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Is full of longing and admiration.

Here in the state of dismay, will comprehend finished Budokan, four will be sent out together, but this time several other teams abroad, because so much time and did not get a reward, but it is early will appear in the now with numerous caves where those inside the cave has no one knows what it is, first do not enter, they are no way to enter, so first come to them, touches directly in place to consolidate the gains from the just, everyone will realize in both Budo great harvest.

And this one is to harvest the biggest industry in this group are Qin and Tang Yi that group, after all, their bodies have a witch family bloodline, Zhao Linger Goddess blood to the body although some more, but the Wu family’s blood was yes there are some, so as a witch ancestry, their way of fighting for the Wu family realized, all of which can be said to be the most profound is not excessive, just some time to consolidate, enhance their combat power is necessarily make everyone were very surprised.

With the arrival of four of the Qin industry, practicing with the crowd also stood up, ready to enter the next level.

Third, reincarnation robbery. Trials to choose whether to give up, please.

Icy voice that surprised everyone, this is the first time I heard whether they choose to give up the upgrade, it seems that the word about the checkpoints and reincarnation really not easy ran past ah.

How, if barely, then you can choose to give up, to back this off I will not give you extra training. Qin industry muffled the sound toward the crowd said, this time he did not pass through too grasp, there is no reason to go with the crowd to follow their own to face this danger.

Cut Qin industry Brother, you is not want pocketed inside the benefits that we can not be so easy to give up, and this time I want to be your hands Swept the first parajumpers jackets to take parajumpers outlet it over. Qin Li Xiao Yao looked grinning industry shook his fist, and he knew Qin industry is out of their worries before say such words, but these points brought tempered, even behind the reward for any person is infinitely precious, a little risk it, but there would be no risk of the harvest, they also believe they can live out this third parajumpers outlet pass, where everyone wants to become more powerful.

Yes ah, Qin industry Brother, we’ll be fine.

In addition to the crowd outside the small fishing industry is toward the Qin expressed their will to participate in this third pass, just scary enough to make them known to have any feeling of retreat.

If so, then we will see you in the fourth off, or after the clearance see it. Qin industry deep breath, and that is around three female characters toward this marked a walk inside the cave.

This hurdle is likely to be the last one off, are also likely to have the next level, all this no one says no, while the small fishing did not speak up because no one has ever before impact to hurdle for there will be what kind of situation, she was not sure.

It is not clear it does not matter, and soon she would clear, but it may not be clear, and then she would make the same choice at this time generally, everything not allowed to say.

Entered into the reincarnation robbery inside the Qin industry four, at the moment they enter an inexplicable force in the stimulation of the following, gradually sleeping

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