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But suddenly, his sudden contraction of the pupil, his eyes widened, his face looked incredible.

Only the blink of an eye, Yun Yi rushed to the podium begins with the entrance next to appear in front of Martin.

A slender and delicate, even more beautiful than a woman appeared in a fraction of the white palm Martin’s eyes, and then severely pinch his neck.

Immediately cancel the gun launch! Yun Yi http://www.hytx.net.cn/Review.asp?NewsID=3243 ferocious command to.

Martin struggled a little one, it will become clear understanding of each other’s strength is his ability to break free no. He immediately understood that in front of this young man, that name before it is innate five mech master! Figured this joint, Martin without the slightest fear, but neurotic laughing.

Martin’s face due to poor blood flow, like drinking a few bottles of red spirits General: Ha ha ha, congenital five experts how? Beat my people and how? Handedly broke into my flagship, how? In front of me, and begged me not too? Ha ha ha, which can http://www.liren.mobi/bbs/read.php?tid=11201&displayMode=1 have a parajumpers online good command room several photographic devices, I will this scene properly recorded, after seeing Parajumpers Jackets Outlet that his father will be very happy.

Without further ado, immediately cancel the launch program!

Yun Yi at this time anxious to death, before looking like crazy, like laughing more than made redhead young, free hand on the keyboard quickly tapping. Capricorn and Aquarius ship ship is the same kind used by the operating system, cancel the launch of the program is the same. Several procedures to quickly Yun Yi entered into the brain light and smooth executed. While he was relieved when a box appears on the screen impressively, says a few parajumpers outlet online shop words.

Please enter your password.

Damn, the last step is actually a password! Yun Yi cursing loudly, turned round and keeping a close eye red-haired youth, the strength of strong holds hands a little, Martin rolled his eyes, caught in a lack of oxygen semi-conscious state.

Can even so, he still nervous laughing: Ask of me ah, hurry ask me ah! Innate five master and how, if you ask me, I am pleased, and maybe give you a password …… Keke ……

Yun Yi gritted his teeth, forehead red with rage.

Winnie, you immediately to solve the password! Yun Yi did not forget, there are AI Cubs their side. This password if it is for the Cubs, then up to twelve seconds will be able to break, this is a tough place artificial only.

Unfortunately, the ear immediately hear Bear’s voice: Boss, in the light of their brain into artificial intelligence, although it worse than me, you can also have a few minutes to crack ……

A few minutes? Up to thirty seconds of the time, the gun will shoot out!

Yun Yi mouth twitching, let him go to beg like a dead fish in front of the same guy, just as worse than kill him. But the thought of tens of thousands of soldiers on the other side in his one idea, he was hesitant.

However, these thoughts only in the cloud wing mind flashed, he decided to those soldiers’ lives as the most important.

As for his own face http://www.zuspa.cn/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=1831&do=blog&quickforward=1&id=1640 …… forget it, he was only an ordinary mech infantry only, what face.

He took a deep breath, face showed no emotion, looking constantly rolled his eyes always possible coma past Martin.

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