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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Su state, South Uist from the landing to the present, he did not make too many fights, there are eighty percent or more residual energy, can support him for a high-intensity battle.

After checking, Yun Yi said softly: Sakura, can you hear my words?

A voice Parajumpers Jackets Outlet in his ears, it is Sakura’s voice: Oracles adults can be heard.

Yun Yi nodded with satisfaction, so the armor of light cherry Brain and its network connection together, so it can make use of cherry Yun Yi networks, grasp the base of all the trends. In fact, it would be the ability cherry Yun Yi on a test, since Yi Su brain in the manufacture of light, when it joined the strict and harsh anti-intrusion protection firewall. After completion of the manufacture of optical brain, Yun Yi find over twenty experienced hackers, Yi Su combined light on brain crack, took almost three days and two nights, before successfully cracked open, we can see that its security level high.

However, this situation does not appear in Sakura’s hands, just ten seconds later, the screen is a mech change, a clear display of the base of everything, Yun Yi wanted to see where, only a slight hands, the screen is the parajumpers online one side, extremely flexible.

Yun Yi went through praise: good magic hack, how do you do it.

Sakura: Oracles adults, each one can have primary electronic control, like this level of crack, if Sakura could break within three seconds to complete, it can evolve into intermediate smart.

Listen to it is to say, Yun Yi stunned always, it seems that some bad feeling uppermost, but the moment did not expect. When he wants to think carefully, the screen suddenly changed, the original living area Mech Warrior who has passed the lift, are marching to the underground storage area.

Yun Yi sneer: They must have thought someone entered here, but they did not parajumpers outlet think …… Yes, cherry, whether they are in the living area to see the situation here?

Cherry; Oracles adults, Sakura can find them hostile to you, after determining it as the rebels, Sakura had cut off their connection system for underground bases, can not see the situation here.

That’s good, ready to battle it. Entire defense on the rebels catch!

Yun Yi’s heart in a good mood, and truly become the masters of the intruder, and the defender has become a rebel, this is really wonderful ah.

Lift carrying capacity is very strong, nearly thirty units once transported mech down. These Mech Warrior Budokan cultivation mostly in between eight to ten, this place should be the mainstay of the base defense forces. With the lift getting close, these are not the intruder Mech Warrior mind, in their view, in such a tight defense under run came twenty-three enemy has been very great, but because the more underground bases wide, this sent thirty units mech. And who is responsible for the maintenance of which there are lines, they can not see the status of the underground base, speculation should be destroyed enemy lines, this result can not be viewed.

Laugh ……

As soon as the pressure release sound, a lift reached the ground, the thirty sets Mech Warrior swaggering down the elevators, gathered in exports, one of which came to the door switch mech office

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Rogge win one million.

Roger, five hundred thousand.

Roger, two million.

Now as much as a full two hundred people, almost all of them took the money bet, ten waiters walking in a crowd holding a plate to accept everyone’s bets.

Finally figured out yet there are three bets as much as one hundred million, a figure far beyond everyone’s expectations, showing that the world’s wealthy people who never dared to bet a few, according to the head to count the words, almost everyone under the average one million.

All people are betting parajumpers outlet Rogge win, Nina is only one round of a one hundred million ancient propped countertops.

Three to one, the jackpot is very simple, if Nina won, ancient round one scored three million the contrary, the presence of all the people round the ancient divide a billion, this rate of return can not be considered low.

Little gamble, and eventually even affect bets as high as six million unique, this result is beyond everyone’s expectations, a person can not be surprised, all the people are holding their breath waiting for Nina and Roger between the winner.

Human nature is too heavy gambling.

At this point even the senior member of the upstairs room of the super rich who are also alarmed, and have looked at the following standing on the stairs above the chaos of the scene, one by one look of pride, like watching a group of beggars for a bread war in general.

Dawson, these people are too ridiculous, but several hundred million only, so many people are competing, we are human faces they gave disgrace. An old man smoking a pipe haughty look on the side of a the young man said.

Young man named Dawson looks that is twenty years old, wearing a decent suit tailoring, coupled with handsome tall figure as the ancient Greek gods in general faces, so that women who do have met with screaming of the capital.

This time his eyes were fixed on Nina’s body, which look with a kind of conquest, the young man looked around arms around Nina’s arm, jealousy and resentment made him feel angry feeling.

Such a beautiful girl should belong to me!

Dawson decide things nobody can change.

Nina did not know she had been to the eye, still chuckling looked around the bustling crowd, a small hand gently stroked front of dice cup.

Go ahead! To see all the people are already betting is completed, Nina looked Rogge said.

Well, you first or me first? Rogge took a deep breath and slowly said, although he have won the previous two, which gave him the sort of self-confidence, but after all, is the relationship of millions of money gambling, His heart is still a bit perturbed.

See you scared, do not do a one hundred million!, You go! Nina understatement dice cup onto Rogge will see her that way, it seems that an EVA penny have the same weight.

Rogge heard these words, was almost angry vomiting blood, if you do not put money in the eyes, give me ah! Why must you and I bet a high and low.

He’d also rude, took direct dice cup, opened looked inside the dice, white jade-like dice at the red dot is like a general eye staring at his heart, both greed and fear.

Take a deep breath, look dignified Rogge will be among the dice cup dice to fling one took up parajumpers online the dice cup, gently shake up among the tumbling dice cup dice issued parajumpers outlet by the crisp sound, every sound are beating the presence of all

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

But suddenly, his sudden contraction of the pupil, his eyes widened, his face looked incredible.

Only the blink of an eye, Yun Yi rushed to the podium begins with the entrance next to appear in front of Martin.

A slender and delicate, even more beautiful than a woman appeared in a fraction of the white palm Martin’s eyes, and then severely pinch his neck.

Immediately cancel the gun launch! Yun Yi ferocious command to.

Martin struggled a little one, it will become clear understanding of each other’s strength is his ability to break free no. He immediately understood that in front of this young man, that name before it is innate five mech master! Figured this joint, Martin without the slightest fear, but neurotic laughing.

Martin’s face due to poor blood flow, like drinking a few bottles of red spirits General: Ha ha ha, congenital five experts how? Beat my people and how? Handedly broke into my flagship, how? In front of me, and begged me not too? Ha ha ha, which can have a parajumpers online good command room several photographic devices, I will this scene properly recorded, after seeing Parajumpers Jackets Outlet that his father will be very happy.

Without further ado, immediately cancel the launch program!

Yun Yi at this time anxious to death, before looking like crazy, like laughing more than made redhead young, free hand on the keyboard quickly tapping. Capricorn and Aquarius ship ship is the same kind used by the operating system, cancel the launch of the program is the same. Several procedures to quickly Yun Yi entered into the brain light and smooth executed. While he was relieved when a box appears on the screen impressively, says a few parajumpers outlet online shop words.

Please enter your password.

Damn, the last step is actually a password! Yun Yi cursing loudly, turned round and keeping a close eye red-haired youth, the strength of strong holds hands a little, Martin rolled his eyes, caught in a lack of oxygen semi-conscious state.

Can even so, he still nervous laughing: Ask of me ah, hurry ask me ah! Innate five master and how, if you ask me, I am pleased, and maybe give you a password …… Keke ……

Yun Yi gritted his teeth, forehead red with rage.

Winnie, you immediately to solve the password! Yun Yi did not forget, there are AI Cubs their side. This password if it is for the Cubs, then up to twelve seconds will be able to break, this is a tough place artificial only.

Unfortunately, the ear immediately hear Bear’s voice: Boss, in the light of their brain into artificial intelligence, although it worse than me, you can also have a few minutes to crack ……

A few minutes? Up to thirty seconds of the time, the gun will shoot out!

Yun Yi mouth twitching, let him go to beg like a dead fish in front of the same guy, just as worse than kill him. But the thought of tens of thousands of soldiers on the other side in his one idea, he was hesitant.

However, these thoughts only in the cloud wing mind flashed, he decided to those soldiers’ lives as the most important.

As for his own face …… forget it, he was only an ordinary mech infantry only, what face.

He took a deep breath, face showed no emotion, looking constantly rolled his eyes always possible coma past Martin.

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

God really is weird biological, if not they have a flame body care, I’m afraid he really want with the Dao. This direct attack brain nerve attack is definitely the most difficult to resist, no wonder it had in the pirate base, the pirates have become the Holy See soldiers who, in turn, become the enemy’s power.

Ancient wheel can imagine that if there is a light that five broken his flame shield themselves will be like lying on the ground, like Nina was sucking life energy and died.

As iron magic, the approach is more simple, direct himself into a ferritin, Na Liangdao strong light even then, can not play any role in the metal, the direct hit on ferritin dissipated.

Danny saw his last trump card is not the slightest effect, completely dumbfounded, he came to understand why human beings are called the most intelligent race, is that they have all sorts of strange and effective evolutionary way, you can make own a variety of different forces, thus improving their life forms.

Like just this two people, obviously have not a purely human, a person is flame, the other is a metal person, two people have the power of the immune soul chains.


The word appeared in Danny’s mind which, as of now the situation parajumpers outlet new york seems that this is indeed the final choice, just absorbing the energy of the human woman anode, yet absorbing, simply wait until a thorough digestion and absorption is complete, and that they able to completely become mature body at that time, and then get Dark fit, this planet and then nobody can stop the pace of their occupation.

Think about the future he will become the king of the planet, the light God will give his great reward, by that time his family will become the pride of the light of God.

Thought of his bright future, Danny decided to stay at the Castle did not worry about firewood, Thirty-Six, go for the best.

Sages created by human civilization is indeed extremely bright languages, each word have said their hearts. Danny a little sigh a bit, hit up his mind.

But, bailing is not so easy, does not want to go pay a price to pay, that is impossible.

Although the beat, but Danny absolutely sure it is safe escape, watching the two with a look of fierce like humans came to own, Danny, we know the time to escape.

In ancient magic wheel and iron preparations off this kid, get rid of this scourge time. Danny Heiran smile, arms an exhibition, was actually separated from the body of the ten parajumpers outlet online shop shadow, every shadow with the same smirk.

I have so many places at once, you know which one is the body.

Danny proud commanding avatar fled in all directions, while he took the opportunity to enter the light being reclusive, he’s the light of God, as long as the place is bright, he can achieve the perfect recluse.

Unfortunately, he’s playing very loud wishful thinking, the script did not go according to the story he wrote.

See Danny ten places at once fled in all directions, respectively, and the ancient magic iron wheel with a laugh, have a tacit agreement to deal with five, respectively, on a half points.

Iron Magic to shoot a bow of the body, the body generally grown as countless hedgehog spikes, violently one, buzzed, after parajumpers online a hurried sound, has not yet had time to escape from the hospital’s five avatar was dense spikes into five

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Who is? You will never be an ordinary parajumpers online robot, this type of robot to recover destroyed already, you cheat others can not fool me.

Li old man, then as a thunder sounded in the hearts of 00,544.

Chapter 66 00544 text appears!

Elegant house updated: 20101012 9:07:30 words in this chapter: 2134

I’m certainly not an ordinary robot, I was intelligent robots. 00544 metal head in the main chip crazy turn, flashed countless calculations, finally chose this answer.

Intelligent robot do? Li old man apparently did not believe the answer to 00544, he always felt that this robot if not a metal body, and people do not really see any difference.

USS seem distant light received orders, began to accelerate, accelerate toward the distant entered, but who do not know, they received after that horrible Abe Khan, will not come back.

00544 driving a spaceship madness escape, look back at ancient wheel and Eva embarrassed look, my heart is very anxious, he would have wanted to star on the Glenn Black Shark warships steal that ship over, but unfortunately, that ship master computer is directly connected to the headquarters of the Confederation above the Earth’s mastermind, with his strength is not enough to break the defensive mastermind without causing federal vigilance, had the second best, stole an ordinary battleship ran out.

Since he knew the ancient round out the shortage disappeared above the heart will be very anxious, that planet has disappeared in an explosion among the stars, and he was placed in the body of the life of ancient wheel sensor signal nor, as these, his parajumpers jackets online shop total control chip was almost burned too fast because of computing, but fortunately, all of a sudden let him see the life of the ancient round reaction may signal sensing area turned out to be far away from the Glen star meteorite band, which makes him feel very strange, so desperate, among a host intrusion cruise fleet, transferred out of a cruise ship.

Although the cruise ship does not have a staff, but this is for a robot, nothing, only need a computer, he can control a battleship combat.

Ancient round will be blood in his body lost Eva, watching the blood flow of blood into the body of Eva, Eva had pale gradually restored a hint of color, long eyelashes moved, opened his eyes, see ancient wheel sits to his side, took care of a pair of eyes watching parajumpers online among themselves, can not help but play a glimmer of waves.

I’m still alive. Eva remembered that horrible twisted angel, his pride scorpion armor turned in front of him even vulnerable.

Think Abe Khan smashed his arm bloody scene, Eva turned to look at his arms, and sure enough, a pair of arm all disappeared, shoulders bloody place, although already after simple treatment, but there is still shocking .

Ancient round saw Eva eyes being lost, that she lost both arms for themselves and feel sad, hurried comfort: Do not worry, I will be able to think of a way to get you to re-grow his arm.

00544 to hear the words of the ancient round, smiled and said: I never thought, even after reputed interstellar scorpion is such a beautiful young girl, do not be afraid, Orcs gecko family genes can make your arm regeneration, Before this, I can.

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Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

But the strength seen Hilda Faith, he was amazed to find that, although the little girl has a congenital four top-order for the repair, but her mech fighting levels and skills for handling, etc., but still stay in the innate three levels.

It’s no wonder, followed by Yun Yi Xi Lu parajumpers online Faith, it is the innate three, although after repair Budo raised, but no systematic study of Budo and mech knowledge. And Yun Yi in this area is the lack of, but he’s learning ability, carried out with the master after the battle, they can quickly sum up their own shortcomings, and learn from each other what they need. But those things are too one-sided, perhaps Yun Yi can beat and his fellow man, but also need to pay a terrible price, the battered later, in the battle to learn and discover each other’s deficiencies, which will beat each other .

It can be said Yun Yi every fight is on the tip of the dance, there will be a slight mistake could lose everything. Unfortunately, even he himself can not see through it.

White Kai Shun know Hilda Faith in the true level immediately after they came interest. Tuning a priori four high and always have breakthrough innate five master, this kind of thing is not everyone can come across. Hilda Faith learning and comprehension fast as Yun Yi, but not slow, for white Kai teach any knowledge of the letter will never let go, attentively listening to his teachings. White Kai letter also liked the little girl learning seriously, taught very carefully. One to two to go, two people Jingru addiction in general, every day except eat and sleep, has been in training between training and being spent.

Originally Yun Yi thought, until they leave the base when they will stop. That just did not think the last few days, they have no training but came to the base being, but also to see their own white Kai Shun mobilize robots.

You continue.

Yun Yi on Aolei Leia shouted after them, himself came to the White Kai Shun’s side, said: Bai Shushu how are interested in coming here? Could there be to go into the palace, Queen’s memory of what life and living of the year place?

There ah ……

White Kai Shun turned, facing the distant palace, after a sigh shook his head and said: I know you will not let anyone Palace cordoned off access, which is doing very well. Etc. I find Shiodome months later, back parajumpers jackets online to look at it together …… Boy, do not give me change the subject, said that these robots, robots or production information come from?

I really do not know the uncle is responsive or slow it?

Yun Yi looked at him puzzled, speechless pointed that ship Aquarius ship: Seeing that ship, Bai Shushu have not figured it?

Aquarius ship?

Kai Shun eyes turn white, stay on the ship in a second later, suddenly shocked shouted: I almost forgot to ask you, how will ship Aquarius in your hands, do not …… you join the Dragon will? Do I do not know, Dragon would be to kill those of us who do exist ……

Yun Yi Kai is now increasingly admire white letter associative ability, and curled his lip and said: Why do not you ask, I did not kill a bottle God took away the ship it?

Do you? White Kai parajumpers outlet new york letter suspiciously looked a lot, haha ​​laughed: Do not drive