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Rare materials needed.

On board, in addition to design armor, the Yun Yi Lin Mo snow every day and communicate. Although due to increasing distance, communication delay is growing, but the two never bored, as if one day without talking, my heart is not comfortable. Of course, Yun Yi mainly pseudo-Lin Mo snow from the front line where the understanding of information, in order to grasp the latest developments in the war.

Lin Mo Snow told him, and http://www.koalatour.net/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=39464 now the new United’s fleet has been gathered from the unicorn with a fortress nearest planet and have had no intention to attack, but to rely on the planet, began construction of military supply base.

Aware of the new trend of United States after the war for its intention to prepare a long-term, Yun Yi some admiration. It appears that the new United States also has a very distinguished generals marshal or staff, can be very clear analysis of the current situation of Chu Tang out. Presumably they already know, Chu Tang came to support all forces fortress unicorn, not http://www.fnb-alliance.com/plus/view.php?aid=1832 imagined so harmonious. While it is compelled by the situation and together confront the new United, but if over time, prolonged idle plus material consumption will continue to decline in morale, naturally someone will not help first to leave, as long as there is a warships leave, there will be the second ship, the third ship until the unicorn came to support the fortress warships leave, also to launch a general offensive of the time.

So, now the most disadvantaged of Chu Tang, is the new America’s long-term Parajumpers Jackets operational plans.

Lin did not know there is no sun come up with countermeasures, for which Lin Mo snow is not very clear, just tell him to communicate and parajumpers outlet grandfather, grandfather and although always a smile when she spoke, but intelligent Lin Mo snow still get a to capture a trace of sad.

But now, these things are not Yunyi need to be considered.

Distance to Unicorn fortress there were almost a month’s time, there is no close to reality, unable to close observation of the actual situation of the fortress unicorn, even Yun Yi there is no way to make countermeasures. Instead of wasting time to think about how to beat the new United’s fleet, might as well all the time to put into mech design work.

Starting from the base of the eighth day, the fleet finally arrived in Wiltshire star field leading xingzhou star field XW01 wormhole entrance.

And past the bustling wormhole now than a spaceship through the wormhole flow is clearly not as good as it used to. Although Qin Shou insurgency things that only a small number of people know that ordinary people do not know this, but is this small group of people are standing on the right or the wealth of Chu Tang most vertices, while usually through the wormhole Among the spacecraft, mostly http://www.syfz8.com/viewthread.php?tid=5498596&extra= these people have. Don Chu situation now, so that these people did not dare to act parajumpers jackets rashly, not to mention the same as before for offshore trade it. Maybe someday Fleet out, it was a warlord to stop all packed away, when the time is too late to regret.

Through the wormhole, and after ten days of flight through the wormhole two days later, the fleet finally arrived and the Unicorn fortress where the solid state star field, Cologne Commercial Union and the Kingdom of the adjacent state of Chu Yang Ming Star .

State of Chu Chu Tang star field star field among the eight, and the capital is not the only department where the Central Plains Changan star field bordering the star field, located in the cheap, by the people from here and wherever, will be dubbed a

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