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Ahem, we quickly went to Nanking area bar chart above, several chiefs had almost broken million combat power, if you want to get better rewards, or faster, and I used it. Ye Fei some awkward touched his nose, this time he has repented.

But he said categorically that he had to be more than a single sprout two woman, guys, not only does not exceed this gap, but farther away, as a big man is somewhat difficult to introduce, but more is for Ye Fei Qin industry sympathy, so a bunch of long-term and can suppress their woman to live together, how sad reminder of the Qin industry ah.

Man of few words, said to enhance the strength is the most important, Qin Ye Fei quickly enable http://shcgzjx.com/plus/view.php?aid=2775 industry greeted the door space back to the city, and he and the girls are standing together.

Ye Fei went in, Gang Cheng Yuqing both hands and walked in single sprouting some nostalgia parajumpers outlet store looked at everything inside the house, perhaps this might be the last one up.

Come on, everything will be better later, at least you still have us. Qin said industry slightly distressed, he also hopes Shan Meng able reunited with their parents, but in this last days among seems unlikely, so long , are not they adorable single audio, I am afraid it is difficult to meet again.

Ah, let’s http://2002.zzyoudao.com/showtopic-853.aspx go. Shan Meng nodded, without any nostalgia into the space of the door, and Qin industry is back with her riding inside.

Front view of flash, and cross-regional transfer roll the same effect, Qin industry in the eyes of the next moment he is already familiar scenery Jinling zone.

Because Ward neighboring Beijing reasons, Jinling District Qin industry still has frequently come, so standing in such a station, for him, has a tremendous sense of familiarity, without the slightest unfamiliar.

Ye Fei, there should be a peripheral zone Jinling it, why do not we go directly to the central area of ​​the most secure it. Qin Ye Fei industry somewhat puzzled look.

Ye Fei wry smile, Qin industry, I did not want to go to a safe place, just recently I had a bunch of Jinling District enemies, their strength is too strong, and if you go along with me, I am afraid http://www.zuyupen.co/thread-171377-1-1.html it will hurt to you, So will you still own to be the central area, and I think you should not be too unfamiliar Jinling area.

Qin industry robust, it is straightforward randomly said, Ye Fei, Qin industry when you take me for what sort of person, I’m not a timid man, not afraid, and you said, some time ago I have been staying and Tsunade island area, there have long been a http://ghh.org.cn/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=3362571&extra= master of combat power break one million, and since you will be my Qin industry as a http://www.yx172.com/my/space.php?uid=28633&do=blog&id=375053 brother, you can no matter how the things I do.

Qin Ye Fei burst Parajumpers Jackets of industry discourse so moved, but more so, the more he does not want to participate in the Qin trade disputes and conflicts among his coming.

Yo, that’s not our big master Ye Fei do? How these days we have not seen you in a safe area, do not be scared of it to our boss.

Street corner gang suddenly appeared then, it seems not regarded as parajumpers jackets outlet combat power is low look.

Roll, I do not need you guys something Ye Fei smashed to intervene, go back and tell Li Xun, mythical domain sooner or later be destroyed in my hands. Ye Fei cold voice said, this time he exudes not at all out of breath before the wretched feeling, but is giving a very tall feeling.

It seems

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