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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Who is? You will never be an ordinary parajumpers online robot, this type of robot to recover destroyed already, you cheat others can not fool me.

Li old man, then as a thunder sounded in the hearts of 00,544.

Chapter 66 00544 text appears!

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I’m certainly not an ordinary robot, I was intelligent robots. 00544 metal head in the main chip crazy turn, flashed countless calculations, finally chose this answer.

Intelligent robot do? Li old man apparently did not believe the answer to 00544, he always felt that this robot if not a metal body, and people do not really see any difference.

USS seem distant light received orders, began to accelerate, accelerate toward the distant entered, but who do not know, they received after that horrible Abe Khan, will not come back.

00544 driving a spaceship madness escape, look back at ancient wheel and Eva embarrassed look, my heart is very anxious, he would have wanted to star on the Glenn Black Shark warships steal that ship over, but unfortunately, that ship master computer is directly connected to the headquarters of the Confederation above the Earth’s mastermind, with his strength is not enough to break the defensive mastermind without causing federal vigilance, had the second best, stole an ordinary battleship ran out.

Since he knew the ancient round out the shortage disappeared above the heart will be very anxious, that planet has disappeared in an explosion among the stars, and he was placed in the body of the life of ancient wheel sensor signal nor, as these, his parajumpers jackets online shop total control chip was almost burned too fast because of computing, but fortunately, all of a sudden let him see the life of the ancient round reaction may signal sensing area turned out to be far away from the Glen star meteorite band, which makes him feel very strange, so desperate, among a host intrusion cruise fleet, transferred out of a cruise ship.

Although the cruise ship does not have a staff, but this is for a robot, nothing, only need a computer, he can control a battleship combat.

Ancient round will be blood in his body lost Eva, watching the blood flow of blood into the body of Eva, Eva had pale gradually restored a hint of color, long eyelashes moved, opened his eyes, see ancient wheel sits to his side, took care of a pair of eyes watching parajumpers online among themselves, can not help but play a glimmer of waves.

I’m still alive. Eva remembered that horrible twisted angel, his pride scorpion armor turned in front of him even vulnerable.

Think Abe Khan smashed his arm bloody scene, Eva turned to look at his arms, and sure enough, a pair of arm all disappeared, shoulders bloody place, although already after simple treatment, but there is still shocking .

Ancient round saw Eva eyes being lost, that she lost both arms for themselves and feel sad, hurried comfort: Do not worry, I will be able to think of a way to get you to re-grow his arm.

00544 to hear the words of the ancient round, smiled and said: I never thought, even after reputed interstellar scorpion is such a beautiful young girl, do not be afraid, Orcs gecko family genes can make your arm regeneration, Before this, I can.