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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

And now he had to the spot, and the old monster to be singled out.

Under the watchful eyes, Yi Su mech mech brisk flight to Mars in front, followed by slowly opening the cockpit.

Turned out to be empty! Old man watching a young man in the cockpit from the Ares armor, volley jump directly opposite the station Mech, the mind screamed. Meanwhile Sharp mind, the young man in the end which side represents strength, even with such a magical remote control system.

In fact, the planet surface remote control mech is not difficult, there spaceport satellite signals and a variety of support, control them quite easily.

But the difficulty lies in the fine control, such as Yi Su flew lightweight and can be relied on with Ares armor so close, parajumpers outlet online shop it is very difficult, but all the cherry speaking, but very relaxed.

Yi Su cockpit sat, watching familiar with, Yun Yi a deep breath, and suddenly felt a strong self-confidence!

Yi Su cattle master design, manufacture their own hands the strongest armor, has its companionship, he still has nothing to fear!

Under the control of the Yun Yi, Yi Su volley flipped, out behind the bear Liangbing sword, facing the opposite shouted: Thank you to the next head of adults the opportunity to fight a fair one. Next, let the next to experience Head of adult strength of it.

Well, as you wish!

The same old man shouted, flew Yun Yi opposite.

Whether or around the Royal Dragoon Guards, this time consciously back tens of kilometers. For them, the head of the dragoons, but at least four major congenital master, while the opposite that although the look young, but the same is not weak, but they also know that this person’s identity, is the mech contest the semi-finals One of the strength exhibited already reached innate three, who knows he has no hidden strength.

So stay away if war two large master some might next second I do not know where it will be shot to the Gaussian shelling, being mistaken for vampires.

Thirteen thousand meters from the sea level altitude, biting cold wind blowing.

Not far from the two mechs volley stare.


That silver armor rather abruptly raised his left hand, and instantly blue flash, a bunch of fast beam if the thunder went straight across the orange-red armor away, opened the prelude to the battle.

Text Chapter 42 Battle Dragoons (under)

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Yun Yi stable sitting, eyes locked with the opponent’s figure, two hands constantly outputs a variety of commands to control the Yi Su sat in the sky irregular movement, that are very hard to avoid each other’s artillery attack.

Meanwhile, the fire-breathing dragon on the shoulders of two Gaussian-type large-caliber guns have been completed empowerment, but he did not immediately fired. In opposite the station mech pilot performance and strength, unless when in surprise attack, otherwise Juenan hit.

Just opponent which guns, raising his hand to shoot parajumpers jackets from, and even half a second of the time are not.

If it were Yun Yi has been preoccupied watching every move of the opponent, but also see parajumpers outlet online shop the machine faster, plus Yi Su fairly good performance, this Kankan that escaped the sudden one

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

But suddenly, his sudden contraction of the pupil, his eyes widened, his face looked incredible.

Only the blink of an eye, Yun Yi rushed to the podium begins with the entrance next to appear in front of Martin.

A slender and delicate, even more beautiful than a woman appeared in a fraction of the white palm Martin’s eyes, and then severely pinch his neck.

Immediately cancel the gun launch! Yun Yi ferocious command to.

Martin struggled a little one, it will become clear understanding of each other’s strength is his ability to break free no. He immediately understood that in front of this young man, that name before it is innate five mech master! Figured this joint, Martin without the slightest fear, but neurotic laughing.

Martin’s face due to poor blood flow, like drinking a few bottles of red spirits General: Ha ha ha, congenital five experts how? Beat my people and how? Handedly broke into my flagship, how? In front of me, and begged me not too? Ha ha ha, which can have a parajumpers online good command room several photographic devices, I will this scene properly recorded, after seeing Parajumpers Jackets Outlet that his father will be very happy.

Without further ado, immediately cancel the launch program!

Yun Yi at this time anxious to death, before looking like crazy, like laughing more than made redhead young, free hand on the keyboard quickly tapping. Capricorn and Aquarius ship ship is the same kind used by the operating system, cancel the launch of the program is the same. Several procedures to quickly Yun Yi entered into the brain light and smooth executed. While he was relieved when a box appears on the screen impressively, says a few parajumpers outlet online shop words.

Please enter your password.

Damn, the last step is actually a password! Yun Yi cursing loudly, turned round and keeping a close eye red-haired youth, the strength of strong holds hands a little, Martin rolled his eyes, caught in a lack of oxygen semi-conscious state.

Can even so, he still nervous laughing: Ask of me ah, hurry ask me ah! Innate five master and how, if you ask me, I am pleased, and maybe give you a password …… Keke ……

Yun Yi gritted his teeth, forehead red with rage.

Winnie, you immediately to solve the password! Yun Yi did not forget, there are AI Cubs their side. This password if it is for the Cubs, then up to twelve seconds will be able to break, this is a tough place artificial only.

Unfortunately, the ear immediately hear Bear’s voice: Boss, in the light of their brain into artificial intelligence, although it worse than me, you can also have a few minutes to crack ……

A few minutes? Up to thirty seconds of the time, the gun will shoot out!

Yun Yi mouth twitching, let him go to beg like a dead fish in front of the same guy, just as worse than kill him. But the thought of tens of thousands of soldiers on the other side in his one idea, he was hesitant.

However, these thoughts only in the cloud wing mind flashed, he decided to those soldiers’ lives as the most important.

As for his own face …… forget it, he was only an ordinary mech infantry only, what face.

He took a deep breath, face showed no emotion, looking constantly rolled his eyes always possible coma past Martin.

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

God really is weird biological, if not they have a flame body care, I’m afraid he really want with the Dao. This direct attack brain nerve attack is definitely the most difficult to resist, no wonder it had in the pirate base, the pirates have become the Holy See soldiers who, in turn, become the enemy’s power.

Ancient wheel can imagine that if there is a light that five broken his flame shield themselves will be like lying on the ground, like Nina was sucking life energy and died.

As iron magic, the approach is more simple, direct himself into a ferritin, Na Liangdao strong light even then, can not play any role in the metal, the direct hit on ferritin dissipated.

Danny saw his last trump card is not the slightest effect, completely dumbfounded, he came to understand why human beings are called the most intelligent race, is that they have all sorts of strange and effective evolutionary way, you can make own a variety of different forces, thus improving their life forms.

Like just this two people, obviously have not a purely human, a person is flame, the other is a metal person, two people have the power of the immune soul chains.


The word appeared in Danny’s mind which, as of now the situation parajumpers outlet new york seems that this is indeed the final choice, just absorbing the energy of the human woman anode, yet absorbing, simply wait until a thorough digestion and absorption is complete, and that they able to completely become mature body at that time, and then get Dark fit, this planet and then nobody can stop the pace of their occupation.

Think about the future he will become the king of the planet, the light God will give his great reward, by that time his family will become the pride of the light of God.

Thought of his bright future, Danny decided to stay at the Castle did not worry about firewood, Thirty-Six, go for the best.

Sages created by human civilization is indeed extremely bright languages, each word have said their hearts. Danny a little sigh a bit, hit up his mind.

But, bailing is not so easy, does not want to go pay a price to pay, that is impossible.

Although the beat, but Danny absolutely sure it is safe escape, watching the two with a look of fierce like humans came to own, Danny, we know the time to escape.

In ancient magic wheel and iron preparations off this kid, get rid of this scourge time. Danny Heiran smile, arms an exhibition, was actually separated from the body of the ten parajumpers outlet online shop shadow, every shadow with the same smirk.

I have so many places at once, you know which one is the body.

Danny proud commanding avatar fled in all directions, while he took the opportunity to enter the light being reclusive, he’s the light of God, as long as the place is bright, he can achieve the perfect recluse.

Unfortunately, he’s playing very loud wishful thinking, the script did not go according to the story he wrote.

See Danny ten places at once fled in all directions, respectively, and the ancient magic iron wheel with a laugh, have a tacit agreement to deal with five, respectively, on a half points.

Iron Magic to shoot a bow of the body, the body generally grown as countless hedgehog spikes, violently one, buzzed, after parajumpers online a hurried sound, has not yet had time to escape from the hospital’s five avatar was dense spikes into five

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Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Consultations, but Qin industry but very vengeful, and is now the time to revenge.

Hanyue four parajumpers jackets online women although not quite understand why the Qin industry in the end so that they will be dressed to the Qing Ming Yuan, Jiu Jianxian eyes are straight degree, but looking at some of the Ming Yuan Qing reddening face, as someone who has them, how much but also to understand some of the relationship between the two certainly not normal.

Ah how this is going. In Ming Yuan Qing yet come to understand it is to be four women pull toward the side of the room in the past, the clothes kind of thing, of course, is not the man in front of Qin industry face no more.

Qin industry kid, you gourd which in the end is sold drugs. Nanban Mother puzzled questioning the Qin industry.

Unfortunately, Qin industry just smiled and shook his head, did not say anything, he wants is a sense of surprise, let people know in advance, and that can not be fun.

Zhao would accompany lying in bed, Qin industry quietly waiting Hanyue their results.

A little while, the closed door is slowly opened it.

Yellow plaid shirt dotted with ice trinkets, delicate neck is hung above the ice necklace, and light blue jeans that sucked Ming Yuan Qing slender legs, set off to the extreme, and Tsunade is also very fit, the use of thorns will draw a few jeans above lines, so that the legs more than a hint of wild feeling.

Of course, Ming Yuan Qing original plate with a bun, a change in the girls under, but also becomes a fourth concealed oblique bangs hair shawl.

How, our results good bar. Tsunade was very proud of the trio toward the Qin industry introduces their perfect work.

Yes, so beautiful, deep clean the original … So you can also so beautiful, what clothes the Central Plains, it becomes so confusing up. Nanban Mother looked somewhat envious Yuan Ming Qing.

Not enough, not enough, you want to make Jiu Jianxian wake up, so the shape is not enough. Qin industry shook his head, walked directly is in front of the Ming Yuan Qing.

Mother in Nanban surprised eyes, and stared out the action below Qing Yuan, Qin industry is directly above the two buttons of her dress down to the solution, large soft white skin has revealed a close look at it, a deep The business line is if the shadow if the current, Ming Yuan Qing capital actually not weak.

Ah react after the Qing Ming Yuan blushing This is looking a little caught up the clothes, and some do not trust two steps back, seems to want to avoid open Qin industry in general.

Qin industry Boy, what you do. Nanban Mother at this time is some anger stand in the Qin Ming Yuan Qing industry and the middle, she did not know why suddenly the Qin industry make such frivolous behavior.

Do you want to let the guy Jiu Jianxian wake up, if you want parajumpers outlet online shop it, then do not obstructed, a man would be jealous, this pay is necessary. Qin industry looking the same, Shining eyes staring Ming Yuan clear, very clear in his words, the Qing Ming Yuan can not be done to see parajumpers outlet new york her myself.

Gritted his teeth, thinking for a long time, Ming Yuan Qing finally your own clothes to put down, if you can make Jiu Jianxian change her mind, she does not mind paying a little bit, the girls have just explained, she also knows such a dress, in the Qin industry where they live is normal dress.