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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Real name, into the magic to start. The use of real names in addition to shouting outside, and have a limited function magic parajumpers parka outlet ceremony dress is the same, so it can be said that treasure with magic ritual


In addition, there are parajumpers jackets sale also souls to own treasure with class effect moves for the treasure with those holdings. For example Emiya uses magic? Inherent enchantment unlimited blade works (UnlimitedBlade

Works) , is his treasure with. Moreover, Heracles should have held shot one hundred (NineLives) is a treasure for the shape of a bow and arrow, but Heracles to other weapons can also make out

With this shot one hundred (NineLives) moves the same effect.

Treasure with objects according to their scope and effect, there is a human treasure and treasure with the military and other categories.


Human treasure with

On their own, such as a single enemy target given the very limited effect treasure with. Kuqiu parajumpers jackets Lin’s death spines puncture of the gun (GaeBolg), Heracles Twelve trials (GodHand)

And Gilgamesh’s King of the treasure (GateofBabylon), etc. are included. Consumption much magic in one on one battle, efficiency is remarkably high.

Name of the user position levels

Wind Wang Liya Saber enchantment Alto

Hama red rose loup wood Duo Aodi that Lancer

Will destroy the yellow rose

Gilgamesh the king’s treasure Archer

Assassin delusional fantasy Hassan Al-Sabah

Without destroying the lake Lancelot Berserker

Knights do not die unarmed

Not for the glory of their own issue

(2) treasure with the military

Implicated dozens to hundreds of people in the army, to a wide range of objects treasure with. Medusa’s riding Britain’s reins (Bellerophon) and Kuqiu Lin’s Guns of perforation dead Xiang (GaeBolg)

And so included. Much energy is diffused huge enemy attack bombers fly in one fell swoop, or conjured something.

Name of the user position levels

Distant from the ravages system of hegemony Iskandar Rider

Wang Zhijun potential

Gil de textbook spiral submerged city Royce Caster

(3) for the city treasure with

Even in the city, this solid structures are powerful treasure with bombers flying. Right people with the right military treasure treasure with a difference is the range of different effects, but when the right treasure with the city, the power gap becomes

The disparity. The fourth and fifth in the Holy Grail War is recognized on city treasure with only Alto Leah vow victory sword (Excalibur).

Name of the user position levels

Vow Victory Saber Sword Alto Liya

(4) on the boundary treasure with

Gilgamesh’s Heaven opened deviation Star (EnumaElish) category. Heaven opened deviation Star (EnumaElish) the output itself is Alto Leah Oath wins

Lee’s sword (Excalibur) equal or a little more than a degree, but with the cut world, indistinguishable from the effects of this legend, so this sword into a special category. Incidentally level is EX.

Name of the user position levels

Deviation Archer Gilgamesh Sword

(5) Enchantment treasure with

In the production of the treasure with enchantment, you do not use in the attack on. Shiro body preserved in Saber’s treasure with lone ideal township (Avalon) is its representative examples. Even institutions

Architectural treasure with enchantment, like Rider other seal? Temple Blood (Blood

FortAndromeda) as used in the attack on the stuff will be classified as treasure with the military.

Name of the user position levels

Away from the earthly Utopia

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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Douyao head down, start from the chest leaving a complete body.

Ancient strong fluctuations that rage through spiritual Grizzlies are doing, seeing autumn leaves pale, but also know the furnace is running out, spoke and said: violent Grizzlies looking for a place under the mouth, so it is looking good, will begin to act!

Autumn leaves are muscles trembled uncontrollably, this clearly knew he was dying, while waiting to be grazed animals feel it is too grueling, and might as well just kill yourself when.

Everyone is on the mainland can Ximing, even the leaves fall this career killer is no exception, a hint of the possibility of survival, she must try to try, she was still young, so dead in the wild grizzly mouth, she can not be reconciled !

Do not kill me, let me do anything!

Autumn leaves hesitated a long time, and finally teeth roots to say that, but once remark out, it means she wants to give up a lot.

My body good, right? I was, absolutely make you satisfied! Autumn Leaves in say the phrase beyond their own bottom line, then, the entire people a lot easier, which is a bottleneck, a monster, once exceeded, means that the bottom line under the matter can also be accepted.

This I believe! Ancient Lie nodded, but he was not satisfied, the most important information or did not say it leaves in autumn. You know what I want, but chose not to say, and even willing to sacrifice the body, I can not understand!

Autumn leaves suddenly sighed and whispered: Some principles have been deeply imprinted in my heart, even if the face of death, does not change! Her voice is full of bitterness, I do have been done, and even some things has gone beyond my bottom line, in addition to employer information I can not say that the other can! In order to survive, I have to give up their dignity, even if you have to deprive my last point principle, even if I survive, it will be a no principle soulless zombie, I do not want to be that person! Or, you kill me!

Autumn leaves, then touch the ancient parajumpers outlet store somewhat intense mind, this point he also has a profound experience that he came to the mainland from killing a lot of people, but every one can be said to deserve to die, people do not make me I do not prisoners, the ancient Never Lie will to kill and murder, it does not seek to kill, are forced, helpless to kill.

I understand! Ancient strong parajumpers outlet jackets throw to the side to pick up leaves in autumn dagger in the hands weigh, dismissively said, I went out a trip, leaving you little time to think, so I hope to come back again, you will give me a satisfactory answer!

Text Chapter 99 again attacked (seven) (plus more)

Elegant house updated: 2012629 17:55:06 words in this chapter: 2262

Or you ruthless ah, plus more, to continue tomorrow! Words, but also further you? Before a distance of only 200 points, very good burst, let us once again to enjoy the thrill of chrysanthemum burst it!


Ancient did not immediately kill the strong autumn leaves, not because he relented, in the army, he has been known for ruthless, but requires classification point of view.

Autumn Leaves is obvious that you can let him Lashoucuihua types, through just dialogue, she suddenly felt strong ancient Another point worthy of parajumpers jackets appreciation.

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Monday, October 21st, 2013

Personally killed Ke Laike, I want to report today a hatred that will recapture what belongs to me! parajumpers jackets sale I MISS days the wind in two weeks, if not kill Ke Laike, it self a break!

Tian Lu wind rushed into the woods.


Poison the soul, you said, there are ways the brain can Guimu crystal energy fully restored!

Yes, master, but, however, this is like Mogong, highly dangerous, once failed, it means death!


Is a combination of soul with my poison! Guimu most of the energy in my body are sealed, as long as I combine, will be able to stimulate energy! However, this combination requires tough physique!

So good, I practiced out of a good constitution!

Lu Tien-feng fist tightly pinch break, blood surging out, he Yiziyizi authentic: Ke Laike, I want you to die without burial!


From that day, the day the wind began training terrestrial body.

The first day, he told the boulder, hit a ball, playing a full twenty-four hours, hands bloody.

The next day, he told the boulder, mercilessly Pichu thigh, a full twenty-four hours split, lap, bloody.

On the third day, he was madly run, ran a full twenty-four hours feet like apples swelling, pains and bad.

The fourth day, he frantically doing pushups, do a full twenty-four hours his hands bloody.

Fifth day, he was suspended from the irons, up quite to sag, making a full parajumpers jackets twenty-four hours the whole arm have been sour.

Fifth day, he jumped into the lake, madly swam for almost twenty-four hours almost exhausted in the lake.

Sixth day, you have spent the whole hand ……

Seventh day ……

Eighth day ……

Ninth day ……

Tenth day ……

Eleventh day ……

Twelfth day ……

Thirteenth day ……

Fourteenth day ……

Other 15 days, he began to combine with poison the soul, when he muscled, badly bruised.

He shouted: Start!

Poison the soul Pinmingdewang his body drill, bursts of brutal force raging mad to.

Lu days howling wind issue: ah!!! Ke Laike, I want to personally kill you! I suggest that you cut to pieces!

Half an hour later, Lu days combined wind and poison the soul, all the power coming Guimu, Lu Tien-feng opened his eyes flashed cold dead air.

He yelled: Ke Laike, I want you to die without burial!


Tian Lu wind rushed from outside the military restricted area, he found Ke Laike: I tell you fight to the death!

Half an hour later, Lu Ke Laike days of wind and stood on a hilltop mountain standing all survivors, we mention the heart of continental Tianfeng this world, how people can become strong within fifteen days?

Ke Laike laugh: Tian Lu wind, you are not afraid of death, I will give you your heart!

Another three green-eyed warrior is mocking: true uppity!

Ke Laike laughed: Parajumpers Jacket Toronto fall by the wayside, subject go die!

He sprang to Lu Tien-feng, LU days the wind just palm shoot, the time is stopped, the next second, bursts of cold and dead air in Ke Laike chest disseminated instantaneously swallowed him cry in pain, he flew numerous , hit the boulders into meat paste.

Ah! Peter and the three green-eyed soldier was shocked, jumped up tightly with open land Tianfeng.

How could he become so strong?

Ah! Survivor also widened.

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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Ming Yu ah! Chang Ching Lin Mingyu so proud to hear that speech, mind suddenly furious, then my mind a turn, immediately in a shocked voice said, I told your father that the relationship between the two of us talk of the town, but very good! Recently it still says How about you! Chang Ching finished, his face still exposed a memory of the way.

What did you say! Lin Mingyu suddenly furious and said, I Lin!

I did not say you do not Lin ah! Said Chang Ching look innocent.

My name is Lin, how would my father surnamed Li! Lin Mingyu growled.

Your father is surnamed Li ah! Said Chang Ching puzzled.

I am my father’s son, I Lin, Lin of course, my father!

We say you are your father’s son ah! Said Chang Ching immediately look helpless.

You! Lin Mingyu suddenly look angry.

Ha ha ha ha ha! At this time, the two looked on in this debate and Yang Liang YANG Tie duo can not stand up, clutching his stomach have laughed together, Liang Yang and even tears of laughter out ! A step by parajumpers jackets step to the back with a finger pointing Zhang Qinghe Lin Mingyu in that laugh.

You! Ye …… Lin Mingyu gas neck red with rage suddenly, crimson eyes, trembling fingers pointing to a few people, then face a cold, angry against Chang Ching shouted, You little slut, actually Ganshua I!

Little slut Mashui it? Chang Ching immediately retorted.

Little slut yells at you! Lin Mingyu already mad, his mind did not think it directly along the Chang Ching took down.

Guwahati ha ha ha ha! This time, not only YANG Tie and Yang Liang, Chang Ching are even laughing up.

You! Lin Mingyu suddenly react, suddenly anger hearts and minds, parajumpers jackets screaming, I’ll kill you! Roar finished, hand drawn, and a sword will appear in his hands.

Zheng Gold and Iron sword blew loudly, suddenly pointing Chang Ching.

Tried to kill me, that you have to have that ability to see the! Chang Ching sneer, ideas of a turn, suddenly, that the great boom of the dog pulling teeth bloodthirsty sword will appear in the Chang Ching hands.

What are you doing? At the moment, that Yang uncle directly rushed out from the inner courtyard.

Noisy! Noisy! Noisy what Noisy! That Yang uncle a meal out on the front of the two vocal curse, yo ho! Which are moving from the weapons come! Doing! Not think my health care facilities are idle ah! Well! one does not know there is strength against zombies, facing biological variation made in this direct internal fighting up! both go away! Ah! Now this young man! really! who is in this noisy chaos, I will give He reported to the village where the village chief to let you all rush out! do not go!

Yes yes yes! YANG Tie suddenly bowing, We’re not leaving, not leaving! He then pulled directly toward Chang Ching-Liang Yang came.

Come on! I also save a pinger there too! Who is in trouble do not blame the old lady rude! Young Grandpa Long toss, went directly toward the back room.

Humph! Kid! parajumpers jackets Today’s your lucky day! Have a skill you do not out of this village! Otherwise, I will let you go to feed the zombies! Lin Mingyu angry face directly sword a close, facing outward Chang Ching Mamalielie walk!

And! Relying on you! Chang Ching disdain.

Humph! Li Chang Ching Lin Mingyu not directly face

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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

What matters, then he came out outcrop, embarrassed smiles: Nothing, I thought empty, actually a lift!

Gangster are grateful snorted disdainfully, such things are worthy of exclamation points, it really is only a small gang leader, have not seen much of the world!

Old men came strong call Amdo, but also very close and said: Be careful, following which relatively small!

When the man came after the ancient force a strong foot step, down a descending elevator suddenly scared that people suddenly screams loudly!

Text Chapter 207 plot (middle)

Elegant house updated: 2012710 9:00:30 words in this chapter: 2220

Scream coming out from the entrance, the crowd scared again, followed hears Amdo men shouted: Nothing, elevator down! Everyone was a little relieved.

Elevator uniform down, looked at Amdo ancient men a strong, Meihuazhaohua general asked: Amdo boss on how are you?

The man inclined him, without a word, great organization and discipline.

Do not speak, then forget it! Ancient strong shrugged, immediately said suddenly, Do not hit my mind, there is no me, no one get in ancient ruins, this is just a portal only, not really into the ancient ruins it !

The man stature suddenly a stiff, then slowly relax, Lie with ancient little distance between the slightly opened.

Room where the people are very nervous, Dolly say it is the most relaxed, and down once before, probably know what next, do not worry about something bad might happen ancient Lie To worry about it, that really is for men Amdo worry, followed by the ancient Lie down, I’m afraid Parajumpers Jackets not live long.

Three chiefs also parajumpers jackets outlet look different, especially wave, they have been ranked in third down, a little too forward, did not meet the emergency brother rushed in front of the truth.

Hui dyke boss seems to have realized the anxiety, the opening proposal and said: Boss, third or I go on, I believe in my strength, ancient too strong in the following not afford to turn the storm!

Be careful he has a gun! Ando said with lukewarm.

Hui dyke hint of sneer, said: In the face of absolute power, nothing else! This he did and Berkeley somewhat similar concept.

I do not know how deep the elevator down, Amdo men faint feeling some anxiety, but can not tell where that right.

Suddenly the foot of a real elevator did not move, the ancient Lie said: It should be in the end, I go out parajumpers jackets women and see!

He pulled an old strong, shook his head and said: I see! In fact, he does not want to go out, outside the dark one, do not know what can be the boss commanded, must not be allowed to run the ancient strong, so Even fear, nor shrink back half a step.

Ancient strong shrugged indifferently and said: Then you come! He moved to the next move, given enough space for that person to go out.

The dagger in his hand, the man goes out gingerly, suddenly pop sound, become a shining outside, the man screamed, eyes are a pale, could not see anything.

Here is a few hundred meters deep underground, he could not cry reached the top, the ancient fierce smile to go out to the top of the elevator seemed to sweep there are people waiting, automatic upward.

The man rubbed his eyes in panic, no matter how rubbing, see is a pale. He did not.

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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Rescued, and these people may take the opportunity to kill more than a few heads vary Warcraft, with the power of fruit monster who upgrade their strength, so these humans only one was strong around the corner.

That generals looked around four weeks high spirits of the soldiers and freedom fighters, and finally their eyes fixed in a forest song body, underground passage which freedom fighters who were good strong flavor.

Although Lin song did not speak, but the strong temperament undoubtedly exposed, even if he stood among a group of people, but also gives people a sense of stand out.

That generals who look nodded with satisfaction, and then Stern said: Everyone listen up, we are now starting to go outside the city encircled rescued brother.

The text of Article IX crawling system can vary Warcraft

Elegant house updated: 2012118 9:23:57 words in this chapter: 4747

That generals spoke on the occasion, everyone’s head appears above a huge whirlpool, whirlpool and then dropping, enveloped their bodies up.

Second space was opened.

Space in front of the crowd began to distort, until calm again parajumpers jackets women when the City of Hope everyone has been opened up by the enormous power of the wormhole sent outside the city.

Front of a dozen large trucks lined up in front of these people, Lin Song as freedom fighters who are not on the military side of a truck last.

Finally a truck forty to fifty per parajumpers jackets outlet capita is not an official city soldiers, but has a strong body of freedom, and now they are collectively known as freedom fighters.

Freedom fighter who is also holding the hands of a variety of metal swords, an eagerly look, it seems they fight monsters in the wild and they must Parajumpers Jackets account for a lot cheaper, so will seem so excited.

In front of a dozen military trucks on the upswing are wearing the same leather armor of the soldiers, many people also carrying shoulder-fired missiles and shoulder bazooka a class of heavy weapons.

However, these soldiers, but the overall strength of the rearmost freedom fighters than weaker, which is two thousand to three thousand points the power point, the look on their faces is barely more, absolutely no excitement as those freedom fighters.

The reason why the soldiers did not appear before the end of the world looks like heavy gun ammunition, but do little practical use.

After the end of the world, even the weakest different World of Warcraft, military rifles guns are difficult to shoot through their protective body armor, unless it is a kind of heavy weapons bazooka they can cause some damage, but said the destruction, not as a general sword come fast.

For more than two thousand different points of Warcraft fighting force, due to their movement speed has exceeded the speed of sound research, even if they are fired against, they will be lightning fast body bypass.

But this time the soldiers go out with freedom fighters, even the weakest person, who also has three thousand points fighting force, they naturally do not need to use up those little power, but also bring trouble bazooka.

After the end of the world, easy to carry, after processing of the metal sword envoy city became the strong favorite, but the more valuable the more sharp-edged sword, if the forest song come to redeem his Excalibur dragon meters, there is absolutely a way to make people can not imagine astronomical.

My name is Lanfang, what is your name?

Sitting across from a beautiful song forest friendly girl asked.

Girl sitting in the shed, her feet wearing one.

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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

More happy smile, Do you know you do not know that kind of person, there is life to get desperately flower! Said finally, his tone suddenly turns cold, the number of road burst out spiritual power, several guards directly entangled lift.

Master, master of spiritual power! A bunch of guards where there is always a little insight, and shout out.

Several other guards suddenly panicked, and had thought just a normal human, at most experience out of which the children of the family, or adventurer, you can no matter what, are the strong dragon does not push local snakes, to a place to be honest old Real alone, no one thought ran into a spiritual force so young, in their mind, the mental strength to be at least 30 years old masters.

Master mercy, master mercy ah! Guard constantly beg for mercy.

Doors happening soon spread to the city, the team heard that people celebrate the city guards at the city gate to make trouble, and immediately started a hundred people came to support the squad.

But when they come to town with a door, a few guards have crooked lying on the ground, all unconscious, the perpetrators could not find it.

After bodyguard team immediately issued an arrest warrant, the whole city looking at the city gate guards assault perpetrators and accept reports, all clues correctly, there are certain incentives.

And as the perpetrators, the ancient car pulled into the city has been strong. His black eyes very conspicuous, something natural to ask the way to Luo Lin to do.

They soon came to Liu nearby, watching the door decoration gorgeous, parajumpers jackets sale Luo Lin sighed and said: really is big family ah!

This is the largest city of Liu Qing, but family is also decorated luxuriance normal, there is nothing to lament! Ancient parajumpers jackets Lie laughed, your home is certainly more atmospheric than Liu right?

It is natural that we Luojia …… Luo Lingang want boast about, even before and after the intersection flashed two gang, gradually forced back toward them.

These people equipped, a look that is well-trained, should belong to celebrate the city’s immediate Guard.

It’s over, is certainly the door hit you in the people’s guard, but now people came to the door, and see how you do! Luo Lin laughing face, hands and do not consciously at the wrist.

Ancient Lie laughed: Forget Parajumpers Jackets Women Gobi it, for me to solve, you do not hands! Ancient strong in her Qiao Lian Qingqingyipai, open the door down.

Two gang actually belong bodyguard team, but belonging to the two squads. Coming from the front is the first squad, outflanking the rear is the second squad.

The first team captain is a tall, thin, middle-aged man, he went there a station from the momentum, we can see is a master of force. While the second team captain is a sturdy youth, is also known to use force.

Without a fight it! First squad leader said coldly, I know you are master of spiritual power, as you are so young masters indeed rare, but in my opinion, you will at most seven only. Seven level is just crossed the threshold of spiritual power guru, you can deal with those gatekeepers may want to deal with us Well, there is no so easy!

Who will manage the ancient Lie what he said, his eyes suddenly flashed a black light, instant insight into the eye open, the first team captain and all the strength of his men out to be analyzed.

The first team captain nearly eight force levels, men were all in the fifty-six about strength has been

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Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Is no danger, and the scenery, although the United States, can only be brought back his moment of emotion, in the final analysis practice is the last word, nothing can stop him become strong determination.

Well, you two will also start watching a practice, do not think we could have been here, only ten days of the time, and so the evening passed, we have to go back and then kill the monster. Qin industry slightest blunt against two girls want to walk around everywhere shouted.

Cut this kid really boring. Cheng Yuqing Meng could not help but complain against one up.

But go complain complain that seriously, when the Qin Cheng Yuqing but do not have the slightest difference to the industry, complaining finished, Cheng Yuqing sat down directly in place, perhaps this is what she is now even more powerful than the Qin industry the most direct cause .

Shan Cheng Yuqing Meng looked pique and without the slightest expression of Qin industry, she is also a direct sat down, and now two people have been pulled down to her, she did not want that farther and farther away.

Proficiency ten days of the week, and feel very fresh aura between heaven and earth in the transformation of the body, three are chosen at this time to seriously practice, and that feels really too good.

Just twelve hours, the original strength at 2: 20/100 Qin industry pleasantly surprised to find their own strength has reached 4: 80/300 experience, a full thirty-six Zhou, where the practice seems meridians did not feel pain, it can be said as long as time permits, they want to practice how Zhou are possible.

Another huge experience parajumpers jackets gobi also will Qin industry by surprise, you know kill 30 blue-eyed golden eagle when it gives the experience of 7000, while Cheng Yuqing because it is alone took the credit for 7000, Qin industry and single sprout some equally sad reminder of the experience, but just one night practice he gains experience nearly ten thousand, and with the strength level of increase, seems to get more and more experience, four of proficiency for each one Zhou will provide 40 points of experience, coupled parajumpers jackets with the addition of ten times, Qin industry grew more and more comfortable ah.

Call, has but five seconds of the time, single Meng and Cheng Yuqing also withdrew from the practice of the state, watching the two faces obvious joy, Qin know their industry and their own harvest is certainly extremely a lot of money.

Well, what is the word to go out that in practice here, but a waste of time. Qin industry slightest parajumpers jackets outlet unkind toward two girls said.

Just yet ready to say what the extent of Yuqing Pieliaopiezui, Qin industry full of bureaucracy, but now this guy, I really do not know what she was eating the wrong medicine, the meeting so a pirate ship.

Back to the dormitory inside, then the smell of blood seems particularly prominent, frowned, Qin industry asked, You two talk about the effects of a night, and I need to know the situation, in order to better arrange the next combat deployment.

Yesterday my strength proficiency reached 3: 190/200, the harvest of nearly 5,000 experience, strength, and yesterday it actually makes no difference. Shan Meng first to talk about his own situation.

With single Meng said after export Cheng Yuqing then said, Maybe it was because my strength level to be higher than you some of my proficiency also just reached 3: 190/200, but I harvested nearly 15,000 experience and wanted to upgrade strength after night, the experience gained should be more of the

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Saturday, October 19th, 2013

The stupid! Inverse Doro’s hardline attitude is far better than before the man in this case also insisted parajumpers jackets outlet that seen video front, it must be true, many Luo AQ already down under the wind.

That’s okay, but I would like him to recall the human Romania patriarch, a confrontation on it! King Lan said.

Well, I’ll send someone to Carl city! Doro AQ fiercely bite, this matter can not be delayed, dragging no good on their own, but also let King Lan reap truth.

Do not go to Carl the city, many Luo Feng went to the Northern Territory shadow! King Lan entrained this sarcastic smile said lightly.

What? Doro Adversity Quotient, such as lightning, stared half speechless, he …… how can he go to the Northern Territory?

Ancient surprisingly strong curiosity, and this is where the Northern Territory in the end, how many Luo Adversity Quotient reaction could be so big.

King Lan said: Doro patriarch, do not hurry to send him back? You know how dangerous the Northern Territory, a careless, can’ll be killed for.

Doro AQ awakened, quickly Tatara ruthless said: Go, you go to the Northern Territory to get it back to you people! If you do not listen, temporary closure of his ability, must take the person to bring me back! Then , added, must be safe!

Doro ruthless nodded: I know! He hastily left the Chamber.

Doro AQ momentum instantly extinguished, leaning against the chair slightly tired eyes half closed, whispered: King Lan Master, how do you know the video front went Northern Territory?

I naturally have my messages, but you can rest assured, just follow him only, did not do any thing against him, but my people just to track the Northern Territory, and did not go with him, and he now how I it is not clear at all!

Doro AQ nodded and said: Thank you Master provides news, otherwise I honestly thought he would stay Carl city! He could not help but sigh.

You say, how to solve this thing? Doro Adversity Quotient completely served soft.

King Lan said: I just find the Parajumpers Jackets Women Gobi perpetrators beat, regardless of other people! Doral video front now only be able to identify people out, or I can not with this oriental wooden one by one organization to recognize people, right?

Doro Adversity Quotient, said: Master say reasonable so right, shadow front came back, I will inform you. During this time, I will help find the murderer, just exclude wealthy and large family and wanted to be it is easy to find.

King Lan faint smiles: Thank you parajumpers jackets so much for the patriarch of Romania! He knelt on the ground towards the informant said, and so I’ll send you to the career people who associations, they will follow my people to you arrange, not ill-treat you!

Thank you, Master, thank you Master! The man excited again and again thanks.

King Lan guru, you need not so, I would not find him trouble! Doro AQ said.

It does not matter, and you can not find trouble, I said, then we should fulfill, otherwise no credibility! King Lan said very firmly, it is a warning to Doral AQ, as long as they say, then it must be done , including finding the murderer is the same beat.

Doro AQ nodded, then he has no qualifications to refute, so much attention has been Luo Feng went to the Northern Territory to the film involves simply impossible to separate effort to manage this thing up.

Dong Fang Hongshuo

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Friday, October 18th, 2013

She turned to Leia Road Since the king has the seal of lies, then you need to Leah to suppress the black magic power of the soul stone. Happen after a good practice ah!

Ah! Leia nodded firmly, Mu brother has been so hard before, now is the time Parajumpers Jackets to see Leah!

Enough is enough like Golden stove Mu big hands on his head hard on Leah rub a few times, I do not want the lovely Leah devil because of boredom but by what hurt!

Ah! Leah again, a nod, and then cover up what seemed like a small ostrich burying its head in the dish. But forgot to Mapo Tofu is obviously too much stimulation for her, then quickly flushed find water to drink.

Yes, Leah. Tomorrow I’m going to leave them for some time and SABER, here Grab your bag of gold coins. Should be enough of your spending. Kamjove Mu suddenly thought after plan, from the clothes and pulled out already prepared a bag of gold coins and handed Leah. parajumpers jackets This stuff can be in many places are common, early in his preparation before coming here has been a lot of it.

Mu brother have to leave it? Leah did not hand took gold, but sad hint of color.

Rest assured, will not be long in very far from here on the continent and some people need me. Leia did not want to lose the trust of my people, right? Kamjove Mu big hands stroked his head again up Leah .

I know, Leia heavy a nod If this is the mission of Mu brother, Leah will not laggard!

Mu touched the hearts of a variety of, ah, so much across the world. May be it is the first time encountered this soft sister, how should take care and not let Leah Polo succeed ah!

After lunch, cat ears Mother slept as usual in the morning lawn roll. Since the can into a small black cat, she seemed to love this form of sleep under, so it is obviously played harassed many times, but has no interest in changing.

And kamjove Mu also poured himself a cup of espresso coffee (espresso version), and then a small population of small parajumpers outlet store mouth sipping drink up.

That, good to drink? Seeing the touch of a finger can not wake a small black cat, Li Hua playing his attention to the gold cup in the kitchen Mu.

Try not to know?

Li Hua played clearly neglected kamjove Mu face some evil smile, sometimes men are more like something they want to hurt it’s awkward species. Obviously Liwah outs have not yet understood this point, so this has been easy on her very good Mu Jun when the.

Woo …… slightly tasted a little played immediately after Liwah frowned, then put a small red tongue spit out taste …… strange, bitter, but very fragrant.

Oh? This kamjove Mu really surprised of the alive, even be able to taste the wonderful flavor of this. Played sauce really is a perfect middle two girls ah! Of course, this statement is also directly exposed his themselves to be but in two seizures before drinking this coffee fact.

To be honest, we recently lair okay? Kim Mu stove is the most worried about this point, if not Valkyrie Mesquite seems to have left Ireland Events He really can not put that likes to delusions Bai Ji into reality adults stay in the war-torn country world. And so on, is not that together they engage in a lily? More and more of a Mu unchaste thoughts together.

Being Warring States World