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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

The idea is also more firm. Those poor little family, but those pale and thin civilians, those who can not see the life of prostitutes do not want the poor do? Abruptly being tortured to death, and that is what a pain?

Also people owed sin always has come back. Li Chun did the original, but is perfectly natural that the guys from the guy knocked the dust to it.

Do not agree? Vow to fight? Well, it is not just knocked the dust, but also put you bury the ground!

The mood calm down, Li Chun original slowly feel his own abilities, thinking about their own spiritual power of the practice approach. Thought to want to, Li Chun original is not much experience, but Parajumpers Jackets Women Gobi they want to put some sleepy.

Stumbled just want to sleep, the door squeak sound opened, Li Chun original looked up, holding his pillow LI Fei ran over. Heart smile, will be a place to let it out, LI Fei-down pillows, then the people who like a flutter in the original Li Chun, like a koala never refused to let go.

Li Chun originally laughed, LI Fei laughed, then they can not help but embrace each other with kisses parajumpers outlet store together.

Moon had already gone out of the window, spring thunder sounded, intermittent rain down down, slowly wetting the earth, will have some mild and become cool again. Experienced farmers know that, after the rain, the weather will be getting hot, then harvest it from getting closer.

Body of four hundred and thirtieth chapters Di Tong resentment

Elegant house updated: 2012527 7:17:37 words in this chapter: 2196

The next morning, fresh air from the outside rushed in, Li Chun originally opened his eyes and saw the smiling face LI Fei is open the windows.

Bright sunshine, Li Chun original mood with such good weather clear up, since the zombies come, he has such a good mood when not much, most of the time can not be suppressed completely relaxed and heavy.

Lee! Lee! I found him! Li Chun was originally filled with quiet moments broken, a hasty shouts came from the outside.

Li Chun original quickly put clothes and went out: how?

Wei Jianzhong people outside it, he now face pregnant has anger, it is complicated, and saw Li Chun original out, he suddenly came over: Lee! I found him!

Li Chun Original hear dubious: Sit down and said slowly, parajumpers parka outlet you found who?

I’ve got Di pass! Wei Jianzhong not sit down, look excitedly said.

You find? Where he is?

Li Chun originally taken aback, I do not know that in the end is how is it to his expectations, Di-pass should be already dead, Wei Jianzhong this time even if we can find him, should also be his body. But Wei Jianzhong this time look of the thing, but seems to be really found alive Di pass.

Wei Jianzhong nodded: You carry him come! Careful!

Two men one after the other carrying a simple stretcher came in, people on stretchers hands and feet are feebly sagging, body with blood, but there is no doubt that his eyes still open, and he was still breathing forward.

Li Chun originally approached carefully looked through a pair of Di horrors, the heart also followed sink down: Who did this?

This is a human stem the flood house, they threw a pass Di

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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Saw Berkeley falls to the ground, up to now have not got up, and Hui Luo Bite Atlas is in a very weak resistance, Hanlin strength after the resurrection too horrible, the three of them could barely stop, but he is That he had no way.

If you can not kill Hanlin, how do you do, Gu Lie looked Xin Ya asked. In fact, Xin Yaken them and send them in, they have to take a big risk, people can get rid of Barre, also can get rid of it.

I’ll tell you a bunch of passwords, open the lid behind the system, the chip it out, then I will give you a road map, you can go to a safe area to go, where there backup system, insert the chip, I Hanlin to avoid being destroyed. Xin Ya voice was calm, Barre is its biggest enemy, the enemy is gone now, and the rest depends on ancient Lie these comrades how to do it.

You’re afraid I do not do that, you will no longer be brought to light!

Xin Ya shook his head and said: I do not think, and you need me, I can help you! It smiled, Barre has gone, now I’m in control throughout Moving Castle who you want to leave Here are the job needs my help. Xin Ya very confident.

You’re right, we are not adding insult to injury, Parajumpers Jackets Women Gobi burning bridges people! Ancient Lie smiled at him.

He raised his left hand, while big shouted: escape! Then, one shelling out.

Luo Bite and Hui dyke long weak to continue to listen to him shout at the same time, they were out of the way to both sides, Hanlin seems not figure out how, silly Leng Leng stood, with the result is self- it being understood that the energy directly bombers flying bombs.

Ancient Lie went over to help up at Berkeley, red Dolly shouted: Give me a few pills recover! In fact, he did not need to say, Dolly would not do that, after all, Berkeley trio Hanlin resisted the attacks, before allowing them the opportunity to get rid of Barre.

Results restoration eat three pills, are also relieved. It can be said, Hanlin is by far, the most terrifying encounter their three opponents.

Hanlin seen lying on the floor get, Xin Ya also relieved, it really is not willing to put their fate in the hands of others, just as the ancient Lie said, if you really do not intend to let it brought to light, little by nothing can be done.

Woo ……

Hanlin sudden movement, then came bursts of crying, everyone was surprised, quickly stood up from the ground!

Hanlin’s body even in the rapidly becomes large, as if blowing a gas, like whistling shot up. Even more frightening is the feel of his ass actually give birth to a thick tail, tail tip like scorpions, as long for a needle, exudes a swarthy light.

My God, he completely turned into a monster! Dolly Wuzui exclaimed again and again to the back.

Ancient strong, quick, come to me! Xin Ya scared channels, it has been realized that Hanlin variation again, people simply can not resist, so it had to use the most do not want to use the approach.

Ancient Lie could not see out, Hanlin this variation, the strength probably will be more terror attacks Lien Chan will hand cannon useless, or quickly find a parajumpers outlet place to hide away again!

Came to a computer belonging Xin Ya, open square lid, exposing the inside of the case, parajumpers jackets gobi Xin Ya say

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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

More happy smile, Do you know you do not know that kind of person, there is life to get desperately flower! Said finally, his tone suddenly turns cold, the number of road burst out spiritual power, several guards directly entangled lift.

Master, master of spiritual power! A bunch of guards where there is always a little insight, and shout out.

Several other guards suddenly panicked, and had thought just a normal human, at most experience out of which the children of the family, or adventurer, you can no matter what, are the strong dragon does not push local snakes, to a place to be honest old Real alone, no one thought ran into a spiritual force so young, in their mind, the mental strength to be at least 30 years old masters.

Master mercy, master mercy ah! Guard constantly beg for mercy.

Doors happening soon spread to the city, the team heard that people celebrate the city guards at the city gate to make trouble, and immediately started a hundred people came to support the squad.

But when they come to town with a door, a few guards have crooked lying on the ground, all unconscious, the perpetrators could not find it.

After bodyguard team immediately issued an arrest warrant, the whole city looking at the city gate guards assault perpetrators and accept reports, all clues correctly, there are certain incentives.

And as the perpetrators, the ancient car pulled into the city has been strong. His black eyes very conspicuous, something natural to ask the way to Luo Lin to do.

They soon came to Liu nearby, watching the door decoration gorgeous, parajumpers jackets sale Luo Lin sighed and said: really is big family ah!

This is the largest city of Liu Qing, but family is also decorated luxuriance normal, there is nothing to lament! Ancient parajumpers jackets Lie laughed, your home is certainly more atmospheric than Liu right?

It is natural that we Luojia …… Luo Lingang want boast about, even before and after the intersection flashed two gang, gradually forced back toward them.

These people equipped, a look that is well-trained, should belong to celebrate the city’s immediate Guard.

It’s over, is certainly the door hit you in the people’s guard, but now people came to the door, and see how you do! Luo Lin laughing face, hands and do not consciously at the wrist.

Ancient Lie laughed: Forget Parajumpers Jackets Women Gobi it, for me to solve, you do not hands! Ancient strong in her Qiao Lian Qingqingyipai, open the door down.

Two gang actually belong bodyguard team, but belonging to the two squads. Coming from the front is the first squad, outflanking the rear is the second squad.

The first team captain is a tall, thin, middle-aged man, he went there a station from the momentum, we can see is a master of force. While the second team captain is a sturdy youth, is also known to use force.

Without a fight it! First squad leader said coldly, I know you are master of spiritual power, as you are so young masters indeed rare, but in my opinion, you will at most seven only. Seven level is just crossed the threshold of spiritual power guru, you can deal with those gatekeepers may want to deal with us Well, there is no so easy!

Who will manage the ancient Lie what he said, his eyes suddenly flashed a black light, instant insight into the eye open, the first team captain and all the strength of his men out to be analyzed.

The first team captain nearly eight force levels, men were all in the fifty-six about strength has been

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Saturday, October 19th, 2013

The stupid! Inverse Doro’s hardline attitude is far better than before the man in this case also insisted parajumpers jackets outlet that seen video front, it must be true, many Luo AQ already down under the wind.

That’s okay, but I would like him to recall the human Romania patriarch, a confrontation on it! King Lan said.

Well, I’ll send someone to Carl city! Doro AQ fiercely bite, this matter can not be delayed, dragging no good on their own, but also let King Lan reap truth.

Do not go to Carl the city, many Luo Feng went to the Northern Territory shadow! King Lan entrained this sarcastic smile said lightly.

What? Doro Adversity Quotient, such as lightning, stared half speechless, he …… how can he go to the Northern Territory?

Ancient surprisingly strong curiosity, and this is where the Northern Territory in the end, how many Luo Adversity Quotient reaction could be so big.

King Lan said: Doro patriarch, do not hurry to send him back? You know how dangerous the Northern Territory, a careless, can’ll be killed for.

Doro AQ awakened, quickly Tatara ruthless said: Go, you go to the Northern Territory to get it back to you people! If you do not listen, temporary closure of his ability, must take the person to bring me back! Then , added, must be safe!

Doro ruthless nodded: I know! He hastily left the Chamber.

Doro AQ momentum instantly extinguished, leaning against the chair slightly tired eyes half closed, whispered: King Lan Master, how do you know the video front went Northern Territory?

I naturally have my messages, but you can rest assured, just follow him only, did not do any thing against him, but my people just to track the Northern Territory, and did not go with him, and he now how I it is not clear at all!

Doro AQ nodded and said: Thank you Master provides news, otherwise I honestly thought he would stay Carl city! He could not help but sigh.

You say, how to solve this thing? Doro Adversity Quotient completely served soft.

King Lan said: I just find the Parajumpers Jackets Women Gobi perpetrators beat, regardless of other people! Doral video front now only be able to identify people out, or I can not with this oriental wooden one by one organization to recognize people, right?

Doro Adversity Quotient, said: Master say reasonable so right, shadow front came back, I will inform you. During this time, I will help find the murderer, just exclude wealthy and large family and wanted to be it is easy to find.

King Lan faint smiles: Thank you parajumpers jackets so much for the patriarch of Romania! He knelt on the ground towards the informant said, and so I’ll send you to the career people who associations, they will follow my people to you arrange, not ill-treat you!

Thank you, Master, thank you Master! The man excited again and again thanks.

King Lan guru, you need not so, I would not find him trouble! Doro AQ said.

It does not matter, and you can not find trouble, I said, then we should fulfill, otherwise no credibility! King Lan said very firmly, it is a warning to Doral AQ, as long as they say, then it must be done , including finding the murderer is the same beat.

Doro AQ nodded, then he has no qualifications to refute, so much attention has been Luo Feng went to the Northern Territory to the film involves simply impossible to separate effort to manage this thing up.

Dong Fang Hongshuo

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Friday, October 18th, 2013


At the time of a Mu playfully, cries of Rights clothing damaged voice, accompanied by Ju Chuan Yeah! Bang. They finally completed.

Kamjove Mu turned away, though because someone has stood up and did not look carefully, but it is a breeze waft Qunjiao can still see smooth thigh fat times and purple Parajumpers Jackets edges. This is ambiguous without cover more attractive than the essence of ah!

Obviously brand-name goods to say! Natural stay angry ……

Fashion and life which is more important? Saeka child remains calm.

Both are! Natural stay victory.

…… Neglected certain Mu speechless.

Ah! This screams came from the front. The two men refused to give awakened.

Staff room? Saeka son first rushed out, and instantly forgot damaged clothes and a look of hatred Ju Chuan also funny kamjove Mu followed.

In the staff room door corridor scene, instantly make heard a burst of horror comes Morohito!

A pink double ponytail girl weeping turned away, but straight into the hands of the drill, but toward the dead body of her brain. Red and white liquid splash everywhere!

I’ve had enough! Daddy! Girl moaning and bloody moments that make everyone all shocked.

But this time had no control of these efforts, and there have been dead body to hear the voice which gather over here.

Come on the left. Saeka child first to react, facing three ordered, arrived one day, while he rushed to the right.

Understanding! Three answers, rushed up. It is separated just before Miyamoto Korea and her current and former boyfriend, see kamjove Mu burst of curiosity, do the three decided 3P Mody? So harmony ……

Obviously, this trio is not Saeka child’s intuition, for kamjove Mu evil did not feel. Miyamoto Korea is still out of the Parajumpers Jackets Women Gobi Monkey King Bar mop parajumpers parka outlet pole waving effect, under the cover of her boyfriend in the two continued to pierce the dead body of the head. Just a little more than Saeka kamjove Mu Son and two more seconds of time to get their side of the enemy.

Kamjove Mu now has one foot kicked the Siwuquanshi dead body from the earth, will double ponytail girl caught pulling up the collar.

Hello? Hear it? Watching girls still was shouting even want to drill outstretched, kamjove Mu instantly uncomfortable ……

Pops! Two crisp sound after the girl finally wake up, will burst into the hands of drill loosen blankly staring kamjove Mu. Wow finally cried out.

High city! You guys! Pink admirers and childhood, could not, rushing together.

Bass sound sober, they looked at the two men at the same time cross-neck blade not move it.

There vitality is good, but also distinguish the occasion better, I do not mind a few dead bodies of manslaughter. Kamjove Mu smile let two burst scared.

Mu-jun. Saeka son came over, Now is not the time infighting!

If they can understand this point, then. Kamjove Mu Put your sword and turned to leave. Let the forward position to the two gallant.

I was 3 years Class A poison Island Saeka son ye therefore …… Saeka child see kamjove Mu leave, turn around and just met a few people greet road.

In the last year, winning the national competition poison island sister school, right? I rifles surgery unit Miyamoto Korea. Thanking you in advance!