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God really is weird biological, if not they have a flame body care, I’m afraid he really want with the Dao. This direct attack brain nerve attack is definitely the most difficult to resist, no wonder it had in the pirate base, the pirates have become the Holy See soldiers who, in turn, become the enemy’s power.

Ancient wheel can imagine that if there is a light that five broken his flame shield themselves will be like lying on the ground, like Nina was sucking life energy and died.

As iron magic, the approach is more simple, direct himself into a ferritin, Na Liangdao strong light even then, can not play any role in the metal, the direct hit on ferritin dissipated.

Danny saw his last trump card is not the slightest effect, completely dumbfounded, he came to understand why human beings are called the most intelligent race, is that they have all sorts of strange and effective evolutionary way, you can make own a variety of different forces, thus improving their life forms.

Like just this two people, obviously have not a purely human, a person is flame, the other is a metal person, two people have the power of the immune soul chains.


The word appeared in Danny’s mind which, as of now the situation parajumpers outlet new york seems that this is indeed the final choice, just absorbing the energy of the human woman anode, yet absorbing, simply wait until a thorough digestion and absorption is complete, and that they able to completely become mature body at that time, and then get Dark fit, this http://www.gdqyec.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=123101 planet and then nobody can stop the pace of their occupation.

Think about the future he will become the king of the planet, the light God will give his great reward, by that time his family will become the pride of the light of God.

Thought of his bright future, Danny decided to stay at the Castle did not worry http://bbs.xianmenhu.cn/thread-66705-1-1.html about firewood, Thirty-Six, go for the best.

Sages created by human civilization is indeed extremely bright languages, each word have said their hearts. Danny a little sigh a bit, hit up his mind.

But, bailing is not so easy, does not want to go pay a price to pay, that is impossible.

Although the beat, but Danny absolutely sure it is safe escape, watching the two with a look of fierce like humans came to own, Danny, we know the time to escape.

In ancient magic wheel and iron preparations off this kid, get rid of this scourge time. Danny Heiran smile, arms an exhibition, was actually separated from the body of the ten parajumpers outlet online shop shadow, every shadow with the same smirk.

I have so many places at once, you know which one is the body.

Danny proud commanding avatar fled in all directions, while he took the opportunity to enter the light being reclusive, he’s the light of God, as http://luntan.zhgxrc.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=51273 long as the place is bright, he can achieve the perfect recluse.

Unfortunately, he’s playing very loud wishful thinking, the script did not go according to the story he wrote.

See Danny ten places at once fled in all directions, respectively, and the ancient magic iron wheel with a laugh, have a tacit agreement to deal with five, respectively, on a half points.

Iron Magic to shoot a bow of the body, the body generally grown as countless hedgehog spikes, violently one, buzzed, after parajumpers online a hurried sound, has not yet had time to escape from the hospital’s five avatar was dense spikes into five

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