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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

A Nile town!

Ancient Lie said: Now this man come parajumpers jackets sale to me, that is to kill the killer star has more than five of force strength, she told me to act together, the success rate greatly! He simply said the things themselves attacked again.

Dominicans extremely shocked that these parajumpers jackets gobi things never said Gu Lie, did not expect him to go out every so dangerous, but fortunately can be saved the day, otherwise he might die on the outside do not know.

Too dangerous up!

Ancient Lie laughed: I told Autumn Leaves is a bad start, I helped her, presumably the assassination request, she will not refuse.

Open the door, strode into the autumn leaves, the look of unhappy, complained: Ancient strong, you too mean, do not even go pick me!

Men a fresh look at this woman, so to speak, you know that the relationship would definitely not normal, and quickly shut the door make way, some words, but rather listening into trouble.

Guliehaha laughed: Do not get excited, sit down and speak slowly! He describes, This is a multi-Ming uncle, gangs are a number of issues for me is the uncle who ignores.

Autumn leaves very polite hellos, Dominicans laughed: Autumn leaves, very beautiful ah! But my mind was whispered, although the appearance of the leaves in autumn as good as her beautiful, gorgeous can sense it is also the daughter kissing less, just listen to him speak bluntly of ancient Jin Lie, I know their relationship is unusual, so it seems, is also regarded as the daughter of a big rival emotionally.

Ancient Lie asked: You should not leave you, how such a small town, went to the Nile where the authors is on vacation?

Autumn leaves rolled his eyes and said: I heard that you are not yourself, it is estimated will need help, came running over to help, you were really heartless!

Ancient Lie laughed: you know you terrific! I’m still considering the assassination of Philo before things uncle firmly opposed, now have your help, the success rate of at least 90%!

Autumn leaves glanced at him with disdain, hum: Philo? Do not need you, I personally shot, the success rate is one hundred percent! Did she say such a thing of the capital, five of force levels, even if it is face to face, Philo is not her opponent.

Ancient Lie said: Do not the effect, Philo now certainly I have preparedness, if arranged around heavy guard, even if they can assassinate success is very troublesome to be successfully escape!

Autumn Leaves said: Rest assured, since ready to come and help, there is ready!

Dominicans turned to ancient Lie said: Uncle, now you will not object to me to assassinate Philo, right?

Dominicans laughed: That certainly not anymore! He stood up and said, I went to arrange people about news, try to determine Philo place to rest at night, so that you can better facilitate the action!

He went out after the leaves fall chuckled and said: This looks like your uncle is very friendly to me Well ……

No, absolutely not, huh, huh …… Ancient Lie smiled, in fact, he knew, mostly because Dolly causes.

Autumn leaves on this issue does not tangle, said: Even I know that the Nile situation in the town, I am afraid that the boss of the three cities also soon be able to know, how are you going parajumpers outlet store to respond?

Not ready yet, is still to try to win the Nile town! If water repair the city to rob, I backward Amdo, if not, I also have an agreement with the Amdo

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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

The idea is also more firm. Those poor little family, but those pale and thin civilians, those who can not see the life of prostitutes do not want the poor do? Abruptly being tortured to death, and that is what a pain?

Also people owed sin always has come back. Li Chun did the original, but is perfectly natural that the guys from the guy knocked the dust to it.

Do not agree? Vow to fight? Well, it is not just knocked the dust, but also put you bury the ground!

The mood calm down, Li Chun original slowly feel his own abilities, thinking about their own spiritual power of the practice approach. Thought to want to, Li Chun original is not much experience, but Parajumpers Jackets Women Gobi they want to put some sleepy.

Stumbled just want to sleep, the door squeak sound opened, Li Chun original looked up, holding his pillow LI Fei ran over. Heart smile, will be a place to let it out, LI Fei-down pillows, then the people who like a flutter in the original Li Chun, like a koala never refused to let go.

Li Chun originally laughed, LI Fei laughed, then they can not help but embrace each other with kisses parajumpers outlet store together.

Moon had already gone out of the window, spring thunder sounded, intermittent rain down down, slowly wetting the earth, will have some mild and become cool again. Experienced farmers know that, after the rain, the weather will be getting hot, then harvest it from getting closer.

Body of four hundred and thirtieth chapters Di Tong resentment

Elegant house updated: 2012527 7:17:37 words in this chapter: 2196

The next morning, fresh air from the outside rushed in, Li Chun originally opened his eyes and saw the smiling face LI Fei is open the windows.

Bright sunshine, Li Chun original mood with such good weather clear up, since the zombies come, he has such a good mood when not much, most of the time can not be suppressed completely relaxed and heavy.

Lee! Lee! I found him! Li Chun was originally filled with quiet moments broken, a hasty shouts came from the outside.

Li Chun original quickly put clothes and went out: how?

Wei Jianzhong people outside it, he now face pregnant has anger, it is complicated, and saw Li Chun original out, he suddenly came over: Lee! I found him!

Li Chun Original hear dubious: Sit down and said slowly, parajumpers parka outlet you found who?

I’ve got Di pass! Wei Jianzhong not sit down, look excitedly said.

You find? Where he is?

Li Chun originally taken aback, I do not know that in the end is how is it to his expectations, Di-pass should be already dead, Wei Jianzhong this time even if we can find him, should also be his body. But Wei Jianzhong this time look of the thing, but seems to be really found alive Di pass.

Wei Jianzhong nodded: You carry him come! Careful!

Two men one after the other carrying a simple stretcher came in, people on stretchers hands and feet are feebly sagging, body with blood, but there is no doubt that his eyes still open, and he was still breathing forward.

Li Chun originally approached carefully looked through a pair of Di horrors, the heart also followed sink down: Who did this?

This is a human stem the flood house, they threw a pass Di

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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Douyao head down, start from the chest leaving a complete body.

Ancient strong fluctuations that rage through spiritual Grizzlies are doing, seeing autumn leaves pale, but also know the furnace is running out, spoke and said: violent Grizzlies looking for a place under the mouth, so it is looking good, will begin to act!

Autumn leaves are muscles trembled uncontrollably, this clearly knew he was dying, while waiting to be grazed animals feel it is too grueling, and might as well just kill yourself when.

Everyone is on the mainland can Ximing, even the leaves fall this career killer is no exception, a hint of the possibility of survival, she must try to try, she was still young, so dead in the wild grizzly mouth, she can not be reconciled !

Do not kill me, let me do anything!

Autumn leaves hesitated a long time, and finally teeth roots to say that, but once remark out, it means she wants to give up a lot.

My body good, right? I was, absolutely make you satisfied! Autumn Leaves in say the phrase beyond their own bottom line, then, the entire people a lot easier, which is a bottleneck, a monster, once exceeded, means that the bottom line under the matter can also be accepted.

This I believe! Ancient Lie nodded, but he was not satisfied, the most important information or did not say it leaves in autumn. You know what I want, but chose not to say, and even willing to sacrifice the body, I can not understand!

Autumn leaves suddenly sighed and whispered: Some principles have been deeply imprinted in my heart, even if the face of death, does not change! Her voice is full of bitterness, I do have been done, and even some things has gone beyond my bottom line, in addition to employer information I can not say that the other can! In order to survive, I have to give up their dignity, even if you have to deprive my last point principle, even if I survive, it will be a no principle soulless zombie, I do not want to be that person! Or, you kill me!

Autumn leaves, then touch the ancient parajumpers outlet store somewhat intense mind, this point he also has a profound experience that he came to the mainland from killing a lot of people, but every one can be said to deserve to die, people do not make me I do not prisoners, the ancient Never Lie will to kill and murder, it does not seek to kill, are forced, helpless to kill.

I understand! Ancient strong parajumpers outlet jackets throw to the side to pick up leaves in autumn dagger in the hands weigh, dismissively said, I went out a trip, leaving you little time to think, so I hope to come back again, you will give me a satisfactory answer!

Text Chapter 99 again attacked (seven) (plus more)

Elegant house updated: 2012629 17:55:06 words in this chapter: 2262

Or you ruthless ah, plus more, to continue tomorrow! Words, but also further you? Before a distance of only 200 points, very good burst, let us once again to enjoy the thrill of chrysanthemum burst it!


Ancient did not immediately kill the strong autumn leaves, not because he relented, in the army, he has been known for ruthless, but requires classification point of view.

Autumn Leaves is obvious that you can let him Lashoucuihua types, through just dialogue, she suddenly felt strong ancient Another point worthy of parajumpers jackets appreciation.

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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Appeared in the back of the child and the Suez force between Momo, Momo blocking the line of sight.

His head, a yellow light flashing.

Momo action suddenly paused.

This middle-aged man, is her substitute, Prince Andrew Brahma.

Whenever Momo in danger, when this substitute will automatically pop out, a complete end to dangerous things out.

At the moment, the horse Prince suddenly squat, single fist as if crushing force like hitting the snow.

Fist falling snow on the ground motionless, seemingly Zhe Yiquan does not exist in general.

Spear tip reappear in Momo’s eyes.

At this moment, time parajumpers outlet store seems to solidify lived.

Just spear pierced soon Momo moment, the earth suddenly violently shaking up.

Suez force hard riding huge horseshoe on the ground, again skid. Spear point also crooked, wiping Momo’s neck slip past.

The same time, far away, Hyde is located on the top of the hillside.

Hyde seriously with computer screens, watching the battle inside the town, ready to launch a missile attack.

He felt the ground shaking, but did not lift the head. As a science to otaku, he certainly knows what is happening is an earthquake, but he also knows that this level of earthquake did not cause any harm.


On his side not far from the giant sniper rifle issued a special sliding sound, it should be because of the earthquake’s sake, leading to its ground fixtures loose.

Hyde turned to look, and sure enough as he thought.

He stood up and wanted to put a good sniper rifle, but I do not know how, and his legs up in the moment,760,500,537,225,237,1505,1772,234,1284,426,739,725,1259,3&comments_order=DESC#comments in the sudden loss of strength.

Perhaps it is because maintaining a sitting posture for too long, so some blood does not flow.

This is a very common thing.

Hyde’s body was about to stand up and sat back, out of knee-jerk reaction, he reached the front of the body help on the console.

Fingertip focus of the problem is a round button with the fingertips touching down depression.


Hear the sound of electronic ignition sounded beside Hyde’s body suddenly called the Cold War, stunned look to the side of the missile.

At this point, Momo has just escaped the spear, turned a somersault.

Damn! Suez force in heart cursed, why today I will always slide?

Gait, so that his assault slow down.

Suez force just to adjust the body, continue to kill Momo, the body side, but suddenly came staggering chill.

Lu ring hidden magic spells against the body emerges from the air.

Ice meteor, is her most powerful spells, but also consumes the largest one. Of course she will not forget to add it to the seven law books inside.

She rarely use this spell, but each use, are able to produce good results. This is no exception.

Silver ice meteor middle Suez force horse hip, as if not eternal moment of quiet blue ice began to spread in the abyss of the body surface until it is completely covered.

Issued after the ice meteor, north of the abyss again three steps forward, one step slower than the step. His body magic ring to Lu turn to the side where the arm began to shorten spear change, it seems to become another weapon.

Just at this moment, snow-covered finish, Suez force of the body still down, completely solidified into an parajumpers jackets women ice parajumpers outlet online sculpture.

Lvhuanhuankan focus

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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Support them. King Lan said, but wait for them to become strong advanced after begins continent disappeared, even a successor is not specified, but before the bustling city also will decline, only a few barely saved, but also the strength of greatly damaged.

Yes, that is so! Ancient Lie punched ring finger, is to support people to live and work and very willing to share their idea that only allow these people to become an advanced strong! You think about it, and you from Wear them feel evil is very similar to the volatility is not it?

Ancient strong this theory revolutionized the King Lan For advanced understanding of the strong, parajumpers outlet store in her view, must rely on advanced strong powerful spiritual force some kind of breakthrough in shackles, there should not be a person willing to read before use Advanced become strong.

She tangled one hand, recognition of the ancient strong argument, on the other hand I feel very depressed, practicing spiritual power for decades, even as few words could thoroughly understand the ancient strong.

How do you expect? King Lan reconciled asked her to be very strong hope that someone Advanced ancient strong legacy in the central mainland beyond offspring, family, also spread such claims, otherwise only can say he is a genius.

I think of it! Ancient strong blinked innocently, how to see how like in the gas deliberately King Lan.

Body Cap 462 the power of faith

Elegant house updated: 2012113 2:13:30 words in this chapter: 2131

You …… King Lan gas unbearable, but also to take him a little way.

Ancient Lie knew not open big joke, smiled, and put things related with the teachings of some simple explanation. King Lan asked him to know where these things, he said, is something spread his hometown, King Lan ask hometown where he started shaking his head does not know, say so himself inexplicably appeared in South China, but certainly is local.

Thus, King Lan and no longer continue to pursue further. She knows there are many ancient adherents scattered in every corner of the continent, there are some areas have not been out to explore the unknown, the mainland area too, want to explore every inch of land is out, simply can not do.

Lie has described the ancient doctrine, in fact, King Lan think has some close, so she did not have any doubt, we believe strongly that a certain ancient Advanced strong offspring, and the strong who will kindly Advanced conditions to stay, just because remoteness not facilitate communication, it is not spread out.

King Lan thinking a moment, asked: You are inferred from the inside of these things?

Ancient Lie asked: Do I infer that was wrong?

It should be no mistake, but this thing is not that easy for me to do! King Lan frown ditan, a piece of land in the central mainland to simple, but it is difficult to build the city governance, I do not have that ability. Her own understanding is still very clear.

Ancient Lie laughed: You parajumpers outlet want this not by much, just hang Santo’s name first, so things have led you to come forward, as to how to do naturally to his men to deal with, something which also use your things personally?

View Lan’s eyes fell upon the ancient strong, suddenly, he was eyeing a kind of feeling, grab before speaking in King Lan said: Do not look parajumpers jackets gobi at me, give opinions can do things I can not do!

King Lan white at him, his own thoughts.

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Saturday, October 19th, 2013

? Qin industry looked at four single Meng asked three of them to remove snow cold room, only one room left, he has to do to stay above the sofa wallowing prepared.

You and me a room. Cheng Yuqing, said without the slightest due.

Amount Yuqing ah, what are you too straightforward it, only one room, do not you let them fight the room again, and others do, Qin industry face smile looked away Yuqing.

You and me a room. I am also a room with you. My brother, Ke Qing is also a room with you.

Three sounds almost alphabetical order rang, Qin industry head instantly a big circle, he never found his charm when so big, so many women stay in the same room with him inside, not To him sick.

I do parajumpers outlet store not see well, or they have a room, I will be on the sofa will be on the line above, there are also very comfortable. Qin industry has begun to emerge above the forehead sweating, and gentle, heroic mound, but now he looked each of the four women look pretty, can not help but swallowed, just do not have the heart to truly reject ah.

PS: parajumpers jackets women seeking collection, find the red ticket, left, we continue to support ah

Text Chapter 78 Pressure Power

Elegant house updated: 2012822 8:28:31 words in this chapter: 2725

Chapter 78 Pressure Power

Idiot, you reject what kind of strength ah, do not you will not be able to stay in a room inside and they practice it, anyway, you do not have to sleep with.

Hanyue cold voice from the minds of the Qin industry pass out.

For oh, anyway, is in a previously inside the house, when and where cultivation is not the same, want to understand the future, Qin industry mood suddenly relaxed a lot.

Some of the girls looked unhappy look, Qin industry relieved said, Well, a room to a room, you are not afraid of a few women come forward, I am a big man do not be afraid.

Ah? Although this guy agreed, but the girls clearly hear it, this guy actually ready and handed them all one room, the heart is not too few.

They also prepared on what to say when the cold weather but the snow is coming back at this time, women were outside the hustle and bustle of voices heard, that the roots of the roots of Court Court, floor to ceiling windows looking out over the scene, Qin parajumpers outlet store industry can not help but have some mixed feelings together.

Haha, surely this is the Qin industry brothers, really Yan Fu did not light ah, Yan Fu did not light ah. An heroic voice came over from the outside, come quickly appeared in front of the Qin industry.

Come is a bald Han, thick eyebrows, heroic discourse between the gas filling and strode toward the Qin industry toward him, behind him is a difference with the blood of the gas to kill an ordinary young man, There is also a body of water element energy fluctuations extremely white robe handsome young man.

These are specialist? Qin industry frowned, looked cold snow, these people are coming back with her and wanted to cold snow should know their bottom line.

Some hate cold snow a few people watching this, these are not invited her over, since they

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Friday, October 18th, 2013

She turned to Leia Road Since the king has the seal of lies, then you need to Leah to suppress the black magic power of the soul stone. Happen after a good practice ah!

Ah! Leia nodded firmly, Mu brother has been so hard before, now is the time Parajumpers Jackets to see Leah!

Enough is enough like Golden stove Mu big hands on his head hard on Leah rub a few times, I do not want the lovely Leah devil because of boredom but by what hurt!

Ah! Leah again, a nod, and then cover up what seemed like a small ostrich burying its head in the dish. But forgot to Mapo Tofu is obviously too much stimulation for her, then quickly flushed find water to drink.

Yes, Leah. Tomorrow I’m going to leave them for some time and SABER, here Grab your bag of gold coins. Should be enough of your spending. Kamjove Mu suddenly thought after plan, from the clothes and pulled out already prepared a bag of gold coins and handed Leah. parajumpers jackets This stuff can be in many places are common, early in his preparation before coming here has been a lot of it.

Mu brother have to leave it? Leah did not hand took gold, but sad hint of color.

Rest assured, will not be long in very far from here on the continent and some people need me. Leia did not want to lose the trust of my people, right? Kamjove Mu big hands stroked his head again up Leah .

I know, Leia heavy a nod If this is the mission of Mu brother, Leah will not laggard!

Mu touched the hearts of a variety of, ah, so much across the world. May be it is the first time encountered this soft sister, how should take care and not let Leah Polo succeed ah!

After lunch, cat ears Mother slept as usual in the morning lawn roll. Since the can into a small black cat, she seemed to love this form of sleep under, so it is obviously played harassed many times, but has no interest in changing.

And kamjove Mu also poured himself a cup of espresso coffee (espresso version), and then a small population of small parajumpers outlet store mouth sipping drink up.

That, good to drink? Seeing the touch of a finger can not wake a small black cat, Li Hua playing his attention to the gold cup in the kitchen Mu.

Try not to know?

Li Hua played clearly neglected kamjove Mu face some evil smile, sometimes men are more like something they want to hurt it’s awkward species. Obviously Liwah outs have not yet understood this point, so this has been easy on her very good Mu Jun when the.

Woo …… slightly tasted a little played immediately after Liwah frowned, then put a small red tongue spit out taste …… strange, bitter, but very fragrant.

Oh? This kamjove Mu really surprised of the alive, even be able to taste the wonderful flavor of this. Played sauce really is a perfect middle two girls ah! Of course, this statement is also directly exposed his themselves to be but in two seizures before drinking this coffee fact.

To be honest, we recently lair okay? Kim Mu stove is the most worried about this point, if not Valkyrie Mesquite seems to have left Ireland Events He really can not put that likes to delusions Bai Ji into reality adults stay in the war-torn country world. And so on, is not that together they engage in a lily? More and more of a Mu unchaste thoughts together.

Being Warring States World

pfbnreqq parajumpers jackets

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Want parajumpers jackets to get others to respect, just how high is useless, the strength of the job must also appropriate. Two small captain has seven close eight of strength, and now on the old man so respectful, estimated that he must also have at least eight upward strength, even close to nine.

Heart with the idea forward, instant insight into the eye open, the ancient intense surprise, the old man who burst out monstrous flame, burning flame that indicates the level of the old man is at least eight pinnacle.

A spiritual force just getting started seven masters would dare to celebrate the city to make trouble, really not called! The old man a heavy hum, said to Santo face? Face are earned by themselves, and I have to look up in front of Santo , but you generally small insects!

Lie on the ancient cynicism is no good, he gently shook his head and motioned the old man did not say of these nutrients, then broke and said: I am not here to celebrate the city finding fault, but come to find someone!

Old housekeeper cold channel: looking for someone? Or leave that matter to solve it!

The elderly, I respect you older than I, but does not mean I’m afraid of you, does not mean that the strength level, if that is the case, these people do is their own fall? Ancient strong one refers to those members of the fallen guards I know Liu potential, can be since I arrived, it must have relied, the elderly do not look down upon me to regret it when too late!

Regret? Old housekeeper suddenly laugh few times, I have not done a long time regret things, and today really want to taste the taste of regret! He waved, you withdraw parajumpers outlet store it!

Some people immediately go help the injured, leaving only two captains and a few players.

Ask not name it! Old housekeeper came Xianting line step-like front not far from the ancient strong.

Ancient Lie!

Ancient strong …… old housekeeper a nod, Come on, let me see, how did you make me regret it! His eyes suddenly a condensate, flashing little Hanmang, Warning you cry, alone gun I can not win!

He Daohai be honest, this time also verbally reminded.

Ancient Lie smiled, did not expect to have spiritual power is seven masters, people are still being looked down upon. Originally thought spiritual guru great deterrent force, it now appears, in front of forcibly, entry-level master really is not even on the table are not.

Old housekeeper at gunpoint, the ancient Lie did not intend to his life, just trying to frighten about it, just in case things blow up, is not conducive to find Dolly.

Good gun! Old housekeeper smiled, not even a little afraid, Do you know, guns, although very powerful, can be divided on who, if I am to this level, but also afraid of guns, then it really should joke dead!

I understand! But you must understand that you are not afraid of guns, does not mean I’m not afraid of hand gun! Lian force and spirit must be graded, are indiscriminate gun do?

Ancient Lie face with a smile, the last word was finished, suddenly hook the trigger, the bullet in the old housekeeper’s surprised look in the lasing.

Normalized surprise surprise, the old housekeeper, but at this time to show his strength, the whole person gently flash, they dodge bullets trajectory.

However, not wait for him to adjust better posture, parajumpers jackets gobi second tone heard gunshots.

Old housekeeper a stare, riveted ancient Lie, head left a crooked, escaped the second rounds of ammunition, then his eyes a stare.

goxvhwfe parajumpers outlet store

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Ahem, we quickly went to Nanking area bar chart above, several chiefs had almost broken million combat power, if you want to get better rewards, or faster, and I used it. Ye Fei some awkward touched his nose, this time he has repented.

But he said categorically that he had to be more than a single sprout two woman, guys, not only does not exceed this gap, but farther away, as a big man is somewhat difficult to introduce, but more is for Ye Fei Qin industry sympathy, so a bunch of long-term and can suppress their woman to live together, how sad reminder of the Qin industry ah.

Man of few words, said to enhance the strength is the most important, Qin Ye Fei quickly enable industry greeted the door space back to the city, and he and the girls are standing together.

Ye Fei went in, Gang Cheng Yuqing both hands and walked in single sprouting some nostalgia parajumpers outlet store looked at everything inside the house, perhaps this might be the last one up.

Come on, everything will be better later, at least you still have us. Qin said industry slightly distressed, he also hopes Shan Meng able reunited with their parents, but in this last days among seems unlikely, so long , are not they adorable single audio, I am afraid it is difficult to meet again.

Ah, let’s go. Shan Meng nodded, without any nostalgia into the space of the door, and Qin industry is back with her riding inside.

Front view of flash, and cross-regional transfer roll the same effect, Qin industry in the eyes of the next moment he is already familiar scenery Jinling zone.

Because Ward neighboring Beijing reasons, Jinling District Qin industry still has frequently come, so standing in such a station, for him, has a tremendous sense of familiarity, without the slightest unfamiliar.

Ye Fei, there should be a peripheral zone Jinling it, why do not we go directly to the central area of ​​the most secure it. Qin Ye Fei industry somewhat puzzled look.

Ye Fei wry smile, Qin industry, I did not want to go to a safe place, just recently I had a bunch of Jinling District enemies, their strength is too strong, and if you go along with me, I am afraid it will hurt to you, So will you still own to be the central area, and I think you should not be too unfamiliar Jinling area.

Qin industry robust, it is straightforward randomly said, Ye Fei, Qin industry when you take me for what sort of person, I’m not a timid man, not afraid, and you said, some time ago I have been staying and Tsunade island area, there have long been a master of combat power break one million, and since you will be my Qin industry as a brother, you can no matter how the things I do.

Qin Ye Fei burst Parajumpers Jackets of industry discourse so moved, but more so, the more he does not want to participate in the Qin trade disputes and conflicts among his coming.

Yo, that’s not our big master Ye Fei do? How these days we have not seen you in a safe area, do not be scared of it to our boss.

Street corner gang suddenly appeared then, it seems not regarded as parajumpers jackets outlet combat power is low look.

Roll, I do not need you guys something Ye Fei smashed to intervene, go back and tell Li Xun, mythical domain sooner or later be destroyed in my hands. Ye Fei cold voice said, this time he exudes not at all out of breath before the wretched feeling, but is giving a very tall feeling.

It seems

iwkjdjpc parajumpers outlet online

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

They found a boulder ready to rest. Before midnight by the ancient strong first vigil, he stared at the fire beating the flames, heart suddenly jumped when he remembered a very important thing!

Text Chapter 351 sniper rifle

Elegant house update: 201299 3:05:13 words in this chapter: 3381

Lie in the eyes of the ancient flame mapping, this time in his eyes parajumpers outlet online just as there is a real flame beating, he also chug heart jumped up.

Came to Newington continent for so long, he almost forgot he was a professional sniper’s identity. During this time he also did not have enough time to study the simulation of new firearms, in fact, his heart is very clear that they most want to use a gun is still a sniper rifle.

Pistols, machine guns, he do not have any problem with it, much better than average, but only the most handy sniper rifle. Former spiritual parajumpers outlet force is insufficient, did not dare to think to simulate, and now enough spiritual power, he have time to think about this thing, so his heart, and could not help but to immediately come up with a sniper rifle to use with.

In fact, it can be said, the ancient Lie like to use a sniper rifle is one reason, and one reason is his lack of confidence in plans for the future, even if Chandler agreed to join the program, you can help him on the road to seize power will still be very difficult, while he is his biggest booster. Help Chandler is equivalent to help themselves, the ancient strong would certainly dedicated, can, after all, the face of the orcs, he always run ahead really do not fly, his best long-range killing, as long as there is a sniper rifle in hand, he kind of world turned its momentum, without fear of any difficulty.

Ancient Lie using the war by war strategy, mental strength is very obvious progress, and now has more than 4,000 mental strength values, we can see how useful this time of training, I believe that before long, he was able to successfully cut.

Now can be successfully simulated machine guns, sniper rifles estimate should not have much difficulty, the most worry is that the bullet will need to consume much spiritual power.

Thought here, no longer hesitated ancient strong, began to prepare simulated sniper rifle.

Ancient Lie familiar for the sniper rifle, but let him not put it down model is very small, it is his duty, that they will be required to use China-made star semi-automatic sniper rifles, sniper rifles are light, firing range at 1,500 meters, maximum precision but also more than 1000 points.

Tell the truth, then, even he did not think homemade sniper rifle easy to use, yet the forces required, we must obey. Lie ancient times and was able to shoot the target success, of course, thanks to themselves, rather than firearms, he repeatedly used firearms experience and technology to make up the deficiency.

A joint parajumpers outlet store anti-drug operations in the mountains, he took nearly 20 pounds of weight sniper rifle, climbed a few tens of meters high on trees, lush foliage is his best bunker, also blocked most of his vision. But he is no way, the surrounding environment is poor, not even good enough shelter locations, and only old tree very consistent, but also allows the target to keep the best precision distance.

That kills very dangerous, he through the narrow gap between the branches of a large drug lords once in the head, can not wait to leave, it was drug dealers near martial law, he hid in the trees four or five days, only to end up eat leaves and drink their own urine for a living, only