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Monday, October 21st, 2013

Home, and now I am the only one thought to be eliminated evil master of the house entered the realm of condensate. So that Xiaoya head were home, in addition to outside Hershey is to tell me that a test would not have had this year, over two days we will be able to follow her directly back Shenxiao mountain. So my purpose is to tell you, as soon as the thing you want to deal with to deal with. Originally I thought that this year marked a good job to do, did not think I retreat a parajumpers jackets canada few years, almost everyone went Shenxiao mountains, and to also save me a lot of things.

Oh, in that case the better, baby first congratulate his father, as to Linger over there, I tell her about the trip, she was very reasonable, will support my father does not have to worry about what this thing.

Can you handle yourself better and better. Stay with you I take my drink two glasses.


Two days later, Lin Xiaotian is with Lingui parajumpers jackets sale Ren and Ariel Lin Feng together with straight Shenxiao planes.

Shenxiao looked towering mountains, the Lin family three sons, and Lin Lin Feng Xiaotian mood best, after all, is about one step further, the other is able to justifiably see every day the minds of the goddess. Only Lingui Ren, at the moment it is extremely calm, familiar with him know that Lingui Ren attempt anything more to it, his face will be more calm.

Body Cap 376 outer door disciple contest!

Elegant house updated: 20121018 6:24:39 words in this chapter: 3233

Sitting on the fly into the cloud Shenxiao Hill, Ariel is directly recruited a maid, let her go with Lingui Ren and Lin Feng Lin Xiaotian assigned to other homes, as she herself went with Lin Xiaotian the transmission power house.

But parajumpers jackets men must be separated in advance, Lingui Ren and there is no objection, directly on the wind and the forest with a maid in the behind, sitting in the clouds drove her to an elegant small courtyard inside, looked around environment, is indeed quite clean, Kiyonaga is a very suitable place.

Directly from the sodium ring the inside out, a low-grade began, it is implied the Lingui Ren be stuffed into the hands of the maid who lead the way.

The sister, a labor you take us over, little mind, I hope you do not find it too is.

Oh, it is respectful than from life, after Lin Gongzi if something does not understand, even though I am a good looking, I’m Tracy! Nor polite with Lingui Ren, who called Tweety’s directly put low-grade Lingshi to receive into his meson bags inside.

But just when she wanted to leave, but it is opening Lingui Ren stopped her.

Tweety sister, if you’re not busy, can you swim with me about it Shenxiao hill, only to come here, I’m completely confused, where scenery is good, what can not go to these places, I do not know exactly it, so I hope not hesitate to advise Tweety sister, of course I will definitely compensate for these Tweety sister wasted time. Lingui Ren is referring said.

And hear Lingui Ren said, had intended rebuff of Tweety, suddenly to the spirit, just gave a low-grade began to lead the way, when the escort should be higher than the price? Anyway, back is practicing, it is better to seize the opportunity to earn some pocket money, too.

Nodded, Tweety’s come up again the cloud symbol

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Friday, October 18th, 2013

Lu days the wind was surprised, and said: Xiao Qing, you hide behind me.

Shoop sound, a rush of flying down a ghost mouth open, to Lu Tien-feng Diao.

Lu parajumpers jackets men Feifei Tianfeng a punch demons.

But the other side and from behind the hit, its goal is little Lolita.

Big brother, I’m afraid …… Little Lolita hugged Lu Tien-feng thighs.

Lu Meng days the wind blow towards flying magic attack to go: Apocalypse Warrior midrange nirvana – hole!

Bang bang, fist hit him in the flying demons, breakdown entire bloody holes.

But this time, the other two have been flying demons flew in front of their ghost hand outstretched to seize the land the day the wind, to be dragged up.

That two ghost mouth kept biting wind landward days.

Lu Tien-feng arm constraints, can only dodge.

Meanwhile, a waist, thighs severely hit the flying demons.

Bang sound muffled, flying demons by pain, let go of the land the day the wind.

Lu days the wind dropped to the ground, turned a somersault and stood up.

Flying magic call loudly, and rushed down.

Lu Tien-feng once again resorted to apocalyptic midrange nirvana – hole!

Flying punch severely hit in the devil, the direct hit smashes.

Dead two, there are three, which three days the wind seems to realize that the strong land, there is no storm.

Xiu Xiu call out three times, two days Parajumpers Jacket of wind flying demons headed toward the land, but in addition a small LORI fly.

Tian Lu Feng heart an anxious, exclaimed: Xiaoqing Fear!

However, the small LORI already panicked, she stood there, hands trembling, could not move.

Lu Tien-feng surprised, subconsciously to the small LORI ran, but two flying demons fiercely to land the day the wind towards me.

Lu Tien-feng was diverted, and small LORI also been caught flying demons, to the air and flew.

Big brother save me …… Little Lolita crystal ball in hand and fell off.

Lu Tien-feng anger, he punched two before flying flying demons, I do not know how, my mind flashed a thought – Geshandaniu!

When flying to seize the far end of the small LORI magic and Lu This is the first day the wind in front of the formation of the line of flying, Lu days after the wind resorted to apocalyptic warrior bands Nirvana – Pai Mountain!

Beat severely hit in the head flying in front of this magic body, bang a loud noise, like a row of mountain flying magic power severely hit in the body, people panic happened, came out of that kind of broke mountains cold even from the dead air flying magic body burst, severely hit the other end to the air flying demons.

Bang a loud noise, cold air hit the other end of dead air flying demons, while Tonghu, dead air began to devour it.

Geshandaniu finally succeeded!

Lu Tien Shan Pai wind than this trick to be tough after a period of many bands, two birds with one stone to kill two flying demons.

Dead air swallowed flying demons, ghost loosen little Lolita, Lolita falling down from the sky.

And the last one flying demons screamed loudly, even open Xuepentaikou, toward the little Lolita.

Big brother, save me ……

Tian Lu wind strikes the brain was severely hit with a stick, he rushed up and severely beat hit: Apocalypse Warrior after order nirvana – Pai Mountain!

Beat mercilessly shot in the flying demons who instantly stimulated strong force burst flying magic.

Danced in the blood, Lu parajumpers jackets took a small LORI Tianfeng, urgent: Xiaoqing, do you have something?

Lolita shook his head, his face was panic undecided.

Lu Tien-feng check again little Lolita, no bite marks, he was

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Friday, October 18th, 2013

Common tasks into time, this time somewhat subtle. Is actually two years before the start of the main line. In general, then, Konoha 60 years, or 64 years before that Konoha employer should arrange a time son.

Although employers do not understand the task ahead of time for 4 years why, but for Lingui Ren, it is also good. At least you want to enter the village parajumpers jackets canada of Konoha, you need to take some parajumpers jackets canada time, so a little better earlier.

After a long pause, Lingui Ren just stood up, then walked toward the outside to go, did not bother verbally asked Yang.

Walk out of the auction room, Lingui Ren is directly toward Chuansong Zhen walked past.

In the new release back to the task of that layer after Lingui Ren is walking directly toward magic card stores go, then bought a transfiguration card on the props inside the box.

To be honest, Lingui Ren if I know, would run into Naruto world imagery task, perhaps he will leave a card turned up to prepare for contingencies.

Wait until magical cards from the store come out Lingui Ren will directly come up with a public crossing card, and then lost in the infinite film inside.

Returning to the cut

Again, Lingui Ren found himself lying on top of a mountain, surrounded by quiet one. Stood up, looked around, Lingui Ren found himself in a one valley.

Fully understand the terrain, Lingui Ren came directly to a jump above parajumpers jackets men the valley, and then stand on the commanding heights of the direction afar.

In the four observed a moment later, Lingui Ren considered in the line of sight to find a way, as to where the road leads, Lingui Ren do not know, however, there is a road on behalf of the end, at least inside the mountains than in the wandering blind is much easier. Therefore Lingui Ren directly and ran down the hill, and then came the road.

In the sense of the moment, have no breath after neighborhood, Lingui Ren will only jump to it, then walked toward the road a go.

Wait until dusk, Lingui Ren far only seen a similar building door, appeared in his sight.

It is a little happy, Lingui Ren thought to come tomorrow or even longer to be able to see where it inhabited.

But after Lingui Ren walked in front of that building when Lingui Ren is not so happy, so he was into, there have been two guys took care places, stood in front of him.

Who are you from there? Into the grass hidden village to what? One of the amount will be hung on the waist guard endured stand up and speak Lingui Ren asked.

My name is Jen, used to live in the fire of the country’s borders, the war destroyed my village, I only have to flee out, for me, no matter what the village, as long as there is something to eat on the line, I was just walking along the road The. Lingui Ren was very ‘honest’ replied.

Actually, Lingui Ren did not want to say his fleeing out, can his body clothing, imagery into the world when Naruto had become somewhat tattered, it is estimated that employers make unlimited video can give oneself.

After listening to the words of Lingui Ren, grass hidden ninja village is a bit of those two do not trust Lingui Ren, after all, although it is Lingui Ren clothing tattered, but the body’s skin can not see any escape

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Friday, October 18th, 2013

Blood in order to examine evidence of his DNA!


Faction newly developed annihilate ghosts go!


Body Cap 227 and Xue’s story

Elegant house update: 201287 6:58:15 words in this chapter: 3521

Chapter 227 and Xue’s story

Lu days the wind did not know at the moment three thousand meters underground cities in the Middle East. A middle-aged man was quietly watching him on the screen.

Middle-aged man suddenly said: If the good, the reason why these zombies be tamed, a large reason is because that four catalytic ghost which four catalytic ghosts are afraid since four crystal ball to jump out! That four crystallized in the end pieces Guimu contains how kind of energy?

Middle-aged man full of doubts, he stared at Lu Tien-feng, said: It seems that I have to go take a trip, the land of the mysterious day the wind caught my interest!


At parajumpers jackets sale the moment, Lu took one hundred days the wind backing catalytic zombies, pull the wind from the south bound in Yunnan, the way wherever he went, have caused local survivors exclaimed.

But when the wind into the southern continent days later, he became silent, he did not speak.

Lolita childlike authentic: Big Brother, what do you think? Does he want my sister ah?

Lu Tien-feng smile, picked up the little Lolita, said: Yes. Little Frances told me how parajumpers jackets to do it?

Lolita laughed: big brother, if you miss my sister, I’ll kiss you one.

Then, little Lolita kiss in the land Tianfeng face.

Lu days the wind laughed, and said: Little Frances, you are so cute.

Lolita giggle giggle to laugh.

South of the Yangtze, Lu Tien-feng heart somewhat calm, he just wants to kill bright Guimu, capturing brain grain, and then look for water swim Guimu, crawling Guimu, burrowed Guimu, which can be completely revived sister. Sister alive, Lu Tien-feng went looking for other female students separated, Sophie, Lin Jingjing, Xia Yu, Xue Dong dreams, etc., which Dong dream has been to the United States.

Dong dream land Tianfeng classmate, a very cute, very pure, very noble girl, her father was China’s richest man, its river group, is China the most massive and funding Hung thick big company, Dong Meng’s father, net worth has more than fifty billion, family operated industry covered the entire planet.

One week before the world crisis, Dong dreams to Hong Kong, attended her grandmother’s seventieth birthday. Flooded everything, Lu Tien-feng know, Dong dream should go to the United States, because her family has a branch in the United States.

Dong dream family is very large and strong, the last generation of this family in the last days, the Far sinking, on the contrary, they rely on viruses, zombies, and so become a powerful genetic groups, particularly in the third after a shower of blood, this group , it is a powerful batch of Bionicle, but in the world with other strong forces hegemony.

Dong Meng, Lu Tien-feng will go looking for!

In addition to Dong dream place, there is a pair of sisters, Xia Yu and Xue. This pair of sisters, the majority of the crown beauty, in parajumpers jackets men addition to a different name, the two girls are almost exactly the same. Lu days of wind and this pair of sisters are not classmates, they are art college freshmen, but in just one semester, through New Year party, New Year’s party, evening party, and then singing contest held in Guangzhou

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Friday, October 18th, 2013

, Why I do not promise it, if there is really something you said, I have no reason to reject you. But before departure, I want to know, is not I grab the Ganges sand, you can give you, and then you can build it to the master of hobbits. In Shortly after, I was able to see the finished product of it? Lingui Ren on the Lisa really a little less assured.

Of course not, the Ganges nonartifact sand just build the necessary materials, but the light has Ganges is useless in the sand, the sand in the Ganges to get, you must also collect other materials, until parajumpers jackets sale cobble together, I will lead you to find that a master of hobbits, but I would like to affirm that the master who although skilled, but he was there quite a bugger that drunken Do not use those eyes, I did not want you to go to any wine, the master who drink from the wine industry planes called super Shaodao Zi spirits, while this is not a low selling price of spirits, so your preparation a fee for the job.

Cost, how much? Listening to the words of Lisa, Lingui Ren in thought for a moment before asked.

Last time, I heard that he received the other five million reward points, but you introduced me to, perhaps should be less, but you should also prepare how got more than four million points, after all, my face not so the value of points. Here, Lisa to a little embarrassing.

Lingui Ren who was out of the rookie from unlimited video, who has a few thousand points should be quite good, one million this unit for him, perhaps too far away. As long as he do not be scared to give a huge number of points, and then thought I was fooled him just fine.

Not to mention really, Lisa not afraid of anything, afraid Lingui Ren think they are fooled him, then trouble. After all, she’s just an alchemist, it is not how high level, you want to be able to help her find a shot, you can reach the purpose of revenge really is not easy to master. Plus she did not point, did not not go to unlimited movie release point, so Lingui Ren’s it for now, but one can not miss the chance.

Lisa, you honestly tell me, do you know who dwarves guru, really exquisite craft what? I mean to say, I have all the material he needs to give him, and then return it to him, he will be able to I want to create a successful weapon it? failure rate does not appear anything like it. Lingui Parajumpers Jackets Men Ren the opening, his face suddenly became serious and a lot, apparently to get an answer after the next will make a decision.

Lingui Ren, the sand is not going to damage the Ganges, and the hobbits are notoriously collection of a variety of materials richest race. Creating other weapons, and perhaps something to say, but in creating nonartifact this matter, dwarves families still have not appeared once dove release things as long as you do is take the sand of the Ganges, no matter how many times they fail, in the end will give you, you need a non-artifact, this is Moradin Great promise for three thousand faces, so nothing to worry about, of course, certainly not the parajumpers jackets outlet case in the event of a material robbed. saw Lingui Ren concerns, Xin took the initiative to help Lisa explained.

This is like, wait a few days, and I let Mikoto them back once a month from them out.

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Feel that something was not right. Pfister also said.

Well, since his father said so, so we act now.

Li Chun originally listen to them gave in to their own purposes, it touches heart feel taken for granted, the original intention of Dayton Illinois energy weapons in there after suicide bombers, to ensure that their completely dead, considered to have a double insurance, it is indeed this Illinois Dayton kind conspirators style.

However, in that case, of course, does not give them the original Li Chun hands-on opportunities, mountain Guodong and Lucia who really want to install the bomb would not be good.

Spiritual body into a real body, Li Chun original release enormous spiritual power, the moment two people put Pute Long and Pfister spiritual force parajumpers jackets men to the fully engulfed.

Now shipboard level energy weapons have been installed, he must always pegged here, and therefore no longer on Pute Long and Pfister two Tu Taya kind. As for the kind of spirit implied under the mountain Guodong and Lucia, Li Chun original thought altogether knocked out two of them threw a secluded place, lest they wake up after a bad thing.

Pfister read Pute Long and memories of two guys after Li Chun originally did not get the most important information, just know that they have to wait two Illinois Dayton feel free to contact.

It would have to wait, though Li Chun also know that the original decision to the future fate of the war is coming, but now had to restrain irritable mood slowly down to wait.

Body turned into a spiritual body again, quietly returned to his room the moment, will devour the spirit of power and eliminate potential dangers before you go out.

Some voices in the hall, and the bulk of the original Cao Wei Jianzhong they had come.

See Li Chun original came out, they quickly got up: Mr. Lee.

Li Chun original schematic them to sit down: that you had only wanted to discuss the issue Di pass, but now we have a related matter Parajumpers Jacket of survival to happen, these days I am afraid it will not be quiet, you two here in my safer.

Di Tong? Have any questions? Wei Jianzhong some doubts asked.

My mental strength after the withdrawal, Di Tong’s brain is like a newborn child, need to rediscover the world. Laowei, you can be considered for Di pass quite emotional, would be willing to put a little bit of He raised adult education? Li Chun originally asked.

Wei Jianzhong hesitated: This actually can, but there is no better way to do it?

There is no better way, that we were also thinking about Di suffers go through now is not an option, make decisions with everyone you come about, but then I thought, that does not so exaggerated, have this idea.

Wei Jianzhong heard this, nodded his head: parajumpers jackets If so, I’ll try. Smiled and said, Actually, my time differences can also just a little progress, I have some heart, or use the time to do different point what.

Li Chun originally laughed: Time abilities, presumably also use it to many conditions, so you want a good to say too late.

Section 506 chapters unlimited text Hyun freezing rain

Elegant house update: 201271 7:23:55 words in this chapter: 3260

Wei Jianzhong smiled: Mr. Lee said, also, that since then Di pass on to me.

This is something the