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Ming Yu ah! Chang Ching Lin Mingyu so proud to hear that speech, mind http://designhub.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=24443 suddenly furious, then my mind a turn, immediately in a shocked voice said, I told your father that the relationship between the two of us talk of the town, but very good! Recently it still says How about you! Chang Ching finished, his face still exposed a memory of the way.

What did you say! Lin Mingyu suddenly furious and said, I Lin!

I did not say you do not Lin ah! Said Chang Ching look innocent.

My name is Lin, how would my father surnamed Li! Lin Mingyu growled.

Your father is surnamed Li ah! Said Chang Ching puzzled.

I am my father’s son, I Lin, Lin of course, my father!

We say you are your father’s http://www.csuok.com/zf/E_GuestBook.asp son ah! Said Chang Ching immediately look helpless.

You! Lin Mingyu suddenly look angry.

Ha ha ha ha ha! At this time, the two looked on in this debate and Yang Liang YANG Tie duo can not stand up, clutching his stomach have laughed together, Liang Yang and even tears of laughter out ! A step by parajumpers jackets step to the back with a finger pointing Zhang Qinghe Lin Mingyu in that laugh.

You! Ye …… Lin Mingyu gas neck red with rage suddenly, crimson eyes, trembling fingers pointing to a few people, then face a cold, angry against Chang Ching shouted, You little slut, actually Ganshua I!

Little slut Mashui it? Chang Ching immediately retorted.

Little slut yells at you! Lin Mingyu already mad, his mind did not think it directly along the Chang Ching took down.

Guwahati ha ha ha ha! This time, not only YANG Tie and Yang Liang, Chang Ching are even laughing up.

You! Lin Mingyu suddenly react, suddenly anger hearts and minds, parajumpers jackets screaming, I’ll kill you! Roar finished, hand drawn, and a sword will appear in his hands.

Zheng Gold and Iron sword blew loudly, suddenly pointing Chang Ching.

Tried to kill me, that you have to have that ability to see the! Chang Ching sneer, ideas of a turn, suddenly, that the great boom of the dog pulling teeth bloodthirsty sword will appear in the Chang Ching hands.

What are you doing? At the moment, that Yang uncle directly rushed out from the inner courtyard.

Noisy! Noisy! Noisy what Noisy! That http://rusnavy.com/E_GuestBook.asp Yang uncle a meal out http://www.liyu.biz/home.php?mod=space&uid=378775 on the front of the two vocal curse, yo ho! Which are moving from the weapons come! Doing! Not think my health care facilities are idle ah! Well! one does not know there is strength against zombies, facing biological variation made in this direct internal fighting up! both go away! Ah! Now this young man! really! who is in this noisy chaos, I will give He reported to the village where the village chief to let you all rush out! do not go!

Yes yes yes! YANG Tie http://www.sufep.com:8090/home.php?mod=space&uid=52806&do=blog&quickforward=1&id=965175 suddenly bowing, We’re not leaving, not leaving! He then pulled directly toward Chang Ching-Liang Yang came.

Come on! I also save a pinger there too! Who is in trouble do not blame the old lady rude! Young Grandpa Long toss, went directly toward the back room.

Humph! Kid! parajumpers jackets Today’s your lucky day! Have a skill you do not out of this village! Otherwise, I will let you go to feed the zombies! Lin Mingyu angry face directly sword a close, facing outward Chang Ching Mamalielie walk!

And! Relying on you! Chang Ching disdain.

Humph! Li Chang Ching Lin Mingyu not directly face


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