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They found a boulder ready to rest. Before midnight by the ancient strong first vigil, he stared at the fire beating the flames, heart suddenly jumped when he remembered a very important thing!

Text Chapter 351 sniper rifle

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Lie in the eyes of the ancient flame mapping, this time in his eyes parajumpers outlet online just as there is a real flame beating, he also chug heart jumped up.

Came to Newington continent for so long, he almost forgot he was a professional sniper’s identity. During this time he also did not have enough time to study the simulation of new firearms, in fact, his heart is very clear that they most want to use a gun is still a sniper rifle.

Pistols, machine guns, he do not have any problem with it, much better than average, but only the most handy sniper rifle. Former spiritual parajumpers outlet force is insufficient, did not dare to think to simulate, and now enough spiritual power, he have time to think about this thing, so his heart, and could not help but to immediately come up with a sniper rifle to use with.

In fact, it can be said, the ancient Lie like to use a sniper rifle is one reason, and one reason is his lack of confidence in plans for the future, even if Chandler agreed to join the program, you can help him on the road to seize power will still be http://ttdifa.com/viewthread.php?tid=138909&extra= very difficult, while he is his biggest booster. Help Chandler is equivalent to help themselves, the ancient strong would certainly dedicated, can, after all, the face of the orcs, he always run ahead really do http://www.360pinxiao.com/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=120960&extra= not fly, his best long-range killing, as long as there is a sniper rifle in hand, he kind of world turned its momentum, without fear of any difficulty.

Ancient Lie using the war by war strategy, mental strength is very obvious progress, and now has more than 4,000 mental strength values, we can see how useful this time of training, I believe that before long, he was able to successfully cut.

Now can be successfully simulated machine guns, sniper rifles estimate should not have much difficulty, the most worry is that the bullet http://www.houseland.com.cn/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=1722634&extra= will need to consume much spiritual power.

Thought here, no longer hesitated ancient strong, began to prepare simulated sniper rifle.

Ancient Lie familiar for the sniper rifle, but let him not put it down model is very small, it is his duty, that they will be required to use China-made star semi-automatic sniper rifles, sniper rifles are light, firing range at 1,500 meters, maximum precision but also more than 1000 points.

Tell the truth, then, even he did not think homemade sniper rifle easy to use, yet the forces required, we must obey. Lie ancient times and was able to shoot the target success, of course, thanks to themselves, rather than firearms, he repeatedly used firearms experience and technology to make up the deficiency.

A joint parajumpers outlet store anti-drug operations in the mountains, he took nearly 20 pounds of weight sniper rifle, climbed a few tens of meters high on trees, lush foliage is his best bunker, also blocked most of his vision. But he is no way, the surrounding environment is poor, not even http://lunalance.orzweb.net/viewthread.php?tid=70559&extra= good enough shelter locations, and only old tree very consistent, but also allows the target to keep the best precision distance.

That kills very dangerous, he through the narrow gap between the branches of a large drug lords once in the head, can not wait to leave, it was drug dealers near martial law, he hid in the trees four or five days, only to end up eat leaves and drink their own urine for a living, only

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