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But the strength seen Hilda Faith, he was amazed to find that, although the little girl has a congenital four top-order for the repair, but her mech fighting levels and skills for handling, etc., but still stay in the innate three levels.

It’s no wonder, followed by Yun Yi Xi Lu parajumpers online Faith, it is the innate three, although after repair Budo raised, but no systematic study of Budo and mech knowledge. And Yun Yi in this area is the lack of, but he’s learning ability, carried out with the master after the battle, they can quickly sum up their own shortcomings, and learn from each other what they need. But those things are too one-sided, perhaps Yun Yi can beat and his fellow man, but also need to pay a terrible price, the battered later, in the battle to learn and discover each other’s deficiencies, which will beat each other .

It can be said Yun Yi every fight is on the tip of the dance, there will be a slight mistake could lose everything. Unfortunately, even he himself can not see through it.

White Kai Shun know Hilda Faith in the true level immediately after they came interest. Tuning a priori four high and always have breakthrough innate five master, this kind of thing is not everyone can come across. Hilda Faith learning and comprehension fast as Yun Yi, but not slow, for white Kai teach any knowledge of the letter will never let go, attentively listening to his teachings. White Kai letter also liked the little girl learning seriously, taught very carefully. One to two to go, two people Jingru addiction in general, every day except eat and sleep, has been in training between training and being spent.

Originally Yun Yi thought, until they leave the base when they will stop. That just did not think the last few days, they have no training but came to the base being, but also to see their own white Kai Shun mobilize robots.

You continue.

Yun Yi on Aolei Leia shouted after them, himself came to the White Kai Shun’s side, said: Bai Shushu how are interested in coming here? Could there be to go into the palace, Queen’s memory of what life and living of the year place?

There ah ……

White Kai Shun turned, facing the distant palace, after a sigh shook his head and said: I know you will not let anyone Palace cordoned off access, which is doing very well. Etc. I find Shiodome months later, back parajumpers jackets online to look at it together …… Boy, do not give me change the subject, said that these robots, robots or production information come from?

I really do not know the uncle is responsive or slow it?

Yun Yi looked at him puzzled, speechless pointed that ship Aquarius ship: Seeing that ship, Bai Shushu have not figured it?

Aquarius ship?

Kai Shun eyes turn white, stay on the ship in a second later, suddenly shocked shouted: I almost forgot to ask you, how will ship Aquarius in your hands, do not …… you join the Dragon will? Do I do not know, Dragon would be to kill those of us who do exist ……

Yun Yi Kai is now increasingly admire white letter associative ability, and curled his lip and said: Why do not you ask, I did not kill a bottle God took away the ship it?

Do you? White Kai parajumpers outlet new york letter suspiciously looked a lot, haha ​​laughed: Do not drive

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