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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

A Nile town!

Ancient Lie said: Now this man come parajumpers jackets sale to me, that is to kill the killer star has more than five of force strength, she told me to act together, the success rate greatly! He simply said the things themselves attacked again.

Dominicans extremely shocked that these parajumpers jackets gobi things never said Gu Lie, did not expect him to go out every so dangerous, but fortunately can be saved the day, otherwise he might die on the outside do not know.

Too dangerous up!

Ancient Lie laughed: I told Autumn Leaves is a bad start, I helped her, presumably the assassination request, she will not refuse.

Open the door, strode into the autumn leaves, the look of unhappy, complained: Ancient strong, you too mean, do not even go pick me!

Men a fresh look at this woman, so to speak, you know that the relationship would definitely not normal, and quickly shut the door make way, some words, but rather listening into trouble.

Guliehaha laughed: Do not get excited, sit down and speak slowly! He describes, This is a multi-Ming uncle, gangs are a number of issues for me is the uncle who ignores.

Autumn leaves very polite hellos, Dominicans laughed: Autumn leaves, very beautiful ah! But my mind was whispered, although the appearance of the leaves in autumn as good as her beautiful, gorgeous can sense it is also the daughter kissing less, just listen to him speak bluntly of ancient Jin Lie, I know their relationship is unusual, so it seems, is also regarded as the daughter of a big rival emotionally.

Ancient Lie asked: You should not leave you, how such a small town, went to the Nile where the authors is on vacation?

Autumn leaves rolled his eyes and said: I heard that you are not yourself, it is estimated will need help, came running over to help, you were really heartless!

Ancient Lie laughed: you know you terrific! I’m still considering the assassination of Philo before things uncle firmly opposed, now have your help, the success rate of at least 90%!

Autumn leaves glanced at him with disdain, hum: Philo? Do not need you, I personally shot, the success rate is one hundred percent! Did she say such a thing of the capital, five of force levels, even if it is face to face, Philo is not her opponent.

Ancient Lie said: Do not the effect, Philo now certainly I have preparedness, if arranged around heavy guard, even if they can assassinate success is very troublesome to be successfully escape!

Autumn Leaves said: Rest assured, since ready to come and help, there is ready!

Dominicans turned to ancient Lie said: Uncle, now you will not object to me to assassinate Philo, right?

Dominicans laughed: That certainly not anymore! He stood up and said, I went to arrange people about news, try to determine Philo place to rest at night, so that you can better facilitate the action!

He went out after the leaves fall chuckled and said: This looks like your uncle is very friendly to me Well ……

No, absolutely not, huh, huh …… Ancient Lie smiled, in fact, he knew, mostly because Dolly causes.

Autumn leaves on this issue does not tangle, said: Even I know that the Nile situation in the town, I am afraid that the boss of the three cities also soon be able to know, how are you going parajumpers outlet store to respond?

Not ready yet, is still to try to win the Nile town! If water repair the city to rob, I backward Amdo, if not, I also have an agreement with the Amdo

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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Saw Berkeley falls to the ground, up to now have not got up, and Hui Luo Bite Atlas is in a very weak resistance, Hanlin strength after the resurrection too horrible, the three of them could barely stop, but he is That he had no way.

If you can not kill Hanlin, how do you do, Gu Lie looked Xin Ya asked. In fact, Xin Yaken them and send them in, they have to take a big risk, people can get rid of Barre, also can get rid of it.

I’ll tell you a bunch of passwords, open the lid behind the system, the chip it out, then I will give you a road map, you can go to a safe area to go, where there backup system, insert the chip, I Hanlin to avoid being destroyed. Xin Ya voice was calm, Barre is its biggest enemy, the enemy is gone now, and the rest depends on ancient Lie these comrades how to do it.

You’re afraid I do not do that, you will no longer be brought to light!

Xin Ya shook his head and said: I do not think, and you need me, I can help you! It smiled, Barre has gone, now I’m in control throughout Moving Castle who you want to leave Here are the job needs my help. Xin Ya very confident.

You’re right, we are not adding insult to injury, Parajumpers Jackets Women Gobi burning bridges people! Ancient Lie smiled at him.

He raised his left hand, while big shouted: escape! Then, one shelling out.

Luo Bite and Hui dyke long weak to continue to listen to him shout at the same time, they were out of the way to both sides, Hanlin seems not figure out how, silly Leng Leng stood, with the result is self- it being understood that the energy directly bombers flying bombs.

Ancient Lie went over to help up at Berkeley, red Dolly shouted: Give me a few pills recover! In fact, he did not need to say, Dolly would not do that, after all, Berkeley trio Hanlin resisted the attacks, before allowing them the opportunity to get rid of Barre.

Results restoration eat three pills, are also relieved. It can be said, Hanlin is by far, the most terrifying encounter their three opponents.

Hanlin seen lying on the floor get, Xin Ya also relieved, it really is not willing to put their fate in the hands of others, just as the ancient Lie said, if you really do not intend to let it brought to light, little by nothing can be done.

Woo ……

Hanlin sudden movement, then came bursts of crying, everyone was surprised, quickly stood up from the ground!

Hanlin’s body even in the rapidly becomes large, as if blowing a gas, like whistling shot up. Even more frightening is the feel of his ass actually give birth to a thick tail, tail tip like scorpions, as long for a needle, exudes a swarthy light.

My God, he completely turned into a monster! Dolly Wuzui exclaimed again and again to the back.

Ancient strong, quick, come to me! Xin Ya scared channels, it has been realized that Hanlin variation again, people simply can not resist, so it had to use the most do not want to use the approach.

Ancient Lie could not see out, Hanlin this variation, the strength probably will be more terror attacks Lien Chan will hand cannon useless, or quickly find a parajumpers outlet place to hide away again!

Came to a computer belonging Xin Ya, open square lid, exposing the inside of the case, parajumpers jackets gobi Xin Ya say

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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Arrived, hell Guicu a strange wrong body would avoid the Qin industry’s attack, that pale ghost waved his hand, seemed to make Qin industry felt a deep sense of crisis.

A miss, Qin industry with their speed instantly hide the open, strong sense of crisis so that he did not stay in place Banke.

Whoosh whoosh on the foot off the parajumpers parka outlet ground in the Qin industry at the moment, while overhead the sky flashed silver light flashed, it was originally thought it was the Qin industry needles ornament at the moment actually turned into a weapon of attack.

Good fast. Qin industry shoved a pupil contraction, just where his fighting force has been densely covered with one meter square needles.

Fortunately, this time to participate in his own arrow attack, otherwise he may really have to regret it, so that an attack will make quick shunned girls, tiny needles How can it be completely defensive armor of the.

Do not come over, this time I blocked off, where it is too dangerous. Qin industry looking serious preparations against girls up front shouted, waved his hand indicate that they go back.

At this moment he has some tense up, previous fighting violence with violence can be, but his body has not reached now can produce Gangqi point, so hell Guicu attack, he seems to completely escape the eyes ears These areas are still the most vulnerable parts of the body, Qin industry do not want to use their bodies to and the needles do an experiment, so not worth it.

Qin industry, let me come on, my defense is no problem. Somewhat anxious single Meng said the danger she had just seen, the relative gap Qin industry that many bones armor, no doubt she was the goddess of war armor but is capable of better defense those needles.

No, if you dare to come, I’m in front of everyone to go back to play your little ass. Qin industry unceremoniously against single Meng said, and he did not hold that a killer’s hand while Dragon Overlord is facing the air fiercely pumping a bit.

Watching the Qin industry so some action, though displeased single sprouting, but still stopped their advance footsteps.

Qin industry deep breath, looked earnestly into his provocative side of hell Guicu Gouzhuo fingers, the moment he has to take lessons from these guys impulsive.

Shan Meng vines surgery preparation, snow days, observe their jumping course, give me judge these guys landed, remember not only can be used to attack the cold, Yuqing Lingboweibu follow the parajumpers jackets gobi footsteps of these guys attack Do not stop, Tsunade when will I fight over parajumpers outlet jackets the guy, pay attention to a strike headshot, Daiyu with crystal walls to give my head a layer of protective measures, other people do their defense work. Qin industry facing methodical The girls explain their work to play.

Come on, come on, see if you badly, or our powerful, Qin industry eyes kindled flames of war, this is the person’s strength variation after the first time he and more than one hundred monsters grips.

King halberd France crushed the stars. Qin industry can already now relatively easy to use method inside a halberd Overlord big Shazhao, and now more and more of the stars shining up the ghost completely to hell Guicu enveloped in a few killer shadow below.

But this is still a hell Guicu cold smile, once again ready to disappear.

This time the Qin industry is facing him.

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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Support them. King Lan said, but wait for them to become strong advanced after begins continent disappeared, even a successor is not specified, but before the bustling city also will decline, only a few barely saved, but also the strength of greatly damaged.

Yes, that is so! Ancient Lie punched ring finger, is to support people to live and work and very willing to share their idea that only allow these people to become an advanced strong! You think about it, and you from Wear them feel evil is very similar to the volatility is not it?

Ancient strong this theory revolutionized the King Lan For advanced understanding of the strong, parajumpers outlet store in her view, must rely on advanced strong powerful spiritual force some kind of breakthrough in shackles, there should not be a person willing to read before use Advanced become strong.

She tangled one hand, recognition of the ancient strong argument, on the other hand I feel very depressed, practicing spiritual power for decades, even as few words could thoroughly understand the ancient strong.

How do you expect? King Lan reconciled asked her to be very strong hope that someone Advanced ancient strong legacy in the central mainland beyond offspring, family, also spread such claims, otherwise only can say he is a genius.

I think of it! Ancient strong blinked innocently, how to see how like in the gas deliberately King Lan.

Body Cap 462 the power of faith

Elegant house updated: 2012113 2:13:30 words in this chapter: 2131

You …… King Lan gas unbearable, but also to take him a little way.

Ancient Lie knew not open big joke, smiled, and put things related with the teachings of some simple explanation. King Lan asked him to know where these things, he said, is something spread his hometown, King Lan ask hometown where he started shaking his head does not know, say so himself inexplicably appeared in South China, but certainly is local.

Thus, King Lan and no longer continue to pursue further. She knows there are many ancient adherents scattered in every corner of the continent, there are some areas have not been out to explore the unknown, the mainland area too, want to explore every inch of land is out, simply can not do.

Lie has described the ancient doctrine, in fact, King Lan think has some close, so she did not have any doubt, we believe strongly that a certain ancient Advanced strong offspring, and the strong who will kindly Advanced conditions to stay, just because remoteness not facilitate communication, it is not spread out.

King Lan thinking a moment, asked: You are inferred from the inside of these things?

Ancient Lie asked: Do I infer that was wrong?

It should be no mistake, but this thing is not that easy for me to do! King Lan frown ditan, a piece of land in the central mainland to simple, but it is difficult to build the city governance, I do not have that ability. Her own understanding is still very clear.

Ancient Lie laughed: You parajumpers outlet want this not by much, just hang Santo’s name first, so things have led you to come forward, as to how to do naturally to his men to deal with, something which also use your things personally?

View Lan’s eyes fell upon the ancient strong, suddenly, he was eyeing a kind of feeling, grab before speaking in King Lan said: Do not look parajumpers jackets gobi at me, give opinions can do things I can not do!

King Lan white at him, his own thoughts.

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Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Is no danger, and the scenery, although the United States, can only be brought back his moment of emotion, in the final analysis practice is the last word, nothing can stop him become strong determination.

Well, you two will also start watching a practice, do not think we could have been here, only ten days of the time, and so the evening passed, we have to go back and then kill the monster. Qin industry slightest blunt against two girls want to walk around everywhere shouted.

Cut this kid really boring. Cheng Yuqing Meng could not help but complain against one up.

But go complain complain that seriously, when the Qin Cheng Yuqing but do not have the slightest difference to the industry, complaining finished, Cheng Yuqing sat down directly in place, perhaps this is what she is now even more powerful than the Qin industry the most direct cause .

Shan Cheng Yuqing Meng looked pique and without the slightest expression of Qin industry, she is also a direct sat down, and now two people have been pulled down to her, she did not want that farther and farther away.

Proficiency ten days of the week, and feel very fresh aura between heaven and earth in the transformation of the body, three are chosen at this time to seriously practice, and that feels really too good.

Just twelve hours, the original strength at 2: 20/100 Qin industry pleasantly surprised to find their own strength has reached 4: 80/300 experience, a full thirty-six Zhou, where the practice seems meridians did not feel pain, it can be said as long as time permits, they want to practice how Zhou are possible.

Another huge experience parajumpers jackets gobi also will Qin industry by surprise, you know kill 30 blue-eyed golden eagle when it gives the experience of 7000, while Cheng Yuqing because it is alone took the credit for 7000, Qin industry and single sprout some equally sad reminder of the experience, but just one night practice he gains experience nearly ten thousand, and with the strength level of increase, seems to get more and more experience, four of proficiency for each one Zhou will provide 40 points of experience, coupled parajumpers jackets with the addition of ten times, Qin industry grew more and more comfortable ah.

Call, has but five seconds of the time, single Meng and Cheng Yuqing also withdrew from the practice of the state, watching the two faces obvious joy, Qin know their industry and their own harvest is certainly extremely a lot of money.

Well, what is the word to go out that in practice here, but a waste of time. Qin industry slightest parajumpers jackets outlet unkind toward two girls said.

Just yet ready to say what the extent of Yuqing Pieliaopiezui, Qin industry full of bureaucracy, but now this guy, I really do not know what she was eating the wrong medicine, the meeting so a pirate ship.

Back to the dormitory inside, then the smell of blood seems particularly prominent, frowned, Qin industry asked, You two talk about the effects of a night, and I need to know the situation, in order to better arrange the next combat deployment.

Yesterday my strength proficiency reached 3: 190/200, the harvest of nearly 5,000 experience, strength, and yesterday it actually makes no difference. Shan Meng first to talk about his own situation.

With single Meng said after export Cheng Yuqing then said, Maybe it was because my strength level to be higher than you some of my proficiency also just reached 3: 190/200, but I harvested nearly 15,000 experience and wanted to upgrade strength after night, the experience gained should be more of the

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Friday, October 18th, 2013

Want parajumpers jackets to get others to respect, just how high is useless, the strength of the job must also appropriate. Two small captain has seven close eight of strength, and now on the old man so respectful, estimated that he must also have at least eight upward strength, even close to nine.

Heart with the idea forward, instant insight into the eye open, the ancient intense surprise, the old man who burst out monstrous flame, burning flame that indicates the level of the old man is at least eight pinnacle.

A spiritual force just getting started seven masters would dare to celebrate the city to make trouble, really not called! The old man a heavy hum, said to Santo face? Face are earned by themselves, and I have to look up in front of Santo , but you generally small insects!

Lie on the ancient cynicism is no good, he gently shook his head and motioned the old man did not say of these nutrients, then broke and said: I am not here to celebrate the city finding fault, but come to find someone!

Old housekeeper cold channel: looking for someone? Or leave that matter to solve it!

The elderly, I respect you older than I, but does not mean I’m afraid of you, does not mean that the strength level, if that is the case, these people do is their own fall? Ancient strong one refers to those members of the fallen guards I know Liu potential, can be since I arrived, it must have relied, the elderly do not look down upon me to regret it when too late!

Regret? Old housekeeper suddenly laugh few times, I have not done a long time regret things, and today really want to taste the taste of regret! He waved, you withdraw parajumpers outlet store it!

Some people immediately go help the injured, leaving only two captains and a few players.

Ask not name it! Old housekeeper came Xianting line step-like front not far from the ancient strong.

Ancient Lie!

Ancient strong …… old housekeeper a nod, Come on, let me see, how did you make me regret it! His eyes suddenly a condensate, flashing little Hanmang, Warning you cry, alone gun I can not win!

He Daohai be honest, this time also verbally reminded.

Ancient Lie smiled, did not expect to have spiritual power is seven masters, people are still being looked down upon. Originally thought spiritual guru great deterrent force, it now appears, in front of forcibly, entry-level master really is not even on the table are not.

Old housekeeper at gunpoint, the ancient Lie did not intend to his life, just trying to frighten about it, just in case things blow up, is not conducive to find Dolly.

Good gun! Old housekeeper smiled, not even a little afraid, Do you know, guns, although very powerful, can be divided on who, if I am to this level, but also afraid of guns, then it really should joke dead!

I understand! But you must understand that you are not afraid of guns, does not mean I’m not afraid of hand gun! Lian force and spirit must be graded, are indiscriminate gun do?

Ancient Lie face with a smile, the last word was finished, suddenly hook the trigger, the bullet in the old housekeeper’s surprised look in the lasing.

Normalized surprise surprise, the old housekeeper, but at this time to show his strength, the whole person gently flash, they dodge bullets trajectory.

However, not wait for him to adjust better posture, parajumpers jackets gobi second tone heard gunshots.

Old housekeeper a stare, riveted ancient Lie, head left a crooked, escaped the second rounds of ammunition, then his eyes a stare.

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Friday, October 18th, 2013

Hou Xu g can not think, on the next day, he enjoyed a golden ribbon treatment. He merely look through the heart Qinliang enjoy beer, as well as with Ada and Jeff boast of fun. This life is his love, this life is his familiar. Following the last adventure in the life and death struggle space, as well as the Lord God forced poor living parajumpers jackets women space inside again after entering such a happy hour, let him have a warp feeling.

The only pity is that in this bar inside, Xu Ke did not find a suitable prey – a hot and sexy, but are single Niuzai, otherwise everything would be perfect.

Of course, beer, although the United States is still not enough to make him forget his mission. In the chat, he rightly filed a read capability, unfortunately, regardless of Ada or Jeff are not familiar with this, and even heard have not heard.

It seems this is called read capability, in this world is not well known, but in a limited population secret spread, as if the world of Harry Potter’s magic.

With a little bit tipsy, Xu g drank beer in the hands of the cup, there is no rebid. Three people have the game tomorrow, so do not let myself get drunk, but at about the same time, they left the bar together.

In farewell, very solemnly invited Jeff Hsu grams to his hometown to play, someday come to my home, I’ll take you taste the freshest most delicious golden ribbons.

Chapter XIV body first defeat

Elegant house update: 201271 16:51:00 words in this chapter: 2194

Already the second day of the second game, the 50th floor before Xu Ke won a very easy victory. Not to say that the opponent is not strong, but the body of the quality of the average, and the attack up large-scale cooperation of the players, for Xu Ke concerned, it is wonderful to predict it. Plus they compare Ada as resisting ability, a few rounds down, he was promised g easy KO.

In accordance with the rules of the game, winning in the first case, the player can choose the day of a game more. The results came sixty layer Xu Ke, it happened to be arranged with Jeff competing against.

Came to power, two people are very friendly to each other a greeting.

Win people to drink beer, oh please. Xu g joking.

Jeff nodded, Yes.

But friendship is friendship, the game is the game. Whether or Jeff Xu Ke, are not prepared to lose the parajumpers jackets gobi game.

When the referee announced the start of the race after Xu Keli carved into resonance with the natural state of awareness to the highest moment in his body around 2 meters range, crystal clear.

Then he found that doing a bit redundant.

Jeff’s action is very simple and obvious, but also quite slow. This kind of action, even if there is no Superman ordinary perception, but also it is easy to see clearly.

His body a little bow, hands outstretched, one last look, either side, fingers open, as if the two large palm-leaf fan, like the front of the body, from head to waist position, the whole block in the back.

Maintain such a gesture, he slowly and steadily, step forward left foot, take parajumpers parka outlet a step.

Very small step, almost standing still almost.


Then he paused, and took his left foot, step out of an almost constant