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Rogge win one million.

Roger, five hundred thousand.

Roger, two million.

Now as much as a full two hundred people, almost all of them took the money bet, ten waiters walking in a crowd holding a plate to accept everyone’s bets.

Finally figured out yet there are three bets as much as one hundred million, a figure far beyond everyone’s expectations, showing that the world’s wealthy people who never dared to bet a few, according to the head to count the words, almost everyone under the average one million.

All people are betting parajumpers outlet Rogge win, Nina is only one round of a one hundred million ancient propped countertops.

Three to one, the jackpot is very simple, if Nina won, ancient round one scored three million the contrary, the presence of all the people round the ancient divide a billion, this rate of return can not be considered low.

Little gamble, and eventually even affect bets as high as six million unique, this result is beyond everyone’s expectations, a person can not be surprised, all the people are holding their breath waiting for Nina and Roger between the winner.

Human nature is too heavy gambling.

At this point even the senior member of the upstairs room of the super rich who are also alarmed, and have looked at the following standing on the stairs above the chaos of the scene, one by one look of pride, like watching a group of beggars for a bread war in general.

Dawson, these people are too ridiculous, but several hundred million only, so many people are competing, we are human faces they gave disgrace. An old man smoking a pipe haughty look on the side of a the young man said.

Young man named Dawson looks that is twenty years old, wearing a decent suit tailoring, coupled with handsome tall figure as the ancient Greek gods in general faces, so that women who do have met with screaming of the capital.

This time his eyes were fixed on Nina’s body, which look with a kind of conquest, the young man looked around arms around Nina’s arm, jealousy and resentment made him feel angry feeling.

Such a beautiful girl should belong to me!

Dawson decide things nobody can change.

Nina did not know she had been to the eye, still chuckling looked around the bustling crowd, a small hand gently stroked front of dice cup.

Go ahead! To see all the people are already betting is completed, Nina looked Rogge said.

Well, you first or me first? Rogge took a deep breath and slowly said, although he have won the previous two, which gave him the sort of self-confidence, but after all, is the relationship of millions of money gambling, His heart is still a bit perturbed.

See you scared, do not do a one hundred million!, You go! Nina understatement dice cup onto Rogge will see her that way, it seems that an EVA penny have the same weight.

Rogge heard these words, was almost angry vomiting blood, if you do not put money in the eyes, give me ah! Why must you and I bet a high and low.

He’d also rude, took direct dice cup, opened looked inside the dice, white jade-like dice at the red dot is like a general eye staring at his heart, both greed and fear.

Take a deep breath, look dignified Rogge will be among the dice cup dice to fling one took up parajumpers online the dice cup, gently shake up among the tumbling dice cup dice issued parajumpers outlet by the crisp sound, every sound are beating the presence of all

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