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At the time of a Mu playfully, cries of Rights clothing damaged voice, accompanied by Ju Chuan Yeah! Bang. They finally completed.

Kamjove Mu turned away, though because someone has stood up and did not look carefully, but it is a breeze waft Qunjiao can still see smooth thigh fat times and purple Parajumpers Jackets edges. This is ambiguous without cover more attractive than the essence of ah!

Obviously brand-name goods to say! Natural stay angry ……

Fashion and life which is more important? Saeka child remains calm.

Both are! Natural stay victory.

…… Neglected certain Mu speechless.

Ah! This screams came from the front. The two men refused to give awakened.

Staff room? Saeka son first rushed out, and instantly forgot damaged clothes and a look of hatred Ju Chuan also funny kamjove Mu followed.

In the staff room door corridor scene, instantly make heard a burst of horror comes Morohito!

A pink double ponytail girl weeping turned away, but straight into the hands of the drill, but toward the dead body of her brain. Red and white liquid splash everywhere!

I’ve had enough! Daddy! Girl moaning and bloody moments that make everyone all shocked.

But this time had no control of these efforts, and there have been dead body to hear the voice which gather over here.

Come on the left. Saeka child first to react, facing three ordered, arrived one day, while he rushed to the right.

Understanding! Three answers, rushed up. It is separated just before Miyamoto Korea and her current and former boyfriend, see kamjove Mu burst of curiosity, do the three decided 3P Mody? So harmony ……

Obviously, this trio is not Saeka child’s intuition, for kamjove Mu evil did not feel. Miyamoto Korea is still out of the Parajumpers Jackets Women Gobi Monkey King Bar mop parajumpers parka outlet pole waving effect, under the cover of her boyfriend in the two continued to pierce the dead body of the head. Just a little more than Saeka kamjove Mu Son and two more seconds of time to get their side of the enemy.

Kamjove Mu now has one foot kicked the Siwuquanshi dead body from the earth, will double ponytail girl caught pulling up the collar.

Hello? Hear it? Watching girls still was shouting even want to drill outstretched, kamjove Mu instantly uncomfortable ……

Pops! Two crisp sound after the girl finally wake up, will burst into the hands of drill loosen blankly staring kamjove Mu. Wow finally cried out.

High city! You guys! Pink admirers and childhood, could not, rushing together.

Bass sound sober, they looked at the two men at the same time cross-neck blade not move it.

There vitality is good, but also distinguish the occasion better, I do not mind a few dead bodies of manslaughter. Kamjove Mu smile let two burst scared.

Mu-jun. Saeka son came over, Now is not the time infighting!

If they can understand this point, then. Kamjove Mu Put your sword and turned to leave. Let the forward position to the two gallant.

I was 3 years Class A poison Island Saeka son ye therefore …… Saeka child see kamjove Mu leave, turn around and just met a few people greet road.

In the last year, winning the national competition poison island sister school, right? I rifles surgery unit Miyamoto Korea. Thanking you in advance!

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