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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

What matters, then he came out outcrop, embarrassed smiles: Nothing, I thought empty, actually a lift!

Gangster are grateful snorted disdainfully, such things are worthy of exclamation points, it really is only a small gang leader, have not seen much of the world!

Old men came strong call Amdo, but also very close and said: Be careful, following which relatively small!

When the man came after the ancient force a strong foot step, down a descending elevator suddenly scared that people suddenly screams loudly!

Text Chapter 207 plot (middle)

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Scream coming out from the entrance, the crowd scared again, followed hears Amdo men shouted: Nothing, elevator down! Everyone was a little relieved.

Elevator uniform down, looked at Amdo ancient men a strong, Meihuazhaohua general asked: Amdo boss on how are you?

The man inclined him, without a word, great organization and discipline.

Do not speak, then forget it! Ancient strong shrugged, immediately said suddenly, Do not hit my mind, there is no me, no one get in ancient ruins, this is just a portal only, not really into the ancient ruins it !

The man stature suddenly a stiff, then slowly relax, Lie with ancient little distance between the slightly opened.

Room where the people are very nervous, Dolly say it is the most relaxed, and down once before, probably know what next, do not worry about something bad might happen ancient Lie To worry about it, that really is for men Amdo worry, followed by the ancient Lie down, I’m afraid Parajumpers Jackets not live long.

Three chiefs also parajumpers jackets outlet look different, especially wave, they have been ranked in third down, a little too forward, did not meet the emergency brother rushed in front of the truth.

Hui dyke boss seems to have realized the anxiety, the opening proposal and said: Boss, third or I go on, I believe in my strength, ancient too strong in the following not afford to turn the storm!

Be careful he has a gun! Ando said with lukewarm.

Hui dyke hint of sneer, said: In the face of absolute power, nothing else! This he did and Berkeley somewhat similar concept.

I do not know how deep the elevator down, Amdo men faint feeling some anxiety, but can not tell where that right.

Suddenly the foot of a real elevator did not move, the ancient Lie said: It should be in the end, I go out parajumpers jackets women and see!

He pulled an old strong, shook his head and said: I see! In fact, he does not want to go out, outside the dark one, do not know what can be the boss commanded, must not be allowed to run the ancient strong, so Even fear, nor shrink back half a step.

Ancient strong shrugged indifferently and said: Then you come! He moved to the next move, given enough space for that person to go out.

The dagger in his hand, the man goes out gingerly, suddenly pop sound, become a shining outside, the man screamed, eyes are a pale, could not see anything.

Here is a few hundred meters deep underground, he could not cry reached the top, the ancient fierce smile to go out to the top of the elevator seemed to sweep there are people waiting, automatic upward.

The man rubbed his eyes in panic, no matter how rubbing, see is a pale. He did not.

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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Rescued, and these people may take the opportunity to kill more than a few heads vary Warcraft, with the power of fruit monster who upgrade their strength, so these humans only one was strong around the corner.

That generals looked around four weeks high spirits of the soldiers and freedom fighters, and finally their eyes fixed in a forest song body, underground passage which freedom fighters who were good strong flavor.

Although Lin song did not speak, but the strong temperament undoubtedly exposed, even if he stood among a group of people, but also gives people a sense of stand out.

That generals who look nodded with satisfaction, and then Stern said: Everyone listen up, we are now starting to go outside the city encircled rescued brother.

The text of Article IX crawling system can vary Warcraft

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That generals spoke on the occasion, everyone’s head appears above a huge whirlpool, whirlpool and then dropping, enveloped their bodies up.

Second space was opened.

Space in front of the crowd began to distort, until calm again parajumpers jackets women when the City of Hope everyone has been opened up by the enormous power of the wormhole sent outside the city.

Front of a dozen large trucks lined up in front of these people, Lin Song as freedom fighters who are not on the military side of a truck last.

Finally a truck forty to fifty per parajumpers jackets outlet capita is not an official city soldiers, but has a strong body of freedom, and now they are collectively known as freedom fighters.

Freedom fighter who is also holding the hands of a variety of metal swords, an eagerly look, it seems they fight monsters in the wild and they must Parajumpers Jackets account for a lot cheaper, so will seem so excited.

In front of a dozen military trucks on the upswing are wearing the same leather armor of the soldiers, many people also carrying shoulder-fired missiles and shoulder bazooka a class of heavy weapons.

However, these soldiers, but the overall strength of the rearmost freedom fighters than weaker, which is two thousand to three thousand points the power point, the look on their faces is barely more, absolutely no excitement as those freedom fighters.

The reason why the soldiers did not appear before the end of the world looks like heavy gun ammunition, but do little practical use.

After the end of the world, even the weakest different World of Warcraft, military rifles guns are difficult to shoot through their protective body armor, unless it is a kind of heavy weapons bazooka they can cause some damage, but said the destruction, not as a general sword come fast.

For more than two thousand different points of Warcraft fighting force, due to their movement speed has exceeded the speed of sound research, even if they are fired against, they will be lightning fast body bypass.

But this time the soldiers go out with freedom fighters, even the weakest person, who also has three thousand points fighting force, they naturally do not need to use up those little power, but also bring trouble bazooka.

After the end of the world, easy to carry, after processing of the metal sword envoy city became the strong favorite, but the more valuable the more sharp-edged sword, if the forest song come to redeem his Excalibur dragon meters, there is absolutely a way to make people can not imagine astronomical.

My name is Lanfang, what is your name?

Sitting across from a beautiful song forest friendly girl asked.

Girl sitting in the shed, her feet wearing one.

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Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Is no danger, and the scenery, although the United States, can only be brought back his moment of emotion, in the final analysis practice is the last word, nothing can stop him become strong determination.

Well, you two will also start watching a practice, do not think we could have been here, only ten days of the time, and so the evening passed, we have to go back and then kill the monster. Qin industry slightest blunt against two girls want to walk around everywhere shouted.

Cut this kid really boring. Cheng Yuqing Meng could not help but complain against one up.

But go complain complain that seriously, when the Qin Cheng Yuqing but do not have the slightest difference to the industry, complaining finished, Cheng Yuqing sat down directly in place, perhaps this is what she is now even more powerful than the Qin industry the most direct cause .

Shan Cheng Yuqing Meng looked pique and without the slightest expression of Qin industry, she is also a direct sat down, and now two people have been pulled down to her, she did not want that farther and farther away.

Proficiency ten days of the week, and feel very fresh aura between heaven and earth in the transformation of the body, three are chosen at this time to seriously practice, and that feels really too good.

Just twelve hours, the original strength at 2: 20/100 Qin industry pleasantly surprised to find their own strength has reached 4: 80/300 experience, a full thirty-six Zhou, where the practice seems meridians did not feel pain, it can be said as long as time permits, they want to practice how Zhou are possible.

Another huge experience parajumpers jackets gobi also will Qin industry by surprise, you know kill 30 blue-eyed golden eagle when it gives the experience of 7000, while Cheng Yuqing because it is alone took the credit for 7000, Qin industry and single sprout some equally sad reminder of the experience, but just one night practice he gains experience nearly ten thousand, and with the strength level of increase, seems to get more and more experience, four of proficiency for each one Zhou will provide 40 points of experience, coupled parajumpers jackets with the addition of ten times, Qin industry grew more and more comfortable ah.

Call, has but five seconds of the time, single Meng and Cheng Yuqing also withdrew from the practice of the state, watching the two faces obvious joy, Qin know their industry and their own harvest is certainly extremely a lot of money.

Well, what is the word to go out that in practice here, but a waste of time. Qin industry slightest parajumpers jackets outlet unkind toward two girls said.

Just yet ready to say what the extent of Yuqing Pieliaopiezui, Qin industry full of bureaucracy, but now this guy, I really do not know what she was eating the wrong medicine, the meeting so a pirate ship.

Back to the dormitory inside, then the smell of blood seems particularly prominent, frowned, Qin industry asked, You two talk about the effects of a night, and I need to know the situation, in order to better arrange the next combat deployment.

Yesterday my strength proficiency reached 3: 190/200, the harvest of nearly 5,000 experience, strength, and yesterday it actually makes no difference. Shan Meng first to talk about his own situation.

With single Meng said after export Cheng Yuqing then said, Maybe it was because my strength level to be higher than you some of my proficiency also just reached 3: 190/200, but I harvested nearly 15,000 experience and wanted to upgrade strength after night, the experience gained should be more of the

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Saturday, October 19th, 2013

The stupid! Inverse Doro’s hardline attitude is far better than before the man in this case also insisted parajumpers jackets outlet that seen video front, it must be true, many Luo AQ already down under the wind.

That’s okay, but I would like him to recall the human Romania patriarch, a confrontation on it! King Lan said.

Well, I’ll send someone to Carl city! Doro AQ fiercely bite, this matter can not be delayed, dragging no good on their own, but also let King Lan reap truth.

Do not go to Carl the city, many Luo Feng went to the Northern Territory shadow! King Lan entrained this sarcastic smile said lightly.

What? Doro Adversity Quotient, such as lightning, stared half speechless, he …… how can he go to the Northern Territory?

Ancient surprisingly strong curiosity, and this is where the Northern Territory in the end, how many Luo Adversity Quotient reaction could be so big.

King Lan said: Doro patriarch, do not hurry to send him back? You know how dangerous the Northern Territory, a careless, can’ll be killed for.

Doro AQ awakened, quickly Tatara ruthless said: Go, you go to the Northern Territory to get it back to you people! If you do not listen, temporary closure of his ability, must take the person to bring me back! Then , added, must be safe!

Doro ruthless nodded: I know! He hastily left the Chamber.

Doro AQ momentum instantly extinguished, leaning against the chair slightly tired eyes half closed, whispered: King Lan Master, how do you know the video front went Northern Territory?

I naturally have my messages, but you can rest assured, just follow him only, did not do any thing against him, but my people just to track the Northern Territory, and did not go with him, and he now how I it is not clear at all!

Doro AQ nodded and said: Thank you Master provides news, otherwise I honestly thought he would stay Carl city! He could not help but sigh.

You say, how to solve this thing? Doro Adversity Quotient completely served soft.

King Lan said: I just find the Parajumpers Jackets Women Gobi perpetrators beat, regardless of other people! Doral video front now only be able to identify people out, or I can not with this oriental wooden one by one organization to recognize people, right?

Doro Adversity Quotient, said: Master say reasonable so right, shadow front came back, I will inform you. During this time, I will help find the murderer, just exclude wealthy and large family and wanted to be it is easy to find.

King Lan faint smiles: Thank you parajumpers jackets so much for the patriarch of Romania! He knelt on the ground towards the informant said, and so I’ll send you to the career people who associations, they will follow my people to you arrange, not ill-treat you!

Thank you, Master, thank you Master! The man excited again and again thanks.

King Lan guru, you need not so, I would not find him trouble! Doro AQ said.

It does not matter, and you can not find trouble, I said, then we should fulfill, otherwise no credibility! King Lan said very firmly, it is a warning to Doral AQ, as long as they say, then it must be done , including finding the murderer is the same beat.

Doro AQ nodded, then he has no qualifications to refute, so much attention has been Luo Feng went to the Northern Territory to the film involves simply impossible to separate effort to manage this thing up.

Dong Fang Hongshuo

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Friday, October 18th, 2013

, Why I do not promise it, if there is really something you said, I have no reason to reject you. But before departure, I want to know, is not I grab the Ganges sand, you can give you, and then you can build it to the master of hobbits. In Shortly after, I was able to see the finished product of it? Lingui Ren on the Lisa really a little less assured.

Of course not, the Ganges nonartifact sand just build the necessary materials, but the light has Ganges is useless in the sand, the sand in the Ganges to get, you must also collect other materials, until parajumpers jackets sale cobble together, I will lead you to find that a master of hobbits, but I would like to affirm that the master who although skilled, but he was there quite a bugger that drunken Do not use those eyes, I did not want you to go to any wine, the master who drink from the wine industry planes called super Shaodao Zi spirits, while this is not a low selling price of spirits, so your preparation a fee for the job.

Cost, how much? Listening to the words of Lisa, Lingui Ren in thought for a moment before asked.

Last time, I heard that he received the other five million reward points, but you introduced me to, perhaps should be less, but you should also prepare how got more than four million points, after all, my face not so the value of points. Here, Lisa to a little embarrassing.

Lingui Ren who was out of the rookie from unlimited video, who has a few thousand points should be quite good, one million this unit for him, perhaps too far away. As long as he do not be scared to give a huge number of points, and then thought I was fooled him just fine.

Not to mention really, Lisa not afraid of anything, afraid Lingui Ren think they are fooled him, then trouble. After all, she’s just an alchemist, it is not how high level, you want to be able to help her find a shot, you can reach the purpose of revenge really is not easy to master. Plus she did not point, did not not go to unlimited movie release point, so Lingui Ren’s it for now, but one can not miss the chance.

Lisa, you honestly tell me, do you know who dwarves guru, really exquisite craft what? I mean to say, I have all the material he needs to give him, and then return it to him, he will be able to I want to create a successful weapon it? failure rate does not appear anything like it. Lingui Parajumpers Jackets Men Ren the opening, his face suddenly became serious and a lot, apparently to get an answer after the next will make a decision.

Lingui Ren, the sand is not going to damage the Ganges, and the hobbits are notoriously collection of a variety of materials richest race. Creating other weapons, and perhaps something to say, but in creating nonartifact this matter, dwarves families still have not appeared once dove release things as long as you do is take the sand of the Ganges, no matter how many times they fail, in the end will give you, you need a non-artifact, this is Moradin Great promise for three thousand faces, so nothing to worry about, of course, certainly not the parajumpers jackets outlet case in the event of a material robbed. saw Lingui Ren concerns, Xin took the initiative to help Lisa explained.

This is like, wait a few days, and I let Mikoto them back once a month from them out.

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Su state, South Uist from the landing to the present, he did not make too many fights, there are eighty percent or more residual energy, can support him for a high-intensity battle.

After checking, Yun Yi said softly: Sakura, can you hear my words?

A voice Parajumpers Jackets Outlet in his ears, it is Sakura’s voice: Oracles adults can be heard.

Yun Yi nodded with satisfaction, so the armor of light cherry Brain and its network connection together, so it can make use of cherry Yun Yi networks, grasp the base of all the trends. In fact, it would be the ability cherry Yun Yi on a test, since Yi Su brain in the manufacture of light, when it joined the strict and harsh anti-intrusion protection firewall. After completion of the manufacture of optical brain, Yun Yi find over twenty experienced hackers, Yi Su combined light on brain crack, took almost three days and two nights, before successfully cracked open, we can see that its security level high.

However, this situation does not appear in Sakura’s hands, just ten seconds later, the screen is a mech change, a clear display of the base of everything, Yun Yi wanted to see where, only a slight hands, the screen is the parajumpers online one side, extremely flexible.

Yun Yi went through praise: good magic hack, how do you do it.

Sakura: Oracles adults, each one can have primary electronic control, like this level of crack, if Sakura could break within three seconds to complete, it can evolve into intermediate smart.

Listen to it is to say, Yun Yi stunned always, it seems that some bad feeling uppermost, but the moment did not expect. When he wants to think carefully, the screen suddenly changed, the original living area Mech Warrior who has passed the lift, are marching to the underground storage area.

Yun Yi sneer: They must have thought someone entered here, but they did not parajumpers outlet think …… Yes, cherry, whether they are in the living area to see the situation here?

Cherry; Oracles adults, Sakura can find them hostile to you, after determining it as the rebels, Sakura had cut off their connection system for underground bases, can not see the situation here.

That’s good, ready to battle it. Entire defense on the rebels catch!

Yun Yi’s heart in a good mood, and truly become the masters of the intruder, and the defender has become a rebel, this is really wonderful ah.

Lift carrying capacity is very strong, nearly thirty units once transported mech down. These Mech Warrior Budokan cultivation mostly in between eight to ten, this place should be the mainstay of the base defense forces. With the lift getting close, these are not the intruder Mech Warrior mind, in their view, in such a tight defense under run came twenty-three enemy has been very great, but because the more underground bases wide, this sent thirty units mech. And who is responsible for the maintenance of which there are lines, they can not see the status of the underground base, speculation should be destroyed enemy lines, this result can not be viewed.

Laugh ……

As soon as the pressure release sound, a lift reached the ground, the thirty sets Mech Warrior swaggering down the elevators, gathered in exports, one of which came to the door switch mech office

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Ahem, we quickly went to Nanking area bar chart above, several chiefs had almost broken million combat power, if you want to get better rewards, or faster, and I used it. Ye Fei some awkward touched his nose, this time he has repented.

But he said categorically that he had to be more than a single sprout two woman, guys, not only does not exceed this gap, but farther away, as a big man is somewhat difficult to introduce, but more is for Ye Fei Qin industry sympathy, so a bunch of long-term and can suppress their woman to live together, how sad reminder of the Qin industry ah.

Man of few words, said to enhance the strength is the most important, Qin Ye Fei quickly enable industry greeted the door space back to the city, and he and the girls are standing together.

Ye Fei went in, Gang Cheng Yuqing both hands and walked in single sprouting some nostalgia parajumpers outlet store looked at everything inside the house, perhaps this might be the last one up.

Come on, everything will be better later, at least you still have us. Qin said industry slightly distressed, he also hopes Shan Meng able reunited with their parents, but in this last days among seems unlikely, so long , are not they adorable single audio, I am afraid it is difficult to meet again.

Ah, let’s go. Shan Meng nodded, without any nostalgia into the space of the door, and Qin industry is back with her riding inside.

Front view of flash, and cross-regional transfer roll the same effect, Qin industry in the eyes of the next moment he is already familiar scenery Jinling zone.

Because Ward neighboring Beijing reasons, Jinling District Qin industry still has frequently come, so standing in such a station, for him, has a tremendous sense of familiarity, without the slightest unfamiliar.

Ye Fei, there should be a peripheral zone Jinling it, why do not we go directly to the central area of ​​the most secure it. Qin Ye Fei industry somewhat puzzled look.

Ye Fei wry smile, Qin industry, I did not want to go to a safe place, just recently I had a bunch of Jinling District enemies, their strength is too strong, and if you go along with me, I am afraid it will hurt to you, So will you still own to be the central area, and I think you should not be too unfamiliar Jinling area.

Qin industry robust, it is straightforward randomly said, Ye Fei, Qin industry when you take me for what sort of person, I’m not a timid man, not afraid, and you said, some time ago I have been staying and Tsunade island area, there have long been a master of combat power break one million, and since you will be my Qin industry as a brother, you can no matter how the things I do.

Qin Ye Fei burst Parajumpers Jackets of industry discourse so moved, but more so, the more he does not want to participate in the Qin trade disputes and conflicts among his coming.

Yo, that’s not our big master Ye Fei do? How these days we have not seen you in a safe area, do not be scared of it to our boss.

Street corner gang suddenly appeared then, it seems not regarded as parajumpers jackets outlet combat power is low look.

Roll, I do not need you guys something Ye Fei smashed to intervene, go back and tell Li Xun, mythical domain sooner or later be destroyed in my hands. Ye Fei cold voice said, this time he exudes not at all out of breath before the wretched feeling, but is giving a very tall feeling.

It seems

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

But suddenly, his sudden contraction of the pupil, his eyes widened, his face looked incredible.

Only the blink of an eye, Yun Yi rushed to the podium begins with the entrance next to appear in front of Martin.

A slender and delicate, even more beautiful than a woman appeared in a fraction of the white palm Martin’s eyes, and then severely pinch his neck.

Immediately cancel the gun launch! Yun Yi ferocious command to.

Martin struggled a little one, it will become clear understanding of each other’s strength is his ability to break free no. He immediately understood that in front of this young man, that name before it is innate five mech master! Figured this joint, Martin without the slightest fear, but neurotic laughing.

Martin’s face due to poor blood flow, like drinking a few bottles of red spirits General: Ha ha ha, congenital five experts how? Beat my people and how? Handedly broke into my flagship, how? In front of me, and begged me not too? Ha ha ha, which can have a parajumpers online good command room several photographic devices, I will this scene properly recorded, after seeing Parajumpers Jackets Outlet that his father will be very happy.

Without further ado, immediately cancel the launch program!

Yun Yi at this time anxious to death, before looking like crazy, like laughing more than made redhead young, free hand on the keyboard quickly tapping. Capricorn and Aquarius ship ship is the same kind used by the operating system, cancel the launch of the program is the same. Several procedures to quickly Yun Yi entered into the brain light and smooth executed. While he was relieved when a box appears on the screen impressively, says a few parajumpers outlet online shop words.

Please enter your password.

Damn, the last step is actually a password! Yun Yi cursing loudly, turned round and keeping a close eye red-haired youth, the strength of strong holds hands a little, Martin rolled his eyes, caught in a lack of oxygen semi-conscious state.

Can even so, he still nervous laughing: Ask of me ah, hurry ask me ah! Innate five master and how, if you ask me, I am pleased, and maybe give you a password …… Keke ……

Yun Yi gritted his teeth, forehead red with rage.

Winnie, you immediately to solve the password! Yun Yi did not forget, there are AI Cubs their side. This password if it is for the Cubs, then up to twelve seconds will be able to break, this is a tough place artificial only.

Unfortunately, the ear immediately hear Bear’s voice: Boss, in the light of their brain into artificial intelligence, although it worse than me, you can also have a few minutes to crack ……

A few minutes? Up to thirty seconds of the time, the gun will shoot out!

Yun Yi mouth twitching, let him go to beg like a dead fish in front of the same guy, just as worse than kill him. But the thought of tens of thousands of soldiers on the other side in his one idea, he was hesitant.

However, these thoughts only in the cloud wing mind flashed, he decided to those soldiers’ lives as the most important.

As for his own face …… forget it, he was only an ordinary mech infantry only, what face.

He took a deep breath, face showed no emotion, looking constantly rolled his eyes always possible coma past Martin.