbook spiral submerged city Royce Caster

(3) for the city treasure with

Even in the city, this solid structures are powerful treasure with bombers flying. Right people with the right military treasure treasure with a difference is the range of different effects, but when the right treasure with the city, the power gap becomes

The disparity. The fourth and fifth in the Holy Grail War is recognized on city treasure with only Alto Leah vow victory sword (Excalibur).

Name of the user position levels

Vow Victory Saber Sword Alto Liya

(4) on the boundary treasure with

Gilgamesh’s Heaven opened deviation Star (EnumaElish) category. Heaven opened deviation Star (EnumaElish) the output itself is Alto Leah Oath wins

Lee’s sword (Excalibur) equal or a little more than a degree, but with the cut world, indistinguishable from the effects of this legend, so this sword into a special category. Incidentally level is EX.

Name of the user position levels

Deviation Archer Gilgamesh Sword

(5) Enchantment treasure with

In the production of the treasure with enchantment, you do not use in the attack on. Shiro body preserved in Saber’s treasure with lone ideal township (Avalon) is its representative examples. Even institutions

Architectural treasure with enchantment, like Rider other seal? Temple Blood (Blood

FortAndromeda) as used in the attack on the stuff will be classified as treasure with the military.

Name of the user position levels

Away from the earthly Utopia

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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Between, if only live one, you will not blame me? Ancient Lie said suddenly, his voice as if to make farewell.

Ancient strong, I want to live …… Dolly parajumpers outlet strong towards the ancient cry, I want to die, I really do not want to die!

Dolly, I want to live! Ancient Lie shook his head firmly fixed on Dolly.

Ancient strong, it seems that you do not care if she dies Well, I’ll give you! Shenhua completely lost patience, Dolly shot an arrow toward the past.

Split between the ancient strong draw an arrow suddenly, even without looking to pull the bowstring, a Yinmang Tuoxian out, then heard the ding sound, Shenhua bow shot not far away from the Dolly now being Danfei!

This situation even Shenhua did not think before she reacts ancient cross bow strong right hand, and his left hand a shake, USP45 it in my hand, bang, Dolly right arm strapped people overturned go parajumpers jackets sale down.

Shenhua Jiling, Philo up reported that the Nile near the town appeared to have a gun, but were not taken seriously. Today she witnessed, that person has a gun, it is an attempt to get rid of the water repair the city’s people, the news is too important, so she immediately gave up the plan to kill the ancient strong, the case must be returned to this message water repair the city.

Series of actions but a blink of an eye it, crying before Dolly are also false, it is carried out by chance to work with ancient strong eye contact, but also developed a plan.

They can be said to tacit cooperation, Dolly right to restore freedom after his pocket a piece of gauze, no other person has left react directly cover his mouth and nose, regardless of what action the man, that is not let go, and soon the man fell to his knees.

The effect of anesthetic solution good, Dolly every time out will take two gauze soaked with anesthetic solution just in case, no one thought to spend even today.

Ancient Lie see Dolly danger, immediately bow aiming Shenhua, a stone’s throw shot out.

Lumbar Spinal Shenhua a whole person moving fast, did not hit consecutive two arrows.

Dolly come! Ancient Lie shouted, USP45 again in hand.

Do not tamper with!

Dolly had left two steps, stand on the neck of a blade, scared she quickly stood, the ancient strong too stupid, did not even think Shenhua speed so fast, just a blink of an eye to Dolly side.

Ancient strong, do you really think I would so good deal? Shenhua sneered, If you do not rely on, and I’m a man entice a grizzly bear it?

Ancient Lie slowly moved to the parajumpers parka outlet right, has been facing Dolly, but it is not silly Shenhua, the ancient strong move, she took Dolly move has been blocked in front of her.

Ancient Lie, the bow throw! Shenhua Li He said, or I’ll kill him!

Ancient Lie stopped, right hand of a Young, will Starchaser bow aside.

Gun, the gun also threw! Shenhua see him not moving, once again threatened, Hurry up, or I’ll kill her!

Lie looked ancient, threw the gun in the middle of the two sides, Shenhua is not picking up, do not pick no.

She suddenly took a few steps backwards Dolly, said: pick up the gun, threw my feet!

Yi Yan Gu Lie stepped forward, picked up the pistol firmly fling, fall Shenhua feet.

Dolly wink kept the name, the ancient strong shook her head, her hands in Shenhua, they can not frivolous, but also needs

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Monday, October 21st, 2013

Home, and now I am the only one thought to be eliminated evil master of the house entered the realm of condensate. So that Xiaoya head were home, in addition to outside Hershey is to tell me that a test would not have had this year, over two days we will be able to follow her directly back Shenxiao mountain. So my purpose is to tell you, as soon as the thing you want to deal with to deal with. Originally I thought that this year marked a good job to do, did not think I retreat a parajumpers jackets canada few years, almost everyone went Shenxiao mountains, and to also save me a lot of things.

Oh, in that case the better, baby first congratulate his father, as to Linger over there, I tell her about the trip, she was very reasonable, will support my father does not have to worry about what this thing.

Can you handle yourself better and better. Stay with you I take my drink two glasses.


Two days later, Lin Xiaotian is with Lingui parajumpers jackets sale Ren and Ariel Lin Feng together with straight Shenxiao planes.

Shenxiao looked towering mountains, the Lin family three sons, and Lin Lin Feng Xiaotian mood best, after all, is about one step further, the other is able to justifiably see every day the minds of the goddess. Only Lingui Ren, at the moment it is extremely calm, familiar with him know that Lingui Ren attempt anything more to it, his face will be more calm.

Body Cap 376 outer door disciple contest!

Elegant house updated: 20121018 6:24:39 words in this chapter: 3233

Sitting on the fly into the cloud Shenxiao Hill, Ariel is directly recruited a maid, let her go with Lingui Ren and Lin Feng Lin Xiaotian assigned to other homes, as she herself went with Lin Xiaotian the transmission power house.

But parajumpers jackets men must be separated in advance, Lingui Ren and there is no objection, directly on the wind and the forest with a maid in the behind, sitting in the clouds drove her to an elegant small courtyard inside, looked around environment, is indeed quite clean, Kiyonaga is a very suitable place.

Directly from the sodium ring the inside out, a low-grade began, it is implied the Lingui Ren be stuffed into the hands of the maid who lead the way.

The sister, a labor you take us over, little mind, I hope you do not find it too is.

Oh, it is respectful than from life, after Lin Gongzi if something does not understand, even though I am a good looking, I’m Tracy! Nor polite with Lingui Ren, who called Tweety’s directly put low-grade Lingshi to receive into his meson bags inside.

But just when she wanted to leave, but it is opening Lingui Ren stopped her.

Tweety sister, if you’re not busy, can you swim with me about it Shenxiao hill, only to come here, I’m completely confused, where scenery is good, what can not go to these places, I do not know exactly it, so I hope not hesitate to advise Tweety sister, of course I will definitely compensate for these Tweety sister wasted time. Lingui Ren is referring said.

And hear Lingui Ren said, had intended rebuff of Tweety, suddenly to the spirit, just gave a low-grade began to lead the way, when the escort should be higher than the price? Anyway, back is practicing, it is better to seize the opportunity to earn some pocket money, too.

Nodded, Tweety’s come up again the cloud symbol

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Monday, October 21st, 2013

Transport, that is, in fact, want to get married so that everyone can justifiably be together. And now we have to go Parajumpers Jackets Canada back over the result, both the United States are considered holy or divine mixed a crack Lianshu. After longer appear on both sides of the family in the eyes of those who are not too obtrusive, so the marriage thing seems pretty important. As long as Mikoto and Lingui Ren very affectionate in the eyes of outsiders, then together on the action and bring the two maids did not have anything strange. Naturally, will not be attractive, after all, they show the strength of external not high.

So as long as Lingui Ren exceeded the realm of God, has been practicing behind those books, you do not actually get married and there is no relationship. So compared to how to consider married, might as well consider how the strength of Lingui Ren degree robbery off into faster, more even more important to me.

Did not say anything, Miya is a happy moment all the way along Lingui Ren continuous transmission, went straight to the seven planes.

Small half later, they came to the holy beauty Lingui Ren Qixing planes Thai home.

Mikoto came home a few days and God Schism in Lingui Ren felt the breath after parajumpers jackets sale a very happy welcome out.

But when found in her eyes after only Lingui Ren Zai beauty, Mikoto’s face had come a hint of doubt.

Again explain things again, at the moment Lingui Ren’s eyes only frustration.

And hear this unexpected answer, that there is no psychological Mikoto lost it is certainly false. But has been accustomed to Lingui Ren-centric Mikoto, the lost, we began to consider starting after things.

Go to meet my father and mother, right, talk about the truth to them, they should be understanding. Etc. After that, we go to a good tour for some time! Standing Thai doorstep, at the moment only Mikoto Roles can bring forth replied.

For Parajumpers Jacket Toronto Mikoto said, Lingui Ren agree very much nodded. Has come to Thailand doorstep, if they do not see what cheap Lao Zhangren and wife’s mother, it is how are justified. Therefore, the Lingui Ren worship together they followed Mikoto met Thailand’s current home owners and home mistress.

Two days later, he again took Mikoto out Lingui Ren traveled.

Body Cap 369 bridge plans!

Elegant house updated: 20121014 6:23:55 words in this chapter: 2133

Although tailin two elderly who Lingui Ren is everywhere this time they traveled out experience, but for Lingui Ren them myself, just looking for a person who rarely have to go practice planes, and then find a Reiki relatively abundant place, followed by start practicing it.

And such planes in hell sector, there is no one thousand eight hundred, usually are not open Euro RSCG as some of the animals, the growth planes. Since the degree of civilization almost at zero, there will never be a master appeared generally only need to collect some low-grade material would go beyond, basically no one will go to adventure.

Of course, this situation is bound to change in the infinite appears impossible, because in infinite circles, someone will fight any piece of land. It is absolutely impossible for hundreds of thousands of planes without wisdom racial admitted, unless the planes simply not suitable for living organisms to survive, or else an absolute impossibility

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Monday, October 21st, 2013

Personally killed Ke Laike, I want to report today a hatred that will recapture what belongs to me! parajumpers jackets sale I MISS days the wind in two weeks, if not kill Ke Laike, it self a break!

Tian Lu wind rushed into the woods.


Poison the soul, you said, there are ways the brain can Guimu crystal energy fully restored!

Yes, master, but, however, this is like Mogong, highly dangerous, once failed, it means death!


Is a combination of soul with my poison! Guimu most of the energy in my body are sealed, as long as I combine, will be able to stimulate energy! However, this combination requires tough physique!

So good, I practiced out of a good constitution!

Lu Tien-feng fist tightly pinch break, blood surging out, he Yiziyizi authentic: Ke Laike, I want you to die without burial!


From that day, the day the wind began training terrestrial body.

The first day, he told the boulder, hit a ball, playing a full twenty-four hours, hands bloody.

The next day, he told the boulder, mercilessly Pichu thigh, a full twenty-four hours split, lap, bloody.

On the third day, he was madly run, ran a full twenty-four hours feet like apples swelling, pains and bad.

The fourth day, he frantically doing pushups, do a full twenty-four hours his hands bloody.

Fifth day, he was suspended from the irons, up quite to sag, making a full parajumpers jackets twenty-four hours the whole arm have been sour.

Fifth day, he jumped into the lake, madly swam for almost twenty-four hours almost exhausted in the lake.

Sixth day, you have spent the whole hand ……

Seventh day ……

Eighth day ……

Ninth day ……

Tenth day ……

Eleventh day ……

Twelfth day ……

Thirteenth day ……

Fourteenth day ……

Other 15 days, he began to combine with poison the soul, when he muscled, badly bruised.

He shouted: Start!

Poison the soul Pinmingdewang his body drill, bursts of brutal force raging mad to.

Lu days howling wind issue: ah!!! Ke Laike, I want to personally kill you! I suggest that you cut to pieces!

Half an hour later, Lu days combined wind and poison the soul, all the power coming Guimu, Lu Tien-feng opened his eyes flashed cold dead air.

He yelled: Ke Laike, I want you to die without burial!


Tian Lu wind rushed from outside the military restricted area, he found Ke Laike: I tell you fight to the death!

Half an hour later, Lu Ke Laike days of wind and stood on a hilltop mountain standing all survivors, we mention the heart of continental Tianfeng this world, how people can become strong within fifteen days?

Ke Laike laugh: Tian Lu wind, you are not afraid of death, I will give you your heart!

Another three green-eyed warrior is mocking: true uppity!

Ke Laike laughed: Parajumpers Jacket Toronto fall by the wayside, subject go die!

He sprang to Lu Tien-feng, LU days the wind just palm shoot, the time is stopped, the next second, bursts of cold and dead air in Ke Laike chest disseminated instantaneously swallowed him cry in pain, he flew numerous , hit the boulders into meat paste.

Ah! Peter and the three green-eyed soldier was shocked, jumped up tightly with open land Tianfeng.

How could he become so strong?

Ah! Survivor also widened.

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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

More happy smile, Do you know you do not know that kind of person, there is life to get desperately flower! Said finally, his tone suddenly turns cold, the number of road burst out spiritual power, several guards directly entangled lift.

Master, master of spiritual power! A bunch of guards where there is always a little insight, and shout out.

Several other guards suddenly panicked, and had thought just a normal human, at most experience out of which the children of the family, or adventurer, you can no matter what, are the strong dragon does not push local snakes, to a place to be honest old Real alone, no one thought ran into a spiritual force so young, in their mind, the mental strength to be at least 30 years old masters.

Master mercy, master mercy ah! Guard constantly beg for mercy.

Doors happening soon spread to the city, the team heard that people celebrate the city guards at the city gate to make trouble, and immediately started a hundred people came to support the squad.

But when they come to town with a door, a few guards have crooked lying on the ground, all unconscious, the perpetrators could not find it.

After bodyguard team immediately issued an arrest warrant, the whole city looking at the city gate guards assault perpetrators and accept reports, all clues correctly, there are certain incentives.

And as the perpetrators, the ancient car pulled into the city has been strong. His black eyes very conspicuous, something natural to ask the way to Luo Lin to do.

They soon came to Liu nearby, watching the door decoration gorgeous, parajumpers jackets sale Luo Lin sighed and said: really is big family ah!

This is the largest city of Liu Qing, but family is also decorated luxuriance normal, there is nothing to lament! Ancient parajumpers jackets Lie laughed, your home is certainly more atmospheric than Liu right?

It is natural that we Luojia …… Luo Lingang want boast about, even before and after the intersection flashed two gang, gradually forced back toward them.

These people equipped, a look that is well-trained, should belong to celebrate the city’s immediate Guard.

It’s over, is certainly the door hit you in the people’s guard, but now people came to the door, and see how you do! Luo Lin laughing face, hands and do not consciously at the wrist.

Ancient Lie laughed: Forget Parajumpers Jackets Women Gobi it, for me to solve, you do not hands! Ancient strong in her Qiao Lian Qingqingyipai, open the door down.

Two gang actually belong bodyguard team, but belonging to the two squads. Coming from the front is the first squad, outflanking the rear is the second squad.

The first team captain is a tall, thin, middle-aged man, he went there a station from the momentum, we can see is a master of force. While the second team captain is a sturdy youth, is also known to use force.

Without a fight it! First squad leader said coldly, I know you are master of spiritual power, as you are so young masters indeed rare, but in my opinion, you will at most seven only. Seven level is just crossed the threshold of spiritual power guru, you can deal with those gatekeepers may want to deal with us Well, there is no so easy!

Who will manage the ancient Lie what he said, his eyes suddenly flashed a black light, instant insight into the eye open, the first team captain and all the strength of his men out to be analyzed.

The first team captain nearly eight force levels, men were all in the fifty-six about strength has been

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Friday, October 18th, 2013

Blood in order to examine evidence of his DNA!


Faction newly developed annihilate ghosts go!


Body Cap 227 and Xue’s story

Elegant house update: 201287 6:58:15 words in this chapter: 3521

Chapter 227 and Xue’s story

Lu days the wind did not know at the moment three thousand meters underground cities in the Middle East. A middle-aged man was quietly watching him on the screen.

Middle-aged man suddenly said: If the good, the reason why these zombies be tamed, a large reason is because that four catalytic ghost which four catalytic ghosts are afraid since four crystal ball to jump out! That four crystallized in the end pieces Guimu contains how kind of energy?

Middle-aged man full of doubts, he stared at Lu Tien-feng, said: It seems that I have to go take a trip, the land of the mysterious day the wind caught my interest!


At parajumpers jackets sale the moment, Lu took one hundred days the wind backing catalytic zombies, pull the wind from the south bound in Yunnan, the way wherever he went, have caused local survivors exclaimed.

But when the wind into the southern continent days later, he became silent, he did not speak.

Lolita childlike authentic: Big Brother, what do you think? Does he want my sister ah?

Lu Tien-feng smile, picked up the little Lolita, said: Yes. Little Frances told me how parajumpers jackets to do it?

Lolita laughed: big brother, if you miss my sister, I’ll kiss you one.

Then, little Lolita kiss in the land Tianfeng face.

Lu days the wind laughed, and said: Little Frances, you are so cute.

Lolita giggle giggle to laugh.

South of the Yangtze, Lu Tien-feng heart somewhat calm, he just wants to kill bright Guimu, capturing brain grain, and then look for water swim Guimu, crawling Guimu, burrowed Guimu, which can be completely revived sister. Sister alive, Lu Tien-feng went looking for other female students separated, Sophie, Lin Jingjing, Xia Yu, Xue Dong dreams, etc., which Dong dream has been to the United States.

Dong dream land Tianfeng classmate, a very cute, very pure, very noble girl, her father was China’s richest man, its river group, is China the most massive and funding Hung thick big company, Dong Meng’s father, net worth has more than fifty billion, family operated industry covered the entire planet.

One week before the world crisis, Dong dreams to Hong Kong, attended her grandmother’s seventieth birthday. Flooded everything, Lu Tien-feng know, Dong dream should go to the United States, because her family has a branch in the United States.

Dong dream family is very large and strong, the last generation of this family in the last days, the Far sinking, on the contrary, they rely on viruses, zombies, and so become a powerful genetic groups, particularly in the third after a shower of blood, this group , it is a powerful batch of Bionicle, but in the world with other strong forces hegemony.

Dong Meng, Lu Tien-feng will go looking for!

In addition to Dong dream place, there is a pair of sisters, Xia Yu and Xue. This pair of sisters, the majority of the crown beauty, in parajumpers jackets men addition to a different name, the two girls are almost exactly the same. Lu days of wind and this pair of sisters are not classmates, they are art college freshmen, but in just one semester, through New Year party, New Year’s party, evening party, and then singing contest held in Guangzhou

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Friday, October 18th, 2013

, Why I do not promise it, if there is really something you said, I have no reason to reject you. But before departure, I want to know, is not I grab the Ganges sand, you can give you, and then you can build it to the master of hobbits. In Shortly after, I was able to see the finished product of it? Lingui Ren on the Lisa really a little less assured.

Of course not, the Ganges nonartifact sand just build the necessary materials, but the light has Ganges is useless in the sand, the sand in the Ganges to get, you must also collect other materials, until parajumpers jackets sale cobble together, I will lead you to find that a master of hobbits, but I would like to affirm that the master who although skilled, but he was there quite a bugger that drunken Do not use those eyes, I did not want you to go to any wine, the master who drink from the wine industry planes called super Shaodao Zi spirits, while this is not a low selling price of spirits, so your preparation a fee for the job.

Cost, how much? Listening to the words of Lisa, Lingui Ren in thought for a moment before asked.

Last time, I heard that he received the other five million reward points, but you introduced me to, perhaps should be less, but you should also prepare how got more than four million points, after all, my face not so the value of points. Here, Lisa to a little embarrassing.

Lingui Ren who was out of the rookie from unlimited video, who has a few thousand points should be quite good, one million this unit for him, perhaps too far away. As long as he do not be scared to give a huge number of points, and then thought I was fooled him just fine.

Not to mention really, Lisa not afraid of anything, afraid Lingui Ren think they are fooled him, then trouble. After all, she’s just an alchemist, it is not how high level, you want to be able to help her find a shot, you can reach the purpose of revenge really is not easy to master. Plus she did not point, did not not go to unlimited movie release point, so Lingui Ren’s it for now, but one can not miss the chance.

Lisa, you honestly tell me, do you know who dwarves guru, really exquisite craft what? I mean to say, I have all the material he needs to give him, and then return it to him, he will be able to I want to create a successful weapon it? failure rate does not appear anything like it. Lingui Parajumpers Jackets Men Ren the opening, his face suddenly became serious and a lot, apparently to get an answer after the next will make a decision.

Lingui Ren, the sand is not going to damage the Ganges, and the hobbits are notoriously collection of a variety of materials richest race. Creating other weapons, and perhaps something to say, but in creating nonartifact this matter, dwarves families still have not appeared once dove release things as long as you do is take the sand of the Ganges, no matter how many times they fail, in the end will give you, you need a non-artifact, this is Moradin Great promise for three thousand faces, so nothing to worry about, of course, certainly not the parajumpers jackets outlet case in the event of a material robbed. saw Lingui Ren concerns, Xin took the initiative to help Lisa explained.

This is like, wait a few days, and I let Mikoto them back once a month from them out.

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Dirty also flows over the floor.

Body shook, next to the East wood lying on the ground, because big guy standing behind the East wood had already been dyed flesh and blood splatter blood people.

He was deeply shocked by the power of the Gatling gun, and this weapon is too powerful, and if there is such a weapon again, why fear these monsters containment?

Ancient strong a handsome manner flick will locomotives parked in front of the East wood, to stand in the locomotive, Gatling gun spray again breathtaking flames, the moment will be to clean up around the circle.

On the train! Ancient Lie said.

I …… my broken leg! Oriental wooden teeth says.

Ancient Lie glanced at him, jumped on the locomotive begins, regardless of him covered with blood, he parajumpers jackets sale will be forced to pull on the seat, a few magic man killed again, start the engine and sped away.

King Lan Parajumpers Jacket not far from the incident to stop, listen constantly ringing of gunfire, but also a burst of nervous. Soon, she saw a locomotive rushed out from the hills, and instantly relieved, turned and step onto the motorcycle, traveling in the direction toward the ancient strong convergence go.

Cap 451 floating body

Elegant house updated: 20121028 6:51:09 words in this chapter: 3251

Master, you have to accept me! Oriental wooden bowed in front of King Lan.

The fire burned brightly, the fire will face King Lan dyed golden yellow, she looked surprisingly complicated, but not on the East wood, but the ancient intense.

Ancient strong a heartless way, slowly refill fuel to the fire inside. This is a fairly small hidden rubble, composed by Parajumpers Parka the great stones, they are now sitting on a stone at the top of the highest.

Oriental wooden leg fracture, an ancient strong recovery pills down his feed, and then clamped with two flat stone tied up at the break, and will not allow broken bones shift.

Apprentice calmly watched the drama staged in the heart of ancient Lie bad music, their wood rescued from the East, King Lan be owed a big favor.

He could see it, King Lan still want to accept the East wood, partly because it is a good valet, the greater part of it is because he has perseverance, this point in her opinion is very important.

So strong was broke into seemingly ancient danger, the Orient wood and save them, but favors return favors, even if King Lan did not like the East wood, he also has to rescue the past.

I still can not teach you, let your old professor Lie some basic common sense, right! King Lan silent a long time, only whispered.

Lan Jing Oriental wood care whether now teach himself, his value is a birthright – White Witch of students, this is the most important.

Master …… no, is a teacher, you decided to take me up? Oriental wooden face lighted up, it seems that leg is not so painful.

Ah! King Lan hesitated a moment, and finally slightly Shou.

That’s great! Oriental wooden extremely excited, but was a bit too obvious, if the legs if not injured, it is estimated that dancing it.

Ancient Lie surprisingly looked at her strangely, his close student also fills how let themselves be dragged in, to know myself at her side, but also in order to learn a lot of.

View Lan’s eyes seemed to feel he asked, gently shook his head, indicating that he was not talking all the time now.

Ancient Lie also understand that King was originally] a ten Lan Master,