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Personally killed Ke Laike, I want to report today a hatred that will recapture what belongs to me! parajumpers jackets sale I MISS days the wind in two weeks, if not kill Ke Laike, it self a break!

Tian Lu wind rushed into the woods.


Poison the soul, you said, there are ways the brain can Guimu crystal energy fully restored!

Yes, master, but, however, this is like Mogong, highly dangerous, once failed, it means death!


Is a combination of soul with my poison! Guimu most of the energy in my body are sealed, as long as I combine, will be able to stimulate energy! However, this combination requires tough physique!

So good, I practiced out of a good constitution!

Lu Tien-feng fist tightly pinch break, blood surging out, he Yiziyizi authentic: Ke Laike, I want you to die without burial!


From that day, the day the wind began training terrestrial body.

The first day, he told the boulder, hit a ball, playing a full twenty-four hours, hands bloody.

The next day, he told the boulder, mercilessly Pichu thigh, a full twenty-four hours split, lap, bloody.

On the third day, he was madly run, ran a full twenty-four hours feet like apples swelling, pains and bad.

The fourth day, he frantically doing pushups, do a full twenty-four hours his hands bloody.

Fifth day, he was suspended from the irons, up quite to sag, making a full parajumpers jackets twenty-four hours the whole arm have been sour.

Fifth day, he jumped into the lake, madly swam for almost twenty-four hours almost exhausted in the lake.

Sixth day, you have spent the whole hand ……

Seventh day ……

Eighth day ……

Ninth day ……

Tenth day ……

Eleventh day ……

Twelfth day ……

Thirteenth day ……

Fourteenth day ……

Other 15 days, he began to combine with poison the soul, when he muscled, badly bruised.

He shouted: Start!

Poison the soul Pinmingdewang his body drill, bursts of brutal force raging mad to.

Lu days howling wind issue: ah!!! Ke Laike, I want to personally kill you! I suggest that you cut to pieces!

Half an hour later, Lu days combined wind and poison the soul, all the power coming Guimu, Lu Tien-feng opened his eyes flashed cold dead air.

He yelled: Ke Laike, I want you to die without burial!


Tian Lu wind rushed from outside the military restricted area, he found Ke Laike: I tell you fight to the death!

Half an hour later, Lu Ke Laike days of wind and stood on a hilltop mountain standing all survivors, we mention the heart of continental Tianfeng this world, how people can become strong within fifteen days?

Ke Laike laugh: Tian Lu wind, you are not afraid of death, I will give you your heart!

Another three green-eyed warrior is mocking: true uppity!

Ke Laike laughed: Parajumpers Jacket Toronto fall by the wayside, subject go die!

He sprang to Lu Tien-feng, LU days the wind just palm shoot, the time is stopped, the next second, bursts of cold and dead air in Ke Laike chest disseminated instantaneously swallowed him cry in pain, he flew numerous , hit the boulders into meat paste.

Ah! Peter and the three green-eyed soldier was shocked, jumped up tightly with open land Tianfeng.

How could he become so strong?

Ah! Survivor also widened.

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