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More happy smile, Do you http://ms.shouguang.gov.cn/plus/view.php?aid=1556 know you do not know that kind of person, there is life to get desperately flower! Said finally, his tone suddenly turns cold, the number of road burst out spiritual power, several guards directly entangled lift.

Master, master of spiritual power! A bunch of guards where there is always a little insight, and shout out.

Several other guards suddenly panicked, and had thought just a normal human, at most experience out of which the children of the family, or adventurer, you can no matter what, are the strong dragon does not push local snakes, to a place to be honest old http://pmigulf.com/activity/p/34771/ Real alone, no one thought ran into a spiritual force so young, in their mind, the mental strength to be at least 30 years old masters.

Master mercy, master mercy ah! Guard constantly beg for mercy.

Doors happening soon spread to the city, the team heard that people celebrate the city guards at the city gate to make trouble, and immediately started a hundred people came to support the squad.

But when they come to town with a door, a few guards have crooked lying on the ground, all unconscious, the perpetrators could not find it.

After bodyguard team immediately issued an arrest warrant, the whole city looking at the city gate guards assault perpetrators and accept reports, all clues correctly, there are certain incentives.

And as the perpetrators, the ancient car pulled into the city has been strong. His black eyes very conspicuous, something natural to ask the way to Luo Lin to do.

They soon came to Liu nearby, watching the door decoration gorgeous, parajumpers jackets sale Luo Lin sighed and said: really is big family ah!

This is the largest city of Liu Qing, but family is also decorated luxuriance normal, there is nothing to lament! Ancient parajumpers jackets Lie laughed, your home is certainly more atmospheric than Liu right?

It is natural that we Luojia …… http://www.zjjy.com.cn:88/yyflx/kc/zxqyfw/plus/view.php?aid=587783 Luo Lingang want boast about, even before and after the intersection flashed two gang, gradually forced back toward them.

These people equipped, a look that is well-trained, should belong to celebrate the city’s immediate Guard.

It’s over, is certainly the door hit you in the people’s guard, but now people came to the door, and see how you do! Luo Lin laughing face, hands and do not consciously at the wrist.

Ancient Lie laughed: Forget Parajumpers Jackets Women Gobi it, for me to solve, you do not hands! Ancient strong in her Qiao Lian Qingqingyipai, open the door down.

Two gang actually belong bodyguard team, but belonging to the two squads. Coming from the front is the first squad, outflanking the rear is the second squad.

The first team captain is a tall, thin, middle-aged man, he went there a station from the momentum, we can see is a master of force. While the second team captain is a sturdy youth, is also known to use force.

Without a fight it! First squad leader said coldly, I know you are master of spiritual power, as you are so young http://www.bjkfsh.com/static/dz/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=104664 masters indeed rare, but in my opinion, you will at most seven only. Seven level is just crossed the threshold of spiritual power guru, you can deal with those gatekeepers may want to deal with us Well, there is no so easy!

Who will manage the ancient Lie what he said, his eyes suddenly flashed a black light, instant insight into the eye open, the first team captain and all the strength of his men out to http://dodgegosselin.com/a/bocaiwang/2012/0720/223.html be analyzed.

The first team captain nearly eight force levels, men were all in the fifty-six about strength has been

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