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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Saw Berkeley falls to the ground, up to now have not got up, and Hui Luo Bite Atlas is in a very weak resistance, Hanlin strength after the resurrection too horrible, the three of them could barely stop, but he is That he had no way.

If you can not kill Hanlin, how do you do, Gu Lie looked Xin Ya asked. In fact, Xin Yaken them and send them in, they have to take a big risk, people can get rid of Barre, also can get rid of it.

I’ll tell you a bunch of passwords, open the lid behind the system, the chip it out, then I will give you a road map, you can go to a safe area to go, where there backup system, insert the chip, I Hanlin to avoid being destroyed. Xin Ya voice was calm, Barre is its biggest enemy, the enemy is gone now, and the rest depends on ancient Lie these comrades how to do it.

You’re afraid I do not do that, you will no longer be brought to light!

Xin Ya shook his head and said: I do not think, and you need me, I can help you! It smiled, Barre has gone, now I’m in control throughout Moving Castle who you want to leave Here are the job needs my help. Xin Ya very confident.

You’re right, we are not adding insult to injury, Parajumpers Jackets Women Gobi burning bridges people! Ancient Lie smiled at him.

He raised his left hand, while big shouted: escape! Then, one shelling out.

Luo Bite and Hui dyke long weak to continue to listen to him shout at the same time, they were out of the way to both sides, Hanlin seems not figure out how, silly Leng Leng stood, with the result is self- it being understood that the energy directly bombers flying bombs.

Ancient Lie went over to help up at Berkeley, red Dolly shouted: Give me a few pills recover! In fact, he did not need to say, Dolly would not do that, after all, Berkeley trio Hanlin resisted the attacks, before allowing them the opportunity to get rid of Barre.

Results restoration eat three pills, are also relieved. It can be said, Hanlin is by far, the most terrifying encounter their three opponents.

Hanlin seen lying on the floor get, Xin Ya also relieved, it really is not willing to put their fate in the hands of others, just as the ancient Lie said, if you really do not intend to let it brought to light, little by nothing can be done.

Woo ……

Hanlin sudden movement, then came bursts of crying, everyone was surprised, quickly stood up from the ground!

Hanlin’s body even in the rapidly becomes large, as if blowing a gas, like whistling shot up. Even more frightening is the feel of his ass actually give birth to a thick tail, tail tip like scorpions, as long for a needle, exudes a swarthy light.

My God, he completely turned into a monster! Dolly Wuzui exclaimed again and again to the back.

Ancient strong, quick, come to me! Xin Ya scared channels, it has been realized that Hanlin variation again, people simply can not resist, so it had to use the most do not want to use the approach.

Ancient Lie could not see out, Hanlin this variation, the strength probably will be more terror attacks Lien Chan will hand cannon useless, or quickly find a parajumpers outlet place to hide away again!

Came to a computer belonging Xin Ya, open square lid, exposing the inside of the case, parajumpers jackets gobi Xin Ya say

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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Between, if only live one, you will not blame me? Ancient Lie said suddenly, his voice as if to make farewell.

Ancient strong, I want to live …… Dolly parajumpers outlet strong towards the ancient cry, I want to die, I really do not want to die!

Dolly, I want to live! Ancient Lie shook his head firmly fixed on Dolly.

Ancient strong, it seems that you do not care if she dies Well, I’ll give you! Shenhua completely lost patience, Dolly shot an arrow toward the past.

Split between the ancient strong draw an arrow suddenly, even without looking to pull the bowstring, a Yinmang Tuoxian out, then heard the ding sound, Shenhua bow shot not far away from the Dolly now being Danfei!

This situation even Shenhua did not think before she reacts ancient cross bow strong right hand, and his left hand a shake, USP45 it in my hand, bang, Dolly right arm strapped people overturned go parajumpers jackets sale down.

Shenhua Jiling, Philo up reported that the Nile near the town appeared to have a gun, but were not taken seriously. Today she witnessed, that person has a gun, it is an attempt to get rid of the water repair the city’s people, the news is too important, so she immediately gave up the plan to kill the ancient strong, the case must be returned to this message water repair the city.

Series of actions but a blink of an eye it, crying before Dolly are also false, it is carried out by chance to work with ancient strong eye contact, but also developed a plan.

They can be said to tacit cooperation, Dolly right to restore freedom after his pocket a piece of gauze, no other person has left react directly cover his mouth and nose, regardless of what action the man, that is not let go, and soon the man fell to his knees.

The effect of anesthetic solution good, Dolly every time out will take two gauze soaked with anesthetic solution just in case, no one thought to spend even today.

Ancient Lie see Dolly danger, immediately bow aiming Shenhua, a stone’s throw shot out.

Lumbar Spinal Shenhua a whole person moving fast, did not hit consecutive two arrows.

Dolly come! Ancient Lie shouted, USP45 again in hand.

Do not tamper with!

Dolly had left two steps, stand on the neck of a blade, scared she quickly stood, the ancient strong too stupid, did not even think Shenhua speed so fast, just a blink of an eye to Dolly side.

Ancient strong, do you really think I would so good deal? Shenhua sneered, If you do not rely on, and I’m a man entice a grizzly bear it?

Ancient Lie slowly moved to the parajumpers parka outlet right, has been facing Dolly, but it is not silly Shenhua, the ancient strong move, she took Dolly move has been blocked in front of her.

Ancient Lie, the bow throw! Shenhua Li He said, or I’ll kill him!

Ancient Lie stopped, right hand of a Young, will Starchaser bow aside.

Gun, the gun also threw! Shenhua see him not moving, once again threatened, Hurry up, or I’ll kill her!

Lie looked ancient, threw the gun in the middle of the two sides, Shenhua is not picking up, do not pick no.

She suddenly took a few steps backwards Dolly, said: pick up the gun, threw my feet!

Yi Yan Gu Lie stepped forward, picked up the pistol firmly fling, fall Shenhua feet.

Dolly wink kept the name, the ancient strong shook her head, her hands in Shenhua, they can not frivolous, but also needs

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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Support them. King Lan said, but wait for them to become strong advanced after begins continent disappeared, even a successor is not specified, but before the bustling city also will decline, only a few barely saved, but also the strength of greatly damaged.

Yes, that is so! Ancient Lie punched ring finger, is to support people to live and work and very willing to share their idea that only allow these people to become an advanced strong! You think about it, and you from Wear them feel evil is very similar to the volatility is not it?

Ancient strong this theory revolutionized the King Lan For advanced understanding of the strong, parajumpers outlet store in her view, must rely on advanced strong powerful spiritual force some kind of breakthrough in shackles, there should not be a person willing to read before use Advanced become strong.

She tangled one hand, recognition of the ancient strong argument, on the other hand I feel very depressed, practicing spiritual power for decades, even as few words could thoroughly understand the ancient strong.

How do you expect? King Lan reconciled asked her to be very strong hope that someone Advanced ancient strong legacy in the central mainland beyond offspring, family, also spread such claims, otherwise only can say he is a genius.

I think of it! Ancient strong blinked innocently, how to see how like in the gas deliberately King Lan.

Body Cap 462 the power of faith

Elegant house updated: 2012113 2:13:30 words in this chapter: 2131

You …… King Lan gas unbearable, but also to take him a little way.

Ancient Lie knew not open big joke, smiled, and put things related with the teachings of some simple explanation. King Lan asked him to know where these things, he said, is something spread his hometown, King Lan ask hometown where he started shaking his head does not know, say so himself inexplicably appeared in South China, but certainly is local.

Thus, King Lan and no longer continue to pursue further. She knows there are many ancient adherents scattered in every corner of the continent, there are some areas have not been out to explore the unknown, the mainland area too, want to explore every inch of land is out, simply can not do.

Lie has described the ancient doctrine, in fact, King Lan think has some close, so she did not have any doubt, we believe strongly that a certain ancient Advanced strong offspring, and the strong who will kindly Advanced conditions to stay, just because remoteness not facilitate communication, it is not spread out.

King Lan thinking a moment, asked: You are inferred from the inside of these things?

Ancient Lie asked: Do I infer that was wrong?

It should be no mistake, but this thing is not that easy for me to do! King Lan frown ditan, a piece of land in the central mainland to simple, but it is difficult to build the city governance, I do not have that ability. Her own understanding is still very clear.

Ancient Lie laughed: You parajumpers outlet want this not by much, just hang Santo’s name first, so things have led you to come forward, as to how to do naturally to his men to deal with, something which also use your things personally?

View Lan’s eyes fell upon the ancient strong, suddenly, he was eyeing a kind of feeling, grab before speaking in King Lan said: Do not look parajumpers jackets gobi at me, give opinions can do things I can not do!

King Lan white at him, his own thoughts.

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Rare materials needed.

On board, in addition to design armor, the Yun Yi Lin Mo snow every day and communicate. Although due to increasing distance, communication delay is growing, but the two never bored, as if one day without talking, my heart is not comfortable. Of course, Yun Yi mainly pseudo-Lin Mo snow from the front line where the understanding of information, in order to grasp the latest developments in the war.

Lin Mo Snow told him, and now the new United’s fleet has been gathered from the unicorn with a fortress nearest planet and have had no intention to attack, but to rely on the planet, began construction of military supply base.

Aware of the new trend of United States after the war for its intention to prepare a long-term, Yun Yi some admiration. It appears that the new United States also has a very distinguished generals marshal or staff, can be very clear analysis of the current situation of Chu Tang out. Presumably they already know, Chu Tang came to support all forces fortress unicorn, not imagined so harmonious. While it is compelled by the situation and together confront the new United, but if over time, prolonged idle plus material consumption will continue to decline in morale, naturally someone will not help first to leave, as long as there is a warships leave, there will be the second ship, the third ship until the unicorn came to support the fortress warships leave, also to launch a general offensive of the time.

So, now the most disadvantaged of Chu Tang, is the new America’s long-term Parajumpers Jackets operational plans.

Lin did not know there is no sun come up with countermeasures, for which Lin Mo snow is not very clear, just tell him to communicate and parajumpers outlet grandfather, grandfather and although always a smile when she spoke, but intelligent Lin Mo snow still get a to capture a trace of sad.

But now, these things are not Yunyi need to be considered.

Distance to Unicorn fortress there were almost a month’s time, there is no close to reality, unable to close observation of the actual situation of the fortress unicorn, even Yun Yi there is no way to make countermeasures. Instead of wasting time to think about how to beat the new United’s fleet, might as well all the time to put into mech design work.

Starting from the base of the eighth day, the fleet finally arrived in Wiltshire star field leading xingzhou star field XW01 wormhole entrance.

And past the bustling wormhole now than a spaceship through the wormhole flow is clearly not as good as it used to. Although Qin Shou insurgency things that only a small number of people know that ordinary people do not know this, but is this small group of people are standing on the right or the wealth of Chu Tang most vertices, while usually through the wormhole Among the spacecraft, mostly these people have. Don Chu situation now, so that these people did not dare to act parajumpers jackets rashly, not to mention the same as before for offshore trade it. Maybe someday Fleet out, it was a warlord to stop all packed away, when the time is too late to regret.

Through the wormhole, and after ten days of flight through the wormhole two days later, the fleet finally arrived and the Unicorn fortress where the solid state star field, Cologne Commercial Union and the Kingdom of the adjacent state of Chu Yang Ming Star .

State of Chu Chu Tang star field star field among the eight, and the capital is not the only department where the Central Plains Changan star field bordering the star field, located in the cheap, by the people from here and wherever, will be dubbed a

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Su state, South Uist from the landing to the present, he did not make too many fights, there are eighty percent or more residual energy, can support him for a high-intensity battle.

After checking, Yun Yi said softly: Sakura, can you hear my words?

A voice Parajumpers Jackets Outlet in his ears, it is Sakura’s voice: Oracles adults can be heard.

Yun Yi nodded with satisfaction, so the armor of light cherry Brain and its network connection together, so it can make use of cherry Yun Yi networks, grasp the base of all the trends. In fact, it would be the ability cherry Yun Yi on a test, since Yi Su brain in the manufacture of light, when it joined the strict and harsh anti-intrusion protection firewall. After completion of the manufacture of optical brain, Yun Yi find over twenty experienced hackers, Yi Su combined light on brain crack, took almost three days and two nights, before successfully cracked open, we can see that its security level high.

However, this situation does not appear in Sakura’s hands, just ten seconds later, the screen is a mech change, a clear display of the base of everything, Yun Yi wanted to see where, only a slight hands, the screen is the parajumpers online one side, extremely flexible.

Yun Yi went through praise: good magic hack, how do you do it.

Sakura: Oracles adults, each one can have primary electronic control, like this level of crack, if Sakura could break within three seconds to complete, it can evolve into intermediate smart.

Listen to it is to say, Yun Yi stunned always, it seems that some bad feeling uppermost, but the moment did not expect. When he wants to think carefully, the screen suddenly changed, the original living area Mech Warrior who has passed the lift, are marching to the underground storage area.

Yun Yi sneer: They must have thought someone entered here, but they did not parajumpers outlet think …… Yes, cherry, whether they are in the living area to see the situation here?

Cherry; Oracles adults, Sakura can find them hostile to you, after determining it as the rebels, Sakura had cut off their connection system for underground bases, can not see the situation here.

That’s good, ready to battle it. Entire defense on the rebels catch!

Yun Yi’s heart in a good mood, and truly become the masters of the intruder, and the defender has become a rebel, this is really wonderful ah.

Lift carrying capacity is very strong, nearly thirty units once transported mech down. These Mech Warrior Budokan cultivation mostly in between eight to ten, this place should be the mainstay of the base defense forces. With the lift getting close, these are not the intruder Mech Warrior mind, in their view, in such a tight defense under run came twenty-three enemy has been very great, but because the more underground bases wide, this sent thirty units mech. And who is responsible for the maintenance of which there are lines, they can not see the status of the underground base, speculation should be destroyed enemy lines, this result can not be viewed.

Laugh ……

As soon as the pressure release sound, a lift reached the ground, the thirty sets Mech Warrior swaggering down the elevators, gathered in exports, one of which came to the door switch mech office

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Rogge win one million.

Roger, five hundred thousand.

Roger, two million.

Now as much as a full two hundred people, almost all of them took the money bet, ten waiters walking in a crowd holding a plate to accept everyone’s bets.

Finally figured out yet there are three bets as much as one hundred million, a figure far beyond everyone’s expectations, showing that the world’s wealthy people who never dared to bet a few, according to the head to count the words, almost everyone under the average one million.

All people are betting parajumpers outlet Rogge win, Nina is only one round of a one hundred million ancient propped countertops.

Three to one, the jackpot is very simple, if Nina won, ancient round one scored three million the contrary, the presence of all the people round the ancient divide a billion, this rate of return can not be considered low.

Little gamble, and eventually even affect bets as high as six million unique, this result is beyond everyone’s expectations, a person can not be surprised, all the people are holding their breath waiting for Nina and Roger between the winner.

Human nature is too heavy gambling.

At this point even the senior member of the upstairs room of the super rich who are also alarmed, and have looked at the following standing on the stairs above the chaos of the scene, one by one look of pride, like watching a group of beggars for a bread war in general.

Dawson, these people are too ridiculous, but several hundred million only, so many people are competing, we are human faces they gave disgrace. An old man smoking a pipe haughty look on the side of a the young man said.

Young man named Dawson looks that is twenty years old, wearing a decent suit tailoring, coupled with handsome tall figure as the ancient Greek gods in general faces, so that women who do have met with screaming of the capital.

This time his eyes were fixed on Nina’s body, which look with a kind of conquest, the young man looked around arms around Nina’s arm, jealousy and resentment made him feel angry feeling.

Such a beautiful girl should belong to me!

Dawson decide things nobody can change.

Nina did not know she had been to the eye, still chuckling looked around the bustling crowd, a small hand gently stroked front of dice cup.

Go ahead! To see all the people are already betting is completed, Nina looked Rogge said.

Well, you first or me first? Rogge took a deep breath and slowly said, although he have won the previous two, which gave him the sort of self-confidence, but after all, is the relationship of millions of money gambling, His heart is still a bit perturbed.

See you scared, do not do a one hundred million!, You go! Nina understatement dice cup onto Rogge will see her that way, it seems that an EVA penny have the same weight.

Rogge heard these words, was almost angry vomiting blood, if you do not put money in the eyes, give me ah! Why must you and I bet a high and low.

He’d also rude, took direct dice cup, opened looked inside the dice, white jade-like dice at the red dot is like a general eye staring at his heart, both greed and fear.

Take a deep breath, look dignified Rogge will be among the dice cup dice to fling one took up parajumpers online the dice cup, gently shake up among the tumbling dice cup dice issued parajumpers outlet by the crisp sound, every sound are beating the presence of all

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

They found a boulder ready to rest. Before midnight by the ancient strong first vigil, he stared at the fire beating the flames, heart suddenly jumped when he remembered a very important thing!

Text Chapter 351 sniper rifle

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Lie in the eyes of the ancient flame mapping, this time in his eyes parajumpers outlet online just as there is a real flame beating, he also chug heart jumped up.

Came to Newington continent for so long, he almost forgot he was a professional sniper’s identity. During this time he also did not have enough time to study the simulation of new firearms, in fact, his heart is very clear that they most want to use a gun is still a sniper rifle.

Pistols, machine guns, he do not have any problem with it, much better than average, but only the most handy sniper rifle. Former spiritual parajumpers outlet force is insufficient, did not dare to think to simulate, and now enough spiritual power, he have time to think about this thing, so his heart, and could not help but to immediately come up with a sniper rifle to use with.

In fact, it can be said, the ancient Lie like to use a sniper rifle is one reason, and one reason is his lack of confidence in plans for the future, even if Chandler agreed to join the program, you can help him on the road to seize power will still be very difficult, while he is his biggest booster. Help Chandler is equivalent to help themselves, the ancient strong would certainly dedicated, can, after all, the face of the orcs, he always run ahead really do not fly, his best long-range killing, as long as there is a sniper rifle in hand, he kind of world turned its momentum, without fear of any difficulty.

Ancient Lie using the war by war strategy, mental strength is very obvious progress, and now has more than 4,000 mental strength values, we can see how useful this time of training, I believe that before long, he was able to successfully cut.

Now can be successfully simulated machine guns, sniper rifles estimate should not have much difficulty, the most worry is that the bullet will need to consume much spiritual power.

Thought here, no longer hesitated ancient strong, began to prepare simulated sniper rifle.

Ancient Lie familiar for the sniper rifle, but let him not put it down model is very small, it is his duty, that they will be required to use China-made star semi-automatic sniper rifles, sniper rifles are light, firing range at 1,500 meters, maximum precision but also more than 1000 points.

Tell the truth, then, even he did not think homemade sniper rifle easy to use, yet the forces required, we must obey. Lie ancient times and was able to shoot the target success, of course, thanks to themselves, rather than firearms, he repeatedly used firearms experience and technology to make up the deficiency.

A joint parajumpers outlet store anti-drug operations in the mountains, he took nearly 20 pounds of weight sniper rifle, climbed a few tens of meters high on trees, lush foliage is his best bunker, also blocked most of his vision. But he is no way, the surrounding environment is poor, not even good enough shelter locations, and only old tree very consistent, but also allows the target to keep the best precision distance.

That kills very dangerous, he through the narrow gap between the branches of a large drug lords once in the head, can not wait to leave, it was drug dealers near martial law, he hid in the trees four or five days, only to end up eat leaves and drink their own urine for a living, only

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Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Before walking a few steps, and did Parajumpers Jackets not bother the young man, his eyes fell on his hands being assembled on things.

He first saw the young man’s hand, slender and smart, just like the shuttle in the flowers of the butterfly, one strange part is that he wrote at weigh, the light being parajumpers outlet new york installed in that thing, without any errors. Even the most sophisticated compact components, will be installed a pair of dexterous hands to the correct position, without any mechanical assistance.

Francis could not help nodded, such a level, even in the armor works without any experience, these hands alone, would be able to enter his first laboratory it. After all, the mech designs, there are many small parts, must be done using special tools. Tools always tools, less manpower and flexible, and sometimes a little mistake, a part is not in place, it may cause the entire device is damaged.

He carefully looked at gradually being assembled objects, confused eyes flashed.

Whether the installation is complete the finished product, or some of the principles which theories are that he can not understand things.

What is this thing? Francis could not, asked.

Is the neural linkage checked over and over again in his hand Yun Yi suddenly heard the sound of ear heard, suddenly was shocked, almost never predict with confidence even in the hands of something. Until then, he discovered that around one more person. This discovery is somewhat difficult to accept, a priori five master himself, actually did not find people walked around, but fortunately the other not parajumpers outlet hostile, if from the Dragon’s killer, afraid that they had died countless times. It seems the future no matter what you are doing, it’s no longer like today so invested.

This is a neurological linkage.

Francis slightly hesitated: It is the role?

Yun Yi said: Interception of the directives issued by the human brain, through analysis and calculation, the formation of instructions to the armor.

The use of neural commands to control mechs? Francis is indeed a lifetime in the armor of the elderly on the study, between the lines immediately from Yun Yi, found his intentions.

Actually hear each other so quickly come to understand, Yun Yi also a little surprised, are not looking up.

Francis master?

Heard the young man called out across his name, Francis suddenly surprised a moment, looked at the young man, surprised and said: Do you know me?

Yun Yi smiled, who bowed and said: Seen master. Valence Group have been subjected in the grace of guru, has not forgotten.

Francis looked at him carefully look, frowning thinking very hard, after a long came before, pointing to his surprise exclaimed: You …… you are Yun Yi?

Text Chapter XXVI future trends (on)

Elegant house updated: 2012321 0:51:30 words in this chapter: 3892

That year, in the cloud wing or an ordinary business college student, was subjected to intermediate engineers 史迪克威尔 Veyron Group’s instructions, landing Veyron Group’s internal network to complete a variety of engineering tasks to earn contribution points, while These contributions point, were he to return from various external Veyron technical data that are not. In this process, since he

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Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Is full of longing and admiration.

Here in the state of dismay, will comprehend finished Budokan, four will be sent out together, but this time several other teams abroad, because so much time and did not get a reward, but it is early will appear in the now with numerous caves where those inside the cave has no one knows what it is, first do not enter, they are no way to enter, so first come to them, touches directly in place to consolidate the gains from the just, everyone will realize in both Budo great harvest.

And this one is to harvest the biggest industry in this group are Qin and Tang Yi that group, after all, their bodies have a witch family bloodline, Zhao Linger Goddess blood to the body although some more, but the Wu family’s blood was yes there are some, so as a witch ancestry, their way of fighting for the Wu family realized, all of which can be said to be the most profound is not excessive, just some time to consolidate, enhance their combat power is necessarily make everyone were very surprised.

With the arrival of four of the Qin industry, practicing with the crowd also stood up, ready to enter the next level.

Third, reincarnation robbery. Trials to choose whether to give up, please.

Icy voice that surprised everyone, this is the first time I heard whether they choose to give up the upgrade, it seems that the word about the checkpoints and reincarnation really not easy ran past ah.

How, if barely, then you can choose to give up, to back this off I will not give you extra training. Qin industry muffled the sound toward the crowd said, this time he did not pass through too grasp, there is no reason to go with the crowd to follow their own to face this danger.

Cut Qin industry Brother, you is not want pocketed inside the benefits that we can not be so easy to give up, and this time I want to be your hands Swept the first parajumpers jackets to take parajumpers outlet it over. Qin Li Xiao Yao looked grinning industry shook his fist, and he knew Qin industry is out of their worries before say such words, but these points brought tempered, even behind the reward for any person is infinitely precious, a little risk it, but there would be no risk of the harvest, they also believe they can live out this third parajumpers outlet pass, where everyone wants to become more powerful.

Yes ah, Qin industry Brother, we’ll be fine.

In addition to the crowd outside the small fishing industry is toward the Qin expressed their will to participate in this third pass, just scary enough to make them known to have any feeling of retreat.

If so, then we will see you in the fourth off, or after the clearance see it. Qin industry deep breath, and that is around three female characters toward this marked a walk inside the cave.

This hurdle is likely to be the last one off, are also likely to have the next level, all this no one says no, while the small fishing did not speak up because no one has ever before impact to hurdle for there will be what kind of situation, she was not sure.

It is not clear it does not matter, and soon she would clear, but it may not be clear, and then she would make the same choice at this time generally, everything not allowed to say.

Entered into the reincarnation robbery inside the Qin industry four, at the moment they enter an inexplicable force in the stimulation of the following, gradually sleeping