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Su state, South Uist from the landing to the present, he did not make too many fights, there are eighty percent or more residual energy, can support him for a high-intensity battle.

After checking, Yun Yi said softly: Sakura, can you hear my words?

A voice Parajumpers Jackets Outlet in his ears, it is Sakura’s voice: Oracles adults can be heard.

Yun Yi nodded with satisfaction, so the armor of light cherry Brain and its network connection together, so it can make use of cherry Yun Yi networks, grasp the base of all the trends. In fact, it would be the ability cherry Yun Yi on a test, since Yi Su brain in the manufacture of light, when it joined the strict and harsh anti-intrusion protection firewall. After completion of the manufacture of optical brain, Yun Yi find over twenty experienced hackers, Yi Su combined light on brain crack, took almost three days and two nights, before successfully cracked open, we can see that its security level high.

However, this situation does not appear in Sakura’s hands, just ten seconds later, the screen is a mech change, a clear display of the base of everything, Yun Yi wanted to see where, only a slight hands, the screen is the parajumpers online one side, extremely flexible.

Yun Yi went through praise: good magic hack, how do you do it.

Sakura: Oracles adults, each one can have primary electronic control, like this level of crack, if Sakura could break within three seconds to complete, it can evolve into intermediate smart.

Listen to it is to say, Yun Yi stunned always, it seems that some bad feeling uppermost, but the moment did not expect. When he wants to think carefully, the screen suddenly changed, the original living area Mech Warrior who has passed the lift, are marching to the underground storage area.

Yun Yi sneer: They must have thought someone entered here, but they did not parajumpers outlet think …… Yes, cherry, whether they are in the living area to see the situation here?

Cherry; Oracles adults, Sakura can find them hostile to you, after determining it as the rebels, Sakura had cut off their connection system for underground bases, can not see the situation here.

That’s good, ready to battle it. Entire defense on the rebels catch!

Yun Yi’s heart in a good mood, and truly become the masters of the intruder, and the defender has become a rebel, this is really wonderful ah.

Lift carrying capacity is very strong, nearly thirty units once transported mech down. These Mech Warrior Budokan cultivation mostly in between eight to ten, this place should be the mainstay of the base defense forces. With the lift getting close, these are not the intruder Mech Warrior mind, in their view, in such a tight defense under run came twenty-three enemy has been very great, but because the more underground bases wide, this sent thirty units mech. And who is responsible for the maintenance of which there are lines, they can not see the status of the underground base, speculation should be destroyed enemy lines, this result can not be viewed.

Laugh ……

As soon as the pressure release sound, a lift reached the ground, the thirty sets Mech Warrior swaggering down the elevators, gathered in exports, one of which came to the door switch mech office

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