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Appeared in the back of the child and the Suez force between Momo, Momo blocking the line of sight.

His head, a yellow light flashing.

Momo action suddenly paused.

This middle-aged man, is her substitute, Prince Andrew Brahma.

Whenever Momo in danger, when this substitute will automatically pop out, a complete end to dangerous things out.

At the moment, the horse Prince suddenly squat, single fist as if crushing force like hitting the snow.

Fist falling snow on the ground motionless, seemingly Zhe Yiquan does not exist in general.

Spear tip reappear in Momo’s eyes.

At this moment, time parajumpers outlet store seems to solidify lived.

Just spear pierced soon Momo moment, the earth suddenly violently shaking up.

Suez force hard riding huge horseshoe on the ground, again skid. Spear point also crooked, wiping Momo’s neck slip past.

The same time, far away, Hyde is located on the top of the hillside.

Hyde seriously with computer screens, watching the battle inside the town, ready to launch a missile attack.

He felt the ground shaking, but did not lift the head. As a science to otaku, he certainly knows what is happening is an earthquake, but he also knows that this level of earthquake did not cause any harm.


On his side not far from the giant sniper rifle issued a special sliding sound, it should be because of the earthquake’s sake, leading to its ground fixtures loose.

Hyde turned to look, and sure enough as he thought.

He stood up and wanted to put a good sniper rifle, but I do not know how, and his legs up in the moment,760,500,537,225,237,1505,1772,234,1284,426,739,725,1259,3&comments_order=DESC#comments in the sudden loss of strength.

Perhaps it is because maintaining a sitting posture for too long, so some blood does not flow.

This is a very common thing.

Hyde’s body was about to stand up and sat back, out of knee-jerk reaction, he reached the front of the body help on the console.

Fingertip focus of the problem is a round button with the fingertips touching down depression.


Hear the sound of electronic ignition sounded beside Hyde’s body suddenly called the Cold War, stunned look to the side of the missile.

At this point, Momo has just escaped the spear, turned a somersault.

Damn! Suez force in heart cursed, why today I will always slide?

Gait, so that his assault slow down.

Suez force just to adjust the body, continue to kill Momo, the body side, but suddenly came staggering chill.

Lu ring hidden magic spells against the body emerges from the air.

Ice meteor, is her most powerful spells, but also consumes the largest one. Of course she will not forget to add it to the seven law books inside.

She rarely use this spell, but each use, are able to produce good results. This is no exception.

Silver ice meteor middle Suez force horse hip, as if not eternal moment of quiet blue ice began to spread in the abyss of the body surface until it is completely covered.

Issued after the ice meteor, north of the abyss again three steps forward, one step slower than the step. His body magic ring to Lu turn to the side where the arm began to shorten spear change, it seems to become another weapon.

Just at this moment, snow-covered finish, Suez force of the body still down, completely solidified into an parajumpers jackets women ice parajumpers outlet online sculpture.

Lvhuanhuankan focus

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