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Before walking a few steps, and did Parajumpers Jackets not bother the young man, his eyes fell on his hands being assembled on things.

He first saw the young man’s hand, slender and smart, just like the shuttle in the flowers of the butterfly, one strange part is that he wrote at weigh, the light being parajumpers outlet new york installed in that thing, without any errors. Even the most sophisticated compact components, will be installed a pair of dexterous hands to the correct position, without any mechanical assistance.

Francis could not help nodded, such a level, even in the armor works without any experience, these hands alone, would be able to enter his first laboratory it. After all, the mech designs, there are many small parts, must be done using special tools. Tools always tools, less manpower and flexible, and sometimes a little mistake, a part is not in place, it may cause the entire device is damaged.

He carefully looked at gradually being assembled objects, confused eyes flashed.

Whether the installation is complete the finished product, or some of the principles which theories are that he can not understand things.

What is this thing? Francis could not, asked.

Is the neural linkage checked over and over again in his hand Yun Yi suddenly heard the sound of ear heard, suddenly was shocked, almost never predict with confidence even in the hands of something. Until then, he discovered that around one more person. This discovery is somewhat difficult to accept, a priori five master himself, actually did not find people walked around, but fortunately the other not parajumpers outlet hostile, if from the Dragon’s killer, afraid that they had died countless times. It seems the future no matter what you are doing, it’s no longer like today so invested.

This is a neurological linkage.

Francis slightly hesitated: It is the role?

Yun Yi said: Interception of the directives issued by the human brain, through analysis and calculation, the formation of instructions to the armor.

The use of neural commands to control mechs? Francis is indeed a lifetime in the armor of the elderly on the study, between the lines immediately from Yun Yi, found his intentions.

Actually hear each other so quickly come to understand, Yun Yi also a little surprised, are not looking up.

Francis master?

Heard the young man called out across his name, Francis suddenly surprised a moment, looked at the young man, surprised and said: Do you know me?

Yun Yi smiled, who bowed and said: Seen master. Valence Group have been subjected in the grace of guru, has not forgotten.

Francis looked at him carefully look, frowning thinking very hard, after a long came before, pointing to his surprise exclaimed: You …… you are Yun Yi?

Text Chapter XXVI future trends (on)

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That year, in the cloud wing or an ordinary business college student, was subjected to intermediate engineers 史迪克威尔 Veyron Group’s instructions, landing Veyron Group’s internal network to complete a variety of engineering tasks to earn contribution points, while These contributions point, were he to return from various external Veyron technical data that are not. In this process, since he

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