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Between, if only live one, you will not blame me? Ancient Lie said suddenly, his voice as if to make farewell.

Ancient strong, I want to live …… Dolly parajumpers outlet strong towards the ancient cry, I want to die, I really do not want to die!

Dolly, I want to live! Ancient Lie shook his head firmly fixed on Dolly.

Ancient strong, it seems that you do not care if she dies Well, I’ll give you! Shenhua completely lost patience, Dolly shot an arrow toward the past.

Split between the ancient strong draw an arrow suddenly, even without looking to pull the bowstring, a Yinmang Tuoxian out, then heard the ding sound, Shenhua bow shot not far away from the Dolly now being Danfei!

This situation even Shenhua did not think before she reacts ancient cross bow strong right hand, and his left hand a shake, USP45 it in my hand, bang, Dolly right arm strapped people overturned go parajumpers jackets sale down.

Shenhua Jiling, Philo up reported that the Nile near the town appeared to have a gun, but were not taken seriously. Today she witnessed, that person has a gun, it is an attempt to get rid of the water repair the city’s people, the news is too important, so she immediately gave up the plan to kill the ancient strong, the case must be returned to this message water repair the city.

Series of actions but a blink of an eye it, crying before Dolly are also false, it is carried out by chance to work with ancient strong eye contact, but also developed a plan.

They can be said to tacit cooperation, Dolly right to restore freedom after his pocket a piece of gauze, no other person has left react directly cover his mouth and nose, regardless of what action the man, that is not let go, and soon the man fell to his knees.

The effect of anesthetic solution good, Dolly every time out will take two gauze soaked with anesthetic solution just in case, no one thought to spend even today.

Ancient Lie see Dolly danger, immediately bow aiming Shenhua, a stone’s throw shot out.

Lumbar Spinal Shenhua a whole person moving fast, did not hit consecutive two arrows.

Dolly come! Ancient Lie shouted, USP45 again in hand.

Do not tamper with!

Dolly had left two steps, stand on the neck of a blade, scared she quickly stood, the ancient strong too stupid, did not even think Shenhua speed so fast, just a blink of an eye to Dolly side.

Ancient strong, do you really think I would so good deal? Shenhua sneered, If you do not rely on, and I’m a man entice a grizzly bear it?

Ancient Lie slowly moved to the parajumpers parka outlet right, has been facing Dolly, but it is not silly Shenhua, the ancient strong move, she took Dolly move has been blocked in front of her.

Ancient Lie, the bow throw! Shenhua Li He said, or I’ll kill him!

Ancient Lie stopped, right hand of a Young, will Starchaser bow aside.

Gun, the gun also threw! Shenhua see him not moving, once again threatened, Hurry up, or I’ll kill her!

Lie looked ancient, threw the gun in the middle of the two sides, Shenhua is not picking up, do not pick no.

She suddenly took a few steps backwards Dolly, said: pick up the gun, threw my feet!

Yi Yan Gu Lie stepped forward, picked up the pistol firmly fling, fall Shenhua feet.

Dolly wink kept the name, the ancient strong shook her head, her hands in Shenhua, they can not frivolous, but also needs

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