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A Nile town!

Ancient Lie said: Now this man come parajumpers jackets sale to me, that is to kill the killer star has more than five of force strength, she told me to act together, the success rate greatly! He simply said the things themselves attacked again.

Dominicans extremely shocked that these parajumpers jackets gobi things never said Gu Lie, did not expect him to go out every so dangerous, but fortunately can be saved the day, otherwise he might die on the outside do not know.

Too dangerous up!

Ancient Lie laughed: I told Autumn Leaves is a bad start, I helped her, presumably the assassination request, she will not refuse.

Open the door, strode into the autumn leaves, the look of unhappy, complained: Ancient strong, you too mean, do not even go pick me!

Men a fresh look at this woman, so to speak, you know that the relationship would definitely not normal, and quickly shut the door make way, some words, but rather listening into trouble.

Guliehaha laughed: Do not get excited, sit down and speak slowly! He describes, This is a multi-Ming uncle, gangs are a number of issues for me is the uncle who ignores.

Autumn leaves very polite hellos, Dominicans laughed: Autumn leaves, very beautiful ah! But my mind was whispered, although the appearance of the leaves in autumn as good as her beautiful, gorgeous can sense it is also the daughter kissing less, just listen to him speak bluntly of ancient Jin Lie, I know their relationship is unusual, so it seems, is also regarded as the daughter of a big rival emotionally.

Ancient Lie asked: You should not leave you, how such a small town, went to the Nile where the authors is on vacation?

Autumn leaves rolled his eyes and said: I heard that you are not yourself, it is estimated will need help, came running over to help, you were really heartless!

Ancient Lie laughed: you know you terrific! I’m still considering the assassination of Philo before things uncle firmly opposed, now have your help, the success rate of at least 90%!

Autumn leaves glanced at him with disdain, hum: Philo? Do not need you, I personally shot, the success rate is one hundred percent! Did she say such a thing of the capital, five of force levels, even if it is face to face, Philo is not her opponent.

Ancient Lie said: Do not the effect, Philo now certainly I have preparedness, if arranged around heavy guard, even if they can assassinate success is very troublesome to be successfully escape!

Autumn Leaves said: Rest assured, since ready to come and help, there is ready!

Dominicans turned to ancient Lie said: Uncle, now you will not object to me to assassinate Philo, right?

Dominicans laughed: That certainly not anymore! He stood up and said, I went to arrange people about news, try to determine Philo place to rest at night, so that you can better facilitate the action!

He went out after the leaves fall chuckled and said: This looks like your uncle is very friendly to me Well ……

No, absolutely not, huh, huh …… Ancient Lie smiled, in fact, he knew, mostly because Dolly causes.

Autumn leaves on this issue does not tangle, said: Even I know that the Nile situation in the town, I am afraid that the boss of the three cities also soon be able to know, how are you going parajumpers outlet store to respond?

Not ready yet, is still to try to win the Nile town! If water repair the city to rob, I backward Amdo, if not, I also have an agreement with the Amdo

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