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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Douyao head down, start from the chest leaving a complete body.

Ancient strong fluctuations that rage through spiritual Grizzlies are doing, seeing autumn leaves pale, but also know the furnace is running out, spoke and said: violent Grizzlies looking for a place under the mouth, so it is looking good, will begin to act!

Autumn leaves are muscles trembled uncontrollably, this clearly knew he was dying, while waiting to be grazed animals feel it is too grueling, and might as well just kill yourself when.

Everyone is on the mainland can Ximing, even the leaves fall this career killer is no exception, a hint of the possibility of survival, she must try to try, she was still young, so dead in the wild grizzly mouth, she can not be reconciled !

Do not kill me, let me do anything!

Autumn leaves hesitated a long time, and finally teeth roots to say that, but once remark out, it means she wants to give up a lot.

My body good, right? I was, absolutely make you satisfied! Autumn Leaves in say the phrase beyond their own bottom line, then, the entire people a lot easier, which is a bottleneck, a monster, once exceeded, means that the bottom line under the matter can also be accepted.

This I believe! Ancient Lie nodded, but he was not satisfied, the most important information or did not say it leaves in autumn. You know what I want, but chose not to say, and even willing to sacrifice the body, I can not understand!

Autumn leaves suddenly sighed and whispered: Some principles have been deeply imprinted in my heart, even if the face of death, does not change! Her voice is full of bitterness, I do have been done, and even some things has gone beyond my bottom line, in addition to employer information I can not say that the other can! In order to survive, I have to give up their dignity, even if you have to deprive my last point principle, even if I survive, it will be a no principle soulless zombie, I do not want to be that person! Or, you kill me!

Autumn leaves, then touch the ancient parajumpers outlet store somewhat intense mind, this point he also has a profound experience that he came to the mainland from killing a lot of people, but every one can be said to deserve to die, people do not make me I do not prisoners, the ancient Never Lie will to kill and murder, it does not seek to kill, are forced, helpless to kill.

I understand! Ancient strong parajumpers outlet jackets throw to the side to pick up leaves in autumn dagger in the hands weigh, dismissively said, I went out a trip, leaving you little time to think, so I hope to come back again, you will give me a satisfactory answer!

Text Chapter 99 again attacked (seven) (plus more)

Elegant house updated: 2012629 17:55:06 words in this chapter: 2262

Or you ruthless ah, plus more, to continue tomorrow! Words, but also further you? Before a distance of only 200 points, very good burst, let us once again to enjoy the thrill of chrysanthemum burst it!


Ancient did not immediately kill the strong autumn leaves, not because he relented, in the army, he has been known for ruthless, but requires classification point of view.

Autumn Leaves is obvious that you can let him Lashoucuihua types, through just dialogue, she suddenly felt strong ancient Another point worthy of parajumpers jackets appreciation.

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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Arrived, hell Guicu a strange wrong body would avoid the Qin industry’s attack, that pale ghost waved his hand, seemed to make Qin industry felt a deep sense of crisis.

A miss, Qin industry with their speed instantly hide the open, strong sense of crisis so that he did not stay in place Banke.

Whoosh whoosh on the foot off the parajumpers parka outlet ground in the Qin industry at the moment, while overhead the sky flashed silver light flashed, it was originally thought it was the Qin industry needles ornament at the moment actually turned into a weapon of attack.

Good fast. Qin industry shoved a pupil contraction, just where his fighting force has been densely covered with one meter square needles.

Fortunately, this time to participate in his own arrow attack, otherwise he may really have to regret it, so that an attack will make quick shunned girls, tiny needles How can it be completely defensive armor of the.

Do not come over, this time I blocked off, where it is too dangerous. Qin industry looking serious preparations against girls up front shouted, waved his hand indicate that they go back.

At this moment he has some tense up, previous fighting violence with violence can be, but his body has not reached now can produce Gangqi point, so hell Guicu attack, he seems to completely escape the eyes ears These areas are still the most vulnerable parts of the body, Qin industry do not want to use their bodies to and the needles do an experiment, so not worth it.

Qin industry, let me come on, my defense is no problem. Somewhat anxious single Meng said the danger she had just seen, the relative gap Qin industry that many bones armor, no doubt she was the goddess of war armor but is capable of better defense those needles.

No, if you dare to come, I’m in front of everyone to go back to play your little ass. Qin industry unceremoniously against single Meng said, and he did not hold that a killer’s hand while Dragon Overlord is facing the air fiercely pumping a bit.

Watching the Qin industry so some action, though displeased single sprouting, but still stopped their advance footsteps.

Qin industry deep breath, looked earnestly into his provocative side of hell Guicu Gouzhuo fingers, the moment he has to take lessons from these guys impulsive.

Shan Meng vines surgery preparation, snow days, observe their jumping course, give me judge these guys landed, remember not only can be used to attack the cold, Yuqing Lingboweibu follow the parajumpers jackets gobi footsteps of these guys attack Do not stop, Tsunade when will I fight over parajumpers outlet jackets the guy, pay attention to a strike headshot, Daiyu with crystal walls to give my head a layer of protective measures, other people do their defense work. Qin industry facing methodical The girls explain their work to play.

Come on, come on, see if you badly, or our powerful, Qin industry eyes kindled flames of war, this is the person’s strength variation after the first time he and more than one hundred monsters grips.

King halberd France crushed the stars. Qin industry can already now relatively easy to use method inside a halberd Overlord big Shazhao, and now more and more of the stars shining up the ghost completely to hell Guicu enveloped in a few killer shadow below.

But this is still a hell Guicu cold smile, once again ready to disappear.

This time the Qin industry is facing him.

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