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Is no danger, and the scenery, although the United States, can only be brought back his moment of emotion, in the final analysis practice is the last word, nothing can stop him become strong determination.

Well, you two will also start watching a practice, do not think we could have been here, only ten days of the time, and so the evening passed, we have to go back and then kill the monster. Qin industry slightest blunt against two girls want to walk around everywhere shouted.

Cut this kid really boring. Cheng Yuqing Meng could not help but complain against one up.

But go complain complain that seriously, when the Qin Cheng Yuqing but do not have the slightest difference to the industry, complaining finished, Cheng Yuqing sat down directly in place, perhaps this is what she is now even more powerful than the Qin industry the most direct cause .

Shan Cheng Yuqing Meng looked pique and without the slightest expression of Qin industry, she is also a direct sat down, and now two people have been pulled down to her, she did not want that farther and farther away.

Proficiency ten days of the week, and feel very fresh aura between heaven and earth in the transformation of the body, three are chosen at this time to seriously practice, and that feels really too good.

Just twelve hours, the original strength at 2: 20/100 Qin industry pleasantly surprised to find their own strength has reached 4: 80/300 experience, a full thirty-six Zhou, where the practice seems meridians did not feel pain, it can be said as long as time permits, they want to practice how Zhou are possible.

Another huge experience parajumpers jackets gobi also will Qin industry by surprise, you know kill 30 blue-eyed golden eagle when it gives the experience of 7000, while Cheng Yuqing because it is alone took the credit for 7000, Qin industry and single sprout some equally sad reminder of the experience, but just one night practice he gains experience nearly ten thousand, and with the strength level of increase, seems to get more and more experience, four of proficiency for each one Zhou will provide 40 points of experience, coupled parajumpers jackets with the addition of ten times, Qin industry grew more and more comfortable ah.

Call, has but five seconds of the time, single Meng and Cheng Yuqing also withdrew from the practice of the state, watching the two faces obvious joy, Qin know their industry and their own harvest is certainly extremely a lot of money.

Well, what is the word to go out that in practice here, but a waste of time. Qin industry slightest parajumpers jackets outlet unkind toward two girls said.

Just yet ready to say what the extent of Yuqing Pieliaopiezui, Qin industry full of bureaucracy, but now this guy, I really do not know what she was eating the wrong medicine, the meeting so a pirate ship.

Back to the dormitory inside, then the smell of blood seems particularly prominent, frowned, Qin industry asked, You two talk about the effects of a night, and I need to know the situation, in order to better arrange the next combat deployment.

Yesterday my strength proficiency reached 3: 190/200, the harvest of nearly 5,000 experience, strength, and yesterday it actually makes no difference. Shan Meng first to talk about his own situation.

With single Meng said after export Cheng Yuqing then said, Maybe it was because my strength level to be higher than you some of my proficiency also just reached 3: 190/200, but I harvested nearly 15,000 experience and wanted to upgrade strength after night, the experience gained should be more of the

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