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The idea is also more firm. Those poor little family, but those pale and thin civilians, those who can not see the life of prostitutes do not want the poor do? Abruptly being tortured to death, and that is what a pain?

Also people owed sin always has come back. Li Chun did the original, but is perfectly natural that the guys from the guy knocked the dust to it.

Do not agree? Vow to fight? Well, it is not just knocked the dust, but also put you bury the ground!

The mood calm down, Li Chun original slowly feel his own abilities, thinking about their own spiritual power of the practice approach. Thought to want to, Li Chun original is not much experience, but Parajumpers Jackets Women Gobi they want to put some sleepy.

Stumbled just want to sleep, the door squeak sound opened, Li Chun original looked up, holding his pillow LI Fei ran over. Heart smile, will be a place to let it out, LI Fei-down pillows, then the people who like a flutter in the original Li Chun, like a koala never refused to let go.

Li Chun originally laughed, LI Fei laughed, then they can not help but embrace each other with kisses parajumpers outlet store together.

Moon had already gone out of the window, spring thunder sounded, intermittent rain down down, slowly wetting the earth, will have some mild and become cool again. Experienced farmers know that, after the rain, the weather will be getting hot, then harvest it from getting closer.

Body of four hundred and thirtieth chapters Di Tong resentment

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The next morning, fresh air from the outside rushed in, Li Chun originally opened his eyes and saw the smiling face LI Fei is open the windows.

Bright sunshine, Li Chun original mood with such good weather clear up, since the zombies come, he has such a good mood when not much, most of the time can not be suppressed completely relaxed and heavy.

Lee! Lee! I found him! Li Chun was originally filled with quiet moments broken, a hasty shouts came from the outside.

Li Chun original quickly put clothes and went out: how?

Wei Jianzhong people outside it, he now face pregnant has anger, it is complicated, and saw Li Chun original out, he suddenly came over: Lee! I found him!

Li Chun Original hear dubious: Sit down and said slowly, parajumpers parka outlet you found who?

I’ve got Di pass! Wei Jianzhong not sit down, look excitedly said.

You find? Where he is?

Li Chun originally taken aback, I do not know that in the end is how is it to his expectations, Di-pass should be already dead, Wei Jianzhong this time even if we can find him, should also be his body. But Wei Jianzhong this time look of the thing, but seems to be really found alive Di pass.

Wei Jianzhong nodded: You carry him come! Careful!

Two men one after the other carrying a simple stretcher came in, people on stretchers hands and feet are feebly sagging, body with blood, but there is no doubt that his eyes still open, and he was still breathing forward.

Li Chun originally approached carefully looked through a pair of Di horrors, the heart also followed sink down: Who did this?

This is a human stem the flood house, they threw a pass Di

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