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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

The idea is also more firm. Those poor little family, but those pale and thin civilians, those who can not see the life of prostitutes do not want the poor do? Abruptly being tortured to death, and that is what a pain?

Also people owed sin always has come back. Li Chun did the original, but is perfectly natural that the guys from the guy knocked the dust to it.

Do not agree? Vow to fight? Well, it is not just knocked the dust, but also put you bury the ground!

The mood calm down, Li Chun original slowly feel his own abilities, thinking about their own spiritual power of the practice approach. Thought to want to, Li Chun original is not much experience, but Parajumpers Jackets Women Gobi they want to put some sleepy.

Stumbled just want to sleep, the door squeak sound opened, Li Chun original looked up, holding his pillow LI Fei ran over. Heart smile, will be a place to let it out, LI Fei-down pillows, then the people who like a flutter in the original Li Chun, like a koala never refused to let go.

Li Chun originally laughed, LI Fei laughed, then they can not help but embrace each other with kisses parajumpers outlet store together.

Moon had already gone out of the window, spring thunder sounded, intermittent rain down down, slowly wetting the earth, will have some mild and become cool again. Experienced farmers know that, after the rain, the weather will be getting hot, then harvest it from getting closer.

Body of four hundred and thirtieth chapters Di Tong resentment

Elegant house updated: 2012527 7:17:37 words in this chapter: 2196

The next morning, fresh air from the outside rushed in, Li Chun originally opened his eyes and saw the smiling face LI Fei is open the windows.

Bright sunshine, Li Chun original mood with such good weather clear up, since the zombies come, he has such a good mood when not much, most of the time can not be suppressed completely relaxed and heavy.

Lee! Lee! I found him! Li Chun was originally filled with quiet moments broken, a hasty shouts came from the outside.

Li Chun original quickly put clothes and went out: how?

Wei Jianzhong people outside it, he now face pregnant has anger, it is complicated, and saw Li Chun original out, he suddenly came over: Lee! I found him!

Li Chun Original hear dubious: Sit down and said slowly, parajumpers parka outlet you found who?

I’ve got Di pass! Wei Jianzhong not sit down, look excitedly said.

You find? Where he is?

Li Chun originally taken aback, I do not know that in the end is how is it to his expectations, Di-pass should be already dead, Wei Jianzhong this time even if we can find him, should also be his body. But Wei Jianzhong this time look of the thing, but seems to be really found alive Di pass.

Wei Jianzhong nodded: You carry him come! Careful!

Two men one after the other carrying a simple stretcher came in, people on stretchers hands and feet are feebly sagging, body with blood, but there is no doubt that his eyes still open, and he was still breathing forward.

Li Chun originally approached carefully looked through a pair of Di horrors, the heart also followed sink down: Who did this?

This is a human stem the flood house, they threw a pass Di

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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Real name, into the magic to start. The use of real names in addition to shouting outside, and have a limited function magic parajumpers parka outlet ceremony dress is the same, so it can be said that treasure with magic ritual


In addition, there are parajumpers jackets sale also souls to own treasure with class effect moves for the treasure with those holdings. For example Emiya uses magic? Inherent enchantment unlimited blade works (UnlimitedBlade

Works) , is his treasure with. Moreover, Heracles should have held shot one hundred (NineLives) is a treasure for the shape of a bow and arrow, but Heracles to other weapons can also make out

With this shot one hundred (NineLives) moves the same effect.

Treasure with objects according to their scope and effect, there is a human treasure and treasure with the military and other categories.


Human treasure with

On their own, such as a single enemy target given the very limited effect treasure with. Kuqiu parajumpers jackets Lin’s death spines puncture of the gun (GaeBolg), Heracles Twelve trials (GodHand)

And Gilgamesh’s King of the treasure (GateofBabylon), etc. are included. Consumption much magic in one on one battle, efficiency is remarkably high.

Name of the user position levels

Wind Wang Liya Saber enchantment Alto

Hama red rose loup wood Duo Aodi that Lancer

Will destroy the yellow rose

Gilgamesh the king’s treasure Archer

Assassin delusional fantasy Hassan Al-Sabah

Without destroying the lake Lancelot Berserker

Knights do not die unarmed

Not for the glory of their own issue

(2) treasure with the military

Implicated dozens to hundreds of people in the army, to a wide range of objects treasure with. Medusa’s riding Britain’s reins (Bellerophon) and Kuqiu Lin’s Guns of perforation dead Xiang (GaeBolg)

And so included. Much energy is diffused huge enemy attack bombers fly in one fell swoop, or conjured something.

Name of the user position levels

Distant from the ravages system of hegemony Iskandar Rider

Wang Zhijun potential

Gil de textbook spiral submerged city Royce Caster

(3) for the city treasure with

Even in the city, this solid structures are powerful treasure with bombers flying. Right people with the right military treasure treasure with a difference is the range of different effects, but when the right treasure with the city, the power gap becomes

The disparity. The fourth and fifth in the Holy Grail War is recognized on city treasure with only Alto Leah vow victory sword (Excalibur).

Name of the user position levels

Vow Victory Saber Sword Alto Liya

(4) on the boundary treasure with

Gilgamesh’s Heaven opened deviation Star (EnumaElish) category. Heaven opened deviation Star (EnumaElish) the output itself is Alto Leah Oath wins

Lee’s sword (Excalibur) equal or a little more than a degree, but with the cut world, indistinguishable from the effects of this legend, so this sword into a special category. Incidentally level is EX.

Name of the user position levels

Deviation Archer Gilgamesh Sword

(5) Enchantment treasure with

In the production of the treasure with enchantment, you do not use in the attack on. Shiro body preserved in Saber’s treasure with lone ideal township (Avalon) is its representative examples. Even institutions

Architectural treasure with enchantment, like Rider other seal? Temple Blood (Blood

FortAndromeda) as used in the attack on the stuff will be classified as treasure with the military.

Name of the user position levels

Away from the earthly Utopia

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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Between, if only live one, you will not blame me? Ancient Lie said suddenly, his voice as if to make farewell.

Ancient strong, I want to live …… Dolly parajumpers outlet strong towards the ancient cry, I want to die, I really do not want to die!

Dolly, I want to live! Ancient Lie shook his head firmly fixed on Dolly.

Ancient strong, it seems that you do not care if she dies Well, I’ll give you! Shenhua completely lost patience, Dolly shot an arrow toward the past.

Split between the ancient strong draw an arrow suddenly, even without looking to pull the bowstring, a Yinmang Tuoxian out, then heard the ding sound, Shenhua bow shot not far away from the Dolly now being Danfei!

This situation even Shenhua did not think before she reacts ancient cross bow strong right hand, and his left hand a shake, USP45 it in my hand, bang, Dolly right arm strapped people overturned go parajumpers jackets sale down.

Shenhua Jiling, Philo up reported that the Nile near the town appeared to have a gun, but were not taken seriously. Today she witnessed, that person has a gun, it is an attempt to get rid of the water repair the city’s people, the news is too important, so she immediately gave up the plan to kill the ancient strong, the case must be returned to this message water repair the city.

Series of actions but a blink of an eye it, crying before Dolly are also false, it is carried out by chance to work with ancient strong eye contact, but also developed a plan.

They can be said to tacit cooperation, Dolly right to restore freedom after his pocket a piece of gauze, no other person has left react directly cover his mouth and nose, regardless of what action the man, that is not let go, and soon the man fell to his knees.

The effect of anesthetic solution good, Dolly every time out will take two gauze soaked with anesthetic solution just in case, no one thought to spend even today.

Ancient Lie see Dolly danger, immediately bow aiming Shenhua, a stone’s throw shot out.

Lumbar Spinal Shenhua a whole person moving fast, did not hit consecutive two arrows.

Dolly come! Ancient Lie shouted, USP45 again in hand.

Do not tamper with!

Dolly had left two steps, stand on the neck of a blade, scared she quickly stood, the ancient strong too stupid, did not even think Shenhua speed so fast, just a blink of an eye to Dolly side.

Ancient strong, do you really think I would so good deal? Shenhua sneered, If you do not rely on, and I’m a man entice a grizzly bear it?

Ancient Lie slowly moved to the parajumpers parka outlet right, has been facing Dolly, but it is not silly Shenhua, the ancient strong move, she took Dolly move has been blocked in front of her.

Ancient Lie, the bow throw! Shenhua Li He said, or I’ll kill him!

Ancient Lie stopped, right hand of a Young, will Starchaser bow aside.

Gun, the gun also threw! Shenhua see him not moving, once again threatened, Hurry up, or I’ll kill her!

Lie looked ancient, threw the gun in the middle of the two sides, Shenhua is not picking up, do not pick no.

She suddenly took a few steps backwards Dolly, said: pick up the gun, threw my feet!

Yi Yan Gu Lie stepped forward, picked up the pistol firmly fling, fall Shenhua feet.

Dolly wink kept the name, the ancient strong shook her head, her hands in Shenhua, they can not frivolous, but also needs

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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Arrived, hell Guicu a strange wrong body would avoid the Qin industry’s attack, that pale ghost waved his hand, seemed to make Qin industry felt a deep sense of crisis.

A miss, Qin industry with their speed instantly hide the open, strong sense of crisis so that he did not stay in place Banke.

Whoosh whoosh on the foot off the parajumpers parka outlet ground in the Qin industry at the moment, while overhead the sky flashed silver light flashed, it was originally thought it was the Qin industry needles ornament at the moment actually turned into a weapon of attack.

Good fast. Qin industry shoved a pupil contraction, just where his fighting force has been densely covered with one meter square needles.

Fortunately, this time to participate in his own arrow attack, otherwise he may really have to regret it, so that an attack will make quick shunned girls, tiny needles How can it be completely defensive armor of the.

Do not come over, this time I blocked off, where it is too dangerous. Qin industry looking serious preparations against girls up front shouted, waved his hand indicate that they go back.

At this moment he has some tense up, previous fighting violence with violence can be, but his body has not reached now can produce Gangqi point, so hell Guicu attack, he seems to completely escape the eyes ears These areas are still the most vulnerable parts of the body, Qin industry do not want to use their bodies to and the needles do an experiment, so not worth it.

Qin industry, let me come on, my defense is no problem. Somewhat anxious single Meng said the danger she had just seen, the relative gap Qin industry that many bones armor, no doubt she was the goddess of war armor but is capable of better defense those needles.

No, if you dare to come, I’m in front of everyone to go back to play your little ass. Qin industry unceremoniously against single Meng said, and he did not hold that a killer’s hand while Dragon Overlord is facing the air fiercely pumping a bit.

Watching the Qin industry so some action, though displeased single sprouting, but still stopped their advance footsteps.

Qin industry deep breath, looked earnestly into his provocative side of hell Guicu Gouzhuo fingers, the moment he has to take lessons from these guys impulsive.

Shan Meng vines surgery preparation, snow days, observe their jumping course, give me judge these guys landed, remember not only can be used to attack the cold, Yuqing Lingboweibu follow the parajumpers jackets gobi footsteps of these guys attack Do not stop, Tsunade when will I fight over parajumpers outlet jackets the guy, pay attention to a strike headshot, Daiyu with crystal walls to give my head a layer of protective measures, other people do their defense work. Qin industry facing methodical The girls explain their work to play.

Come on, come on, see if you badly, or our powerful, Qin industry eyes kindled flames of war, this is the person’s strength variation after the first time he and more than one hundred monsters grips.

King halberd France crushed the stars. Qin industry can already now relatively easy to use method inside a halberd Overlord big Shazhao, and now more and more of the stars shining up the ghost completely to hell Guicu enveloped in a few killer shadow below.

But this is still a hell Guicu cold smile, once again ready to disappear.

This time the Qin industry is facing him.

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Friday, October 18th, 2013

Hou Xu g can not think, on the next day, he enjoyed a golden ribbon treatment. He merely look through the heart Qinliang enjoy beer, as well as with Ada and Jeff boast of fun. This life is his love, this life is his familiar. Following the last adventure in the life and death struggle space, as well as the Lord God forced poor living parajumpers jackets women space inside again after entering such a happy hour, let him have a warp feeling.

The only pity is that in this bar inside, Xu Ke did not find a suitable prey – a hot and sexy, but are single Niuzai, otherwise everything would be perfect.

Of course, beer, although the United States is still not enough to make him forget his mission. In the chat, he rightly filed a read capability, unfortunately, regardless of Ada or Jeff are not familiar with this, and even heard have not heard.

It seems this is called read capability, in this world is not well known, but in a limited population secret spread, as if the world of Harry Potter’s magic.

With a little bit tipsy, Xu g drank beer in the hands of the cup, there is no rebid. Three people have the game tomorrow, so do not let myself get drunk, but at about the same time, they left the bar together.

In farewell, very solemnly invited Jeff Hsu grams to his hometown to play, someday come to my home, I’ll take you taste the freshest most delicious golden ribbons.

Chapter XIV body first defeat

Elegant house update: 201271 16:51:00 words in this chapter: 2194

Already the second day of the second game, the 50th floor before Xu Ke won a very easy victory. Not to say that the opponent is not strong, but the body of the quality of the average, and the attack up large-scale cooperation of the players, for Xu Ke concerned, it is wonderful to predict it. Plus they compare Ada as resisting ability, a few rounds down, he was promised g easy KO.

In accordance with the rules of the game, winning in the first case, the player can choose the day of a game more. The results came sixty layer Xu Ke, it happened to be arranged with Jeff competing against.

Came to power, two people are very friendly to each other a greeting.

Win people to drink beer, oh please. Xu g joking.

Jeff nodded, Yes.

But friendship is friendship, the game is the game. Whether or Jeff Xu Ke, are not prepared to lose the parajumpers jackets gobi game.

When the referee announced the start of the race after Xu Keli carved into resonance with the natural state of awareness to the highest moment in his body around 2 meters range, crystal clear.

Then he found that doing a bit redundant.

Jeff’s action is very simple and obvious, but also quite slow. This kind of action, even if there is no Superman ordinary perception, but also it is easy to see clearly.

His body a little bow, hands outstretched, one last look, either side, fingers open, as if the two large palm-leaf fan, like the front of the body, from head to waist position, the whole block in the back.

Maintain such a gesture, he slowly and steadily, step forward left foot, take parajumpers parka outlet a step.

Very small step, almost standing still almost.


Then he paused, and took his left foot, step out of an almost constant

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Friday, October 18th, 2013


At the time of a Mu playfully, cries of Rights clothing damaged voice, accompanied by Ju Chuan Yeah! Bang. They finally completed.

Kamjove Mu turned away, though because someone has stood up and did not look carefully, but it is a breeze waft Qunjiao can still see smooth thigh fat times and purple Parajumpers Jackets edges. This is ambiguous without cover more attractive than the essence of ah!

Obviously brand-name goods to say! Natural stay angry ……

Fashion and life which is more important? Saeka child remains calm.

Both are! Natural stay victory.

…… Neglected certain Mu speechless.

Ah! This screams came from the front. The two men refused to give awakened.

Staff room? Saeka son first rushed out, and instantly forgot damaged clothes and a look of hatred Ju Chuan also funny kamjove Mu followed.

In the staff room door corridor scene, instantly make heard a burst of horror comes Morohito!

A pink double ponytail girl weeping turned away, but straight into the hands of the drill, but toward the dead body of her brain. Red and white liquid splash everywhere!

I’ve had enough! Daddy! Girl moaning and bloody moments that make everyone all shocked.

But this time had no control of these efforts, and there have been dead body to hear the voice which gather over here.

Come on the left. Saeka child first to react, facing three ordered, arrived one day, while he rushed to the right.

Understanding! Three answers, rushed up. It is separated just before Miyamoto Korea and her current and former boyfriend, see kamjove Mu burst of curiosity, do the three decided 3P Mody? So harmony ……

Obviously, this trio is not Saeka child’s intuition, for kamjove Mu evil did not feel. Miyamoto Korea is still out of the Parajumpers Jackets Women Gobi Monkey King Bar mop parajumpers parka outlet pole waving effect, under the cover of her boyfriend in the two continued to pierce the dead body of the head. Just a little more than Saeka kamjove Mu Son and two more seconds of time to get their side of the enemy.

Kamjove Mu now has one foot kicked the Siwuquanshi dead body from the earth, will double ponytail girl caught pulling up the collar.

Hello? Hear it? Watching girls still was shouting even want to drill outstretched, kamjove Mu instantly uncomfortable ……

Pops! Two crisp sound after the girl finally wake up, will burst into the hands of drill loosen blankly staring kamjove Mu. Wow finally cried out.

High city! You guys! Pink admirers and childhood, could not, rushing together.

Bass sound sober, they looked at the two men at the same time cross-neck blade not move it.

There vitality is good, but also distinguish the occasion better, I do not mind a few dead bodies of manslaughter. Kamjove Mu smile let two burst scared.

Mu-jun. Saeka son came over, Now is not the time infighting!

If they can understand this point, then. Kamjove Mu Put your sword and turned to leave. Let the forward position to the two gallant.

I was 3 years Class A poison Island Saeka son ye therefore …… Saeka child see kamjove Mu leave, turn around and just met a few people greet road.

In the last year, winning the national competition poison island sister school, right? I rifles surgery unit Miyamoto Korea. Thanking you in advance!