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Want parajumpers jackets to get others to respect, just how high is useless, the strength of the job must also appropriate. Two small captain has seven close eight of strength, and now on the old man so respectful, estimated that he must also have at least eight upward strength, even close to nine.

Heart with the idea forward, instant insight into the eye open, the ancient intense surprise, the old man who burst out monstrous flame, burning flame that indicates the level of the old man is at least eight pinnacle.

A spiritual force just getting started seven masters would dare to celebrate the city to make trouble, really not called! The old man a heavy hum, said to Santo face? Face are earned by themselves, and I have to look up in front of Santo , but you generally small insects!

Lie on the ancient cynicism is no good, he gently shook his head and motioned the old man did not say of these nutrients, then broke and said: I am not here to celebrate the city finding fault, but come to find someone!

Old housekeeper cold channel: looking for someone? Or leave that matter to solve it!

The elderly, I respect you older than I, but does not mean I’m afraid of you, does not mean that the strength level, if that is the case, these people do is their own fall? Ancient strong one refers to those members of the fallen guards I know Liu potential, can be since I arrived, it must have relied, the elderly do not look down upon me to regret it when too late!

Regret? Old housekeeper suddenly laugh few times, I have not done a long time regret things, and today really want to taste the taste of regret! He waved, you withdraw parajumpers outlet store it!

Some people immediately go help the injured, leaving only two captains and a few players.

Ask not name it! Old housekeeper came Xianting line step-like front not far from the ancient strong.

Ancient Lie!

Ancient strong …… old housekeeper a nod, Come on, let me see, how did you make me regret it! His eyes suddenly a condensate, flashing little Hanmang, Warning you cry, alone gun I can not win!

He Daohai be honest, this time also verbally reminded.

Ancient Lie smiled, did not expect to have spiritual power is seven masters, people are still being looked down upon. Originally thought spiritual guru great deterrent force, it now appears, in front of forcibly, entry-level master really is not even on the table are not.

Old housekeeper at gunpoint, the ancient Lie did not intend to his life, just trying to frighten about it, just in case things blow up, is not conducive to find Dolly.

Good gun! Old housekeeper smiled, not even a little afraid, Do you know, guns, although very powerful, can be divided on who, if I am to this level, but also afraid of guns, then it really should joke dead!

I understand! But you must understand that you are not afraid of guns, does not mean I’m not afraid of hand gun! Lian force and spirit must be graded, are indiscriminate gun do?

Ancient Lie face with a smile, the last word was finished, suddenly hook the trigger, the bullet in the old housekeeper’s surprised look in the lasing.

Normalized surprise surprise, the old housekeeper, but at this time to show his strength, the whole person gently flash, they dodge bullets trajectory.

However, not wait for him to adjust better posture, parajumpers jackets gobi second tone heard gunshots.

Old housekeeper a stare, riveted ancient Lie, head left a crooked, escaped the second rounds of ammunition, then his eyes a stare.

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