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The stupid! Inverse Doro’s hardline attitude is far better than before the man in this case also insisted parajumpers jackets outlet that seen video front, it must be true, many Luo AQ already down under the wind.

That’s okay, but I would like him to recall the human Romania patriarch, a confrontation on it! King Lan said.

Well, I’ll send someone to Carl city! Doro AQ fiercely bite, this matter can not be delayed, dragging no good on their own, but also let King Lan reap truth.

Do not go to Carl the city, many Luo Feng went to the Northern Territory shadow! King Lan entrained this sarcastic smile said lightly.

What? Doro Adversity Quotient, such as lightning, stared half speechless, he …… how can he go to the Northern Territory?

Ancient surprisingly strong curiosity, and this is where the Northern Territory in the end, how many Luo http://backtalk.info/forum/index.php?topic=32794.msg56476#msg56476 Adversity Quotient reaction could be so big.

King Lan said: Doro patriarch, do not hurry to send him back? You know how dangerous the Northern Territory, a careless, can’ll be killed for.

Doro AQ awakened, quickly Tatara ruthless said: http://www.friendcircles.com/blogs/post/87176 Go, you go to the Northern Territory to get it back to you people! If you do not listen, temporary closure of his ability, must take the person to bring me back! Then , added, must be safe!

Doro ruthless nodded: I know! He hastily left the Chamber.

Doro AQ momentum instantly extinguished, leaning against the chair slightly tired eyes half closed, whispered: King Lan Master, how do you know the video front went Northern Territory?

I naturally have my messages, but you can rest assured, just follow him only, did not do any thing against him, but my people just to track the Northern Territory, and did not go with him, and he now how I it is not clear at all!

Doro AQ nodded and said: Thank you Master provides news, otherwise I honestly thought he would stay Carl city! He could not help but sigh.

You say, how to solve this thing? Doro Adversity Quotient completely served soft.

King Lan said: I just find the Parajumpers Jackets Women Gobi perpetrators beat, regardless of other people! Doral video front now only be able to identify people out, or I can not with this oriental wooden one by one organization to recognize people, right?

Doro Adversity Quotient, said: Master say reasonable so right, shadow front came back, I will inform you. During this time, I will help find the murderer, just exclude wealthy and large family and wanted to be it is easy to find. http://wxxjd-zs.com.w1.05sky.com/Review.asp?NewsID=99

King Lan faint smiles: Thank you parajumpers jackets so much for the patriarch of Romania! He knelt on the ground towards the informant http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=350246077266&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT said, and so I’ll send you to the career people who associations, they will follow my people to you arrange, not ill-treat you!

Thank you, Master, thank you Master! The man excited again and again thanks.

King Lan guru, you need not so, I would not find him trouble! Doro AQ said.

It does not matter, and you can not find trouble, I said, then we should fulfill, otherwise no credibility! King Lan said very firmly, it is a warning to Doral AQ, as long as they say, then it must be done , including finding the murderer is the same beat.

Doro AQ nodded, then he has no qualifications to refute, so much attention has been Luo Feng went to the Northern Territory to the film involves simply impossible to separate effort to manage this thing up.

Dong Fang http://www.hyqzp.com/a/mahuituku/20130911/22.html Hongshuo

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