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Real name, into the magic to start. The use of real names in addition to shouting outside, and have a limited function magic parajumpers parka outlet ceremony dress is the same, so it can be said that treasure with magic ritual


In addition, there are parajumpers jackets sale also souls to own treasure with class effect moves for the treasure with those holdings. For example Emiya uses magic? Inherent enchantment unlimited blade works (UnlimitedBlade

Works) , is his treasure with. Moreover, Heracles should have held shot one hundred (NineLives) is a treasure for the shape of a bow and arrow, but Heracles to other weapons can also make out

With this shot one hundred (NineLives) moves the same effect.

Treasure with objects according to their scope and effect, there is a human treasure and treasure with the military and other categories.


Human treasure with

On their own, such as a single enemy target given the very limited effect treasure with. Kuqiu parajumpers jackets Lin’s death spines puncture of the gun (GaeBolg), Heracles Twelve trials (GodHand)

And Gilgamesh’s King of the treasure (GateofBabylon), etc. are included. Consumption much magic in one on one battle, efficiency is remarkably high.

Name of the user position levels

Wind Wang Liya Saber enchantment Alto

Hama red rose loup wood Duo Aodi that Lancer

Will destroy the yellow rose

Gilgamesh the king’s treasure Archer

Assassin delusional fantasy Hassan Al-Sabah

Without destroying the lake Lancelot Berserker

Knights do not die unarmed

Not for the glory of their own issue

(2) treasure with the military

Implicated dozens to hundreds of people in the army, to a wide range of objects treasure with. Medusa’s riding Britain’s reins (Bellerophon) and Kuqiu Lin’s Guns of perforation dead Xiang (GaeBolg)

And so included. Much energy is diffused huge enemy attack bombers fly in one fell swoop, or conjured something.

Name of the user position levels

Distant from the ravages system of hegemony Iskandar Rider

Wang Zhijun potential

Gil de textbook spiral submerged city Royce Caster

(3) for the city treasure with

Even in the city, this solid structures are powerful treasure with bombers flying. Right people with the right military treasure treasure with a difference is the range of different effects, but when the right treasure with the city, the power gap becomes

The disparity. The fourth and fifth in the Holy Grail War is recognized on city treasure with only Alto Leah vow victory sword (Excalibur).

Name of the user position levels

Vow Victory Saber Sword Alto Liya

(4) on the boundary treasure with

Gilgamesh’s Heaven opened deviation Star (EnumaElish) category. Heaven opened deviation Star (EnumaElish) the output itself is Alto Leah Oath wins

Lee’s sword (Excalibur) equal or a little more than a degree, but with the cut world, indistinguishable from the effects of this legend, so this sword into a special category. Incidentally level is EX.

Name of the user position levels

Deviation Archer Gilgamesh Sword

(5) Enchantment treasure with

In the production of the treasure with enchantment, you do not use in the attack on. Shiro body preserved in Saber’s treasure with lone ideal township (Avalon) is its representative examples. Even institutions

Architectural treasure with enchantment, like Rider other seal? Temple Blood (Blood

FortAndromeda) as used in the attack on the stuff will be classified as treasure with the military.

Name of the user position levels

Away from the earthly Utopia

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