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Hou Xu g can not think, on the next day, he enjoyed a golden ribbon treatment. He merely look through the heart Qinliang enjoy beer, as well as with Ada and Jeff boast of fun. This life is his love, this life is his familiar. Following the last adventure in the life and death struggle space, as well as the Lord God forced poor living parajumpers jackets women space inside again after entering such a happy hour, let him have a warp feeling.

The only pity is that in this bar inside, Xu Ke did not find a suitable prey – a hot and sexy, but are single Niuzai, otherwise everything would be perfect.

Of course, beer, although the United States is still not enough to make him forget his mission. In the chat, he rightly filed a read capability, unfortunately, regardless of Ada or Jeff are not familiar with this, and even heard have not heard.

It seems this is called read capability, in this world is not well known, but in a limited population secret spread, as if the world of Harry Potter’s magic.

With a little bit tipsy, Xu g drank beer in the hands of the cup, there is no rebid. Three people have the game tomorrow, so do not let myself get drunk, but at about the same time, they left the bar together.

In farewell, very solemnly invited Jeff Hsu grams to his hometown to play, someday come to my home, I’ll take you taste the freshest most delicious golden ribbons.

Chapter XIV body first defeat

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Already the second day of the second game, the 50th floor before Xu Ke won a very easy victory. Not to say that the opponent is not strong, but the body of the quality of the average, and the attack up large-scale cooperation of the players, for Xu Ke concerned, it is wonderful to predict it. Plus they compare Ada as resisting ability, a few rounds down, he was promised g easy KO.

In accordance with the rules of the game, winning in the first case, the player can choose the day of a game more. The results came sixty layer Xu Ke, it happened to be arranged with Jeff competing against.

Came to power, two people are very friendly to each other a greeting.

Win people to drink beer, oh please. Xu g joking.

Jeff nodded, Yes.

But friendship is friendship, the game is the game. Whether or Jeff Xu Ke, are not prepared to lose the parajumpers jackets gobi game.

When the referee announced the start of the race after Xu Keli carved into resonance with the natural state of awareness to the highest moment in his body around 2 meters range, crystal clear.

Then he found that doing a bit redundant.

Jeff’s action is very simple and obvious, but also quite slow. This kind of action, even if there is no Superman ordinary perception, but also it is easy to see clearly.

His body a little bow, hands outstretched, one last look, either side, fingers open, as if the two large palm-leaf fan, like the front of the body, from head to waist position, the whole block in the back.

Maintain such a gesture, he slowly and steadily, step forward left foot, take parajumpers parka outlet a step.

Very small step, almost standing still almost.


Then he paused, and took his left foot, step out of an almost constant

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