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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Appeared in the back of the child and the Suez force between Momo, Momo blocking the line of sight.

His head, a yellow light flashing.

Momo action suddenly paused.

This middle-aged man, is her substitute, Prince Andrew Brahma.

Whenever Momo in danger, when this substitute will automatically pop out, a complete end to dangerous things out.

At the moment, the horse Prince suddenly squat, single fist as if crushing force like hitting the snow.

Fist falling snow on the ground motionless, seemingly Zhe Yiquan does not exist in general.

Spear tip reappear in Momo’s eyes.

At this moment, time parajumpers outlet store seems to solidify lived.

Just spear pierced soon Momo moment, the earth suddenly violently shaking up.

Suez force hard riding huge horseshoe on the ground, again skid. Spear point also crooked, wiping Momo’s neck slip past.

The same time, far away, Hyde is located on the top of the hillside.

Hyde seriously with computer screens, watching the battle inside the town, ready to launch a missile attack.

He felt the ground shaking, but did not lift the head. As a science to otaku, he certainly knows what is happening is an earthquake, but he also knows that this level of earthquake did not cause any harm.


On his side not far from the giant sniper rifle issued a special sliding sound, it should be because of the earthquake’s sake, leading to its ground fixtures loose.

Hyde turned to look, and sure enough as he thought.

He stood up and wanted to put a good sniper rifle, but I do not know how, and his legs up in the moment,760,500,537,225,237,1505,1772,234,1284,426,739,725,1259,3&comments_order=DESC#comments in the sudden loss of strength.

Perhaps it is because maintaining a sitting posture for too long, so some blood does not flow.

This is a very common thing.

Hyde’s body was about to stand up and sat back, out of knee-jerk reaction, he reached the front of the body help on the console.

Fingertip focus of the problem is a round button with the fingertips touching down depression.


Hear the sound of electronic ignition sounded beside Hyde’s body suddenly called the Cold War, stunned look to the side of the missile.

At this point, Momo has just escaped the spear, turned a somersault.

Damn! Suez force in heart cursed, why today I will always slide?

Gait, so that his assault slow down.

Suez force just to adjust the body, continue to kill Momo, the body side, but suddenly came staggering chill.

Lu ring hidden magic spells against the body emerges from the air.

Ice meteor, is her most powerful spells, but also consumes the largest one. Of course she will not forget to add it to the seven law books inside.

She rarely use this spell, but each use, are able to produce good results. This is no exception.

Silver ice meteor middle Suez force horse hip, as if not eternal moment of quiet blue ice began to spread in the abyss of the body surface until it is completely covered.

Issued after the ice meteor, north of the abyss again three steps forward, one step slower than the step. His body magic ring to Lu turn to the side where the arm began to shorten spear change, it seems to become another weapon.

Just at this moment, snow-covered finish, Suez force of the body still down, completely solidified into an parajumpers jackets women ice parajumpers outlet online sculpture.

Lvhuanhuankan focus

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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

What matters, then he came out outcrop, embarrassed smiles: Nothing, I thought empty, actually a lift!

Gangster are grateful snorted disdainfully, such things are worthy of exclamation points, it really is only a small gang leader, have not seen much of the world!

Old men came strong call Amdo, but also very close and said: Be careful, following which relatively small!

When the man came after the ancient force a strong foot step, down a descending elevator suddenly scared that people suddenly screams loudly!

Text Chapter 207 plot (middle)

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Scream coming out from the entrance, the crowd scared again, followed hears Amdo men shouted: Nothing, elevator down! Everyone was a little relieved.

Elevator uniform down, looked at Amdo ancient men a strong, Meihuazhaohua general asked: Amdo boss on how are you?

The man inclined him, without a word, great organization and discipline.

Do not speak, then forget it! Ancient strong shrugged, immediately said suddenly, Do not hit my mind, there is no me, no one get in ancient ruins, this is just a portal only, not really into the ancient ruins it !

The man stature suddenly a stiff, then slowly relax, Lie with ancient little distance between the slightly opened.

Room where the people are very nervous, Dolly say it is the most relaxed, and down once before, probably know what next, do not worry about something bad might happen ancient Lie To worry about it, that really is for men Amdo worry, followed by the ancient Lie down, I’m afraid Parajumpers Jackets not live long.

Three chiefs also parajumpers jackets outlet look different, especially wave, they have been ranked in third down, a little too forward, did not meet the emergency brother rushed in front of the truth.

Hui dyke boss seems to have realized the anxiety, the opening proposal and said: Boss, third or I go on, I believe in my strength, ancient too strong in the following not afford to turn the storm!

Be careful he has a gun! Ando said with lukewarm.

Hui dyke hint of sneer, said: In the face of absolute power, nothing else! This he did and Berkeley somewhat similar concept.

I do not know how deep the elevator down, Amdo men faint feeling some anxiety, but can not tell where that right.

Suddenly the foot of a real elevator did not move, the ancient Lie said: It should be in the end, I go out parajumpers jackets women and see!

He pulled an old strong, shook his head and said: I see! In fact, he does not want to go out, outside the dark one, do not know what can be the boss commanded, must not be allowed to run the ancient strong, so Even fear, nor shrink back half a step.

Ancient strong shrugged indifferently and said: Then you come! He moved to the next move, given enough space for that person to go out.

The dagger in his hand, the man goes out gingerly, suddenly pop sound, become a shining outside, the man screamed, eyes are a pale, could not see anything.

Here is a few hundred meters deep underground, he could not cry reached the top, the ancient fierce smile to go out to the top of the elevator seemed to sweep there are people waiting, automatic upward.

The man rubbed his eyes in panic, no matter how rubbing, see is a pale. He did not.

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Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Rescued, and these people may take the opportunity to kill more than a few heads vary Warcraft, with the power of fruit monster who upgrade their strength, so these humans only one was strong around the corner.

That generals looked around four weeks high spirits of the soldiers and freedom fighters, and finally their eyes fixed in a forest song body, underground passage which freedom fighters who were good strong flavor.

Although Lin song did not speak, but the strong temperament undoubtedly exposed, even if he stood among a group of people, but also gives people a sense of stand out.

That generals who look nodded with satisfaction, and then Stern said: Everyone listen up, we are now starting to go outside the city encircled rescued brother.

The text of Article IX crawling system can vary Warcraft

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That generals spoke on the occasion, everyone’s head appears above a huge whirlpool, whirlpool and then dropping, enveloped their bodies up.

Second space was opened.

Space in front of the crowd began to distort, until calm again parajumpers jackets women when the City of Hope everyone has been opened up by the enormous power of the wormhole sent outside the city.

Front of a dozen large trucks lined up in front of these people, Lin Song as freedom fighters who are not on the military side of a truck last.

Finally a truck forty to fifty per parajumpers jackets outlet capita is not an official city soldiers, but has a strong body of freedom, and now they are collectively known as freedom fighters.

Freedom fighter who is also holding the hands of a variety of metal swords, an eagerly look, it seems they fight monsters in the wild and they must Parajumpers Jackets account for a lot cheaper, so will seem so excited.

In front of a dozen military trucks on the upswing are wearing the same leather armor of the soldiers, many people also carrying shoulder-fired missiles and shoulder bazooka a class of heavy weapons.

However, these soldiers, but the overall strength of the rearmost freedom fighters than weaker, which is two thousand to three thousand points the power point, the look on their faces is barely more, absolutely no excitement as those freedom fighters.

The reason why the soldiers did not appear before the end of the world looks like heavy gun ammunition, but do little practical use.

After the end of the world, even the weakest different World of Warcraft, military rifles guns are difficult to shoot through their protective body armor, unless it is a kind of heavy weapons bazooka they can cause some damage, but said the destruction, not as a general sword come fast.

For more than two thousand different points of Warcraft fighting force, due to their movement speed has exceeded the speed of sound research, even if they are fired against, they will be lightning fast body bypass.

But this time the soldiers go out with freedom fighters, even the weakest person, who also has three thousand points fighting force, they naturally do not need to use up those little power, but also bring trouble bazooka.

After the end of the world, easy to carry, after processing of the metal sword envoy city became the strong favorite, but the more valuable the more sharp-edged sword, if the forest song come to redeem his Excalibur dragon meters, there is absolutely a way to make people can not imagine astronomical.

My name is Lanfang, what is your name?

Sitting across from a beautiful song forest friendly girl asked.

Girl sitting in the shed, her feet wearing one.

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Saturday, October 19th, 2013

? Qin industry looked at four single Meng asked three of them to remove snow cold room, only one room left, he has to do to stay above the sofa wallowing prepared.

You and me a room. Cheng Yuqing, said without the slightest due.

Amount Yuqing ah, what are you too straightforward it, only one room, do not you let them fight the room again, and others do, Qin industry face smile looked away Yuqing.

You and me a room. I am also a room with you. My brother, Ke Qing is also a room with you.

Three sounds almost alphabetical order rang, Qin industry head instantly a big circle, he never found his charm when so big, so many women stay in the same room with him inside, not To him sick.

I do parajumpers outlet store not see well, or they have a room, I will be on the sofa will be on the line above, there are also very comfortable. Qin industry has begun to emerge above the forehead sweating, and gentle, heroic mound, but now he looked each of the four women look pretty, can not help but swallowed, just do not have the heart to truly reject ah.

PS: parajumpers jackets women seeking collection, find the red ticket, left, we continue to support ah

Text Chapter 78 Pressure Power

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Chapter 78 Pressure Power

Idiot, you reject what kind of strength ah, do not you will not be able to stay in a room inside and they practice it, anyway, you do not have to sleep with.

Hanyue cold voice from the minds of the Qin industry pass out.

For oh, anyway, is in a previously inside the house, when and where cultivation is not the same, want to understand the future, Qin industry mood suddenly relaxed a lot.

Some of the girls looked unhappy look, Qin industry relieved said, Well, a room to a room, you are not afraid of a few women come forward, I am a big man do not be afraid.

Ah? Although this guy agreed, but the girls clearly hear it, this guy actually ready and handed them all one room, the heart is not too few.

They also prepared on what to say when the cold weather but the snow is coming back at this time, women were outside the hustle and bustle of voices heard, that the roots of the roots of Court Court, floor to ceiling windows looking out over the scene, Qin parajumpers outlet store industry can not help but have some mixed feelings together.

Haha, surely this is the Qin industry brothers, really Yan Fu did not light ah, Yan Fu did not light ah. An heroic voice came over from the outside, come quickly appeared in front of the Qin industry.

Come is a bald Han, thick eyebrows, heroic discourse between the gas filling and strode toward the Qin industry toward him, behind him is a difference with the blood of the gas to kill an ordinary young man, There is also a body of water element energy fluctuations extremely white robe handsome young man.

These are specialist? Qin industry frowned, looked cold snow, these people are coming back with her and wanted to cold snow should know their bottom line.

Some hate cold snow a few people watching this, these are not invited her over, since they

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Friday, October 18th, 2013

Hou Xu g can not think, on the next day, he enjoyed a golden ribbon treatment. He merely look through the heart Qinliang enjoy beer, as well as with Ada and Jeff boast of fun. This life is his love, this life is his familiar. Following the last adventure in the life and death struggle space, as well as the Lord God forced poor living parajumpers jackets women space inside again after entering such a happy hour, let him have a warp feeling.

The only pity is that in this bar inside, Xu Ke did not find a suitable prey – a hot and sexy, but are single Niuzai, otherwise everything would be perfect.

Of course, beer, although the United States is still not enough to make him forget his mission. In the chat, he rightly filed a read capability, unfortunately, regardless of Ada or Jeff are not familiar with this, and even heard have not heard.

It seems this is called read capability, in this world is not well known, but in a limited population secret spread, as if the world of Harry Potter’s magic.

With a little bit tipsy, Xu g drank beer in the hands of the cup, there is no rebid. Three people have the game tomorrow, so do not let myself get drunk, but at about the same time, they left the bar together.

In farewell, very solemnly invited Jeff Hsu grams to his hometown to play, someday come to my home, I’ll take you taste the freshest most delicious golden ribbons.

Chapter XIV body first defeat

Elegant house update: 201271 16:51:00 words in this chapter: 2194

Already the second day of the second game, the 50th floor before Xu Ke won a very easy victory. Not to say that the opponent is not strong, but the body of the quality of the average, and the attack up large-scale cooperation of the players, for Xu Ke concerned, it is wonderful to predict it. Plus they compare Ada as resisting ability, a few rounds down, he was promised g easy KO.

In accordance with the rules of the game, winning in the first case, the player can choose the day of a game more. The results came sixty layer Xu Ke, it happened to be arranged with Jeff competing against.

Came to power, two people are very friendly to each other a greeting.

Win people to drink beer, oh please. Xu g joking.

Jeff nodded, Yes.

But friendship is friendship, the game is the game. Whether or Jeff Xu Ke, are not prepared to lose the parajumpers jackets gobi game.

When the referee announced the start of the race after Xu Keli carved into resonance with the natural state of awareness to the highest moment in his body around 2 meters range, crystal clear.

Then he found that doing a bit redundant.

Jeff’s action is very simple and obvious, but also quite slow. This kind of action, even if there is no Superman ordinary perception, but also it is easy to see clearly.

His body a little bow, hands outstretched, one last look, either side, fingers open, as if the two large palm-leaf fan, like the front of the body, from head to waist position, the whole block in the back.

Maintain such a gesture, he slowly and steadily, step forward left foot, take parajumpers parka outlet a step.

Very small step, almost standing still almost.


Then he paused, and took his left foot, step out of an almost constant

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Industry performance Well, Cheng Yuqing or will not stingy send their kiss, give Qin industry a little encouragement, of course, there is no chance of Qin industry or mouth to touch the mouth experience, every time he wanted to go further in time, Cheng Yuqing always thinking of ways to avoid him, to let him see to eat less, where anxious.

I know, take a bath on bathing Well, it is necessary so violent thing, or a single tender sprouting come. Qin industry will accidentally rubbing his ears when his own mind to speak out.

Ah? Do you mean I’m not gentle. Cheng Yuqing face suddenly became pale, as if Qin industry do not give her a satisfactory statement, today is not ready to let go of the Qin industry.

Over, just how so careless, forget it or the first foot, and without a bath, and others to come, is probably really use such a dirty look see people.

The amount, so many days without a bath, body good hard ah, Yuqing me first go parajumpers jackets women take a bath, and you and I do not grab anyone who and I grab me and her anxious. Having Qin industry did not dare look away Yuqing reaction, come up with their maximum speed toward the second floor of the room came over.

Because this Court has always had roots people to take turns cleaning, although there is a month’s time did not come back, but there is still room to go when kept clean and parajumpers jackets women tidy, for all this, Qin industry are very satisfied.


Comfortable Qin industry washing the bath was very refreshing came out from the bath room inside, but when he came out, the girls are already sitting in a chair, do not pull the top, perhaps because there is no relationship between the bath, They actually did not go to that one large bed lying down.

Washing Well is not it, since you have a good wash, then I went to take a bath, but if you later some I may go up. Tsunade stood up from his chair face, walked in front of the Qin industry, Gently pick a bit of Qin industry chin.

This woman is really more like teasing myself, Qin industry somewhat reluctantly shook his head, used also good, just a little joke, really let Tsunade to how he was, I am afraid that Tsunade also not yet.

Go downstairs is already come, we will not go above. Shan Meng said soft downstairs toward the Qin industry situation.

Ah, I know, but if you want to go, do not like to see me when you wear it, be sure to yourself wrapped up and then go on. Qin said, looking serious industry, the question of his incomparable care and to avoid the slightest flaws.

To be honest he was a bit overbearing in this regard will be jealous for his woman, Qin industry is definitely not allow others to meddle, even slightly worn some do not want to expose him.

Even if these are not his woman, but the thought of someone else and he had the same treatment, this guy’s heart began to hell up.

Well, we know, you can rest assured to go on, we are waiting for you in the above Oh, remember to come Parajumpers Jackets back early ah. Cheng Yuqing little hands pulled the Qin industry body wrapped in a towel, it is ambiguous against Qin industry ear blew a hot air.

Amount, which has to tease a witch, Qin industry swallowed some difficult, if not take into account the feelings of Cheng Yuqing, he has long been a bear.

Touch the door was Qin industry