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She turned to Leia Road Since the king has the seal of lies, then you need to Leah to suppress the black magic power of the soul stone. Happen after a good practice ah!

Ah! Leia nodded firmly, Mu brother has been so hard before, now is the time Parajumpers Jackets to see Leah!

Enough is enough like Golden stove Mu big hands on his head hard on Leah rub a few times, I do not want the lovely Leah devil because of boredom but by what hurt!

Ah! Leah again, a nod, and then cover up what seemed like a small ostrich burying its head in the dish. But forgot to Mapo Tofu is obviously too much stimulation for her, then quickly flushed find water to drink.

Yes, Leah. Tomorrow I’m going to leave them for some time and SABER, here Grab your bag of gold coins. Should be enough of your spending. Kamjove Mu suddenly thought after plan, from the clothes and pulled out already prepared a bag of gold coins and handed Leah. parajumpers jackets This stuff can be in many places are common, early in his preparation before coming here has been a lot of it.

Mu brother have to leave it? Leah did not hand took gold, but sad hint of color.

Rest assured, will not be long in very far from here on the continent and some people need me. Leia did not want to lose the trust of my people, right? Kamjove Mu big hands stroked his head again up Leah .

I know, Leia heavy a nod If this is the mission of Mu brother, Leah will not laggard!

Mu touched the hearts of a variety of, ah, so much across the world. May be it is the first time encountered this soft sister, how should take care and not let Leah Polo succeed ah!

After lunch, cat ears Mother slept as usual in the morning lawn roll. Since the can into a small black cat, she seemed to love this form of sleep under, so it is obviously played harassed many times, but has no interest in changing.

And kamjove Mu also poured himself a cup of espresso coffee (espresso version), and then a small population of small parajumpers outlet store mouth sipping drink up.

That, good to drink? Seeing the touch of a finger can not wake a small black cat, Li Hua playing his attention to the gold cup in the kitchen Mu.

Try not to know?

Li Hua played clearly neglected kamjove Mu face some evil smile, sometimes men are more like something they want to hurt it’s awkward species. Obviously Liwah outs have not yet understood this point, so this has been easy on her very good Mu Jun when the.

Woo …… slightly tasted a little played immediately after Liwah frowned, then put a small red tongue spit out taste …… strange, bitter, but very fragrant.

Oh? This kamjove Mu really surprised of the alive, even be able to taste the wonderful flavor of this. Played sauce really is a perfect middle two girls ah! Of course, this statement is also directly exposed his themselves to be but in two seizures before drinking this coffee fact.

To be honest, we recently lair okay? Kim Mu stove is the most worried about this point, if not Valkyrie Mesquite seems to have left Ireland Events He really can not put that likes to delusions Bai Ji into reality adults stay in the war-torn country world. And so on, is not that together they engage in a lily? More and more of a Mu unchaste thoughts together.

Being Warring States World

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