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Friday, October 18th, 2013

Lu days the wind was surprised, and said: Xiao Qing, you hide behind me.

Shoop sound, a rush of flying down a ghost mouth open, to Lu Tien-feng Diao.

Lu parajumpers jackets men Feifei Tianfeng a punch demons.

But the other side and from behind the hit, its goal is little Lolita.

Big brother, I’m afraid …… Little Lolita hugged Lu Tien-feng thighs.

Lu Meng days the wind blow towards flying magic attack to go: Apocalypse Warrior midrange nirvana – hole!

Bang bang, fist hit him in the flying demons, breakdown entire bloody holes.

But this time, the other two have been flying demons flew in front of their ghost hand outstretched to seize the land the day the wind, to be dragged up.

That two ghost mouth kept biting wind landward days.

Lu Tien-feng arm constraints, can only dodge.

Meanwhile, a waist, thighs severely hit the flying demons.

Bang sound muffled, flying demons by pain, let go of the land the day the wind.

Lu days the wind dropped to the ground, turned a somersault and stood up.

Flying magic call loudly, and rushed down.

Lu Tien-feng once again resorted to apocalyptic midrange nirvana – hole!

Flying punch severely hit in the devil, the direct hit smashes.

Dead two, there are three, which three days the wind seems to realize that the strong land, there is no storm.

Xiu Xiu call out three times, two days Parajumpers Jacket of wind flying demons headed toward the land, but in addition a small LORI fly.

Tian Lu Feng heart an anxious, exclaimed: Xiaoqing Fear!

However, the small LORI already panicked, she stood there, hands trembling, could not move.

Lu Tien-feng surprised, subconsciously to the small LORI ran, but two flying demons fiercely to land the day the wind towards me.

Lu Tien-feng was diverted, and small LORI also been caught flying demons, to the air and flew.

Big brother save me …… Little Lolita crystal ball in hand and fell off.

Lu Tien-feng anger, he punched two before flying flying demons, I do not know how, my mind flashed a thought – Geshandaniu!

When flying to seize the far end of the small LORI magic and Lu This is the first day the wind in front of the formation of the line of flying, Lu days after the wind resorted to apocalyptic warrior bands Nirvana – Pai Mountain!

Beat severely hit in the head flying in front of this magic body, bang a loud noise, like a row of mountain flying magic power severely hit in the body, people panic happened, came out of that kind of broke mountains cold even from the dead air flying magic body burst, severely hit the other end to the air flying demons.

Bang a loud noise, cold air hit the other end of dead air flying demons, while Tonghu, dead air began to devour it.

Geshandaniu finally succeeded!

Lu Tien Shan Pai wind than this trick to be tough after a period of many bands, two birds with one stone to kill two flying demons.

Dead air swallowed flying demons, ghost loosen little Lolita, Lolita falling down from the sky.

And the last one flying demons screamed loudly, even open Xuepentaikou, toward the little Lolita.

Big brother, save me ……

Tian Lu wind strikes the brain was severely hit with a stick, he rushed up and severely beat hit: Apocalypse Warrior after order nirvana – Pai Mountain!

Beat mercilessly shot in the flying demons who instantly stimulated strong force burst flying magic.

Danced in the blood, Lu parajumpers jackets took a small LORI Tianfeng, urgent: Xiaoqing, do you have something?

Lolita shook his head, his face was panic undecided.

Lu Tien-feng check again little Lolita, no bite marks, he was

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Pure original, thought parajumpers sale women to myself how but also in spirit stronger than a spiritual abilities comprehend just Parajumpers Jacket ordinary protoss, so there is no question as to the real problem.

Under a try, and sure enough, as he expected, Luo said wooden barriers can not stop him, or even like does not exist. This is only one explanation, Li Chun original conjecture is correct, his mental strength has indeed exceeded those just awakening spiritual abilities protoss, with the method of practicing this door eligibility.

Li Chun original minds and thoughts in the hearts of slowly flowing, but could not shake his mind, he felt the TV drama meditative state, enjoying the bright stars, as well as himself lying on the water adrift comfortable.

It did not take long, Li Chun originally from falling out of this state. Li Chun originally froze for a moment, to ponder for a moment what they have done wrong, and then put on a five-day yearned posture, slowly began meditation.

Emptied its head, this time is hundreds of times, Li Chun original feeling for this state of meditation addition of a little familiar, he believed that if we make way to re-enter meditative state, it will be more easier than the original.

But Li Chun original did not so rashly make way for this meditation into the static state can contact each skilled, but the good feeling and this indescribable peace of mind to make people think about the mood like a mirror Li Chun parajumpers sale canada originally did not want to be easily missed.

Quiet his own soul, so that my putting thoughts like birds generally swept from their own side, into the starry sky. Li Chun’s original heart full of feeling emotions, do not intend to really seriously probing inside this tiny problem.

He just quietly closed his eyes, in the dark, or in the thinking of the darkness, he cut off his own sorts of confused thoughts.

No confusion, no surprise, and no other emotions, Li Chun met his former naturally.

Do not know when, in this meditation entry Li Chun original illusion, two people have standing face to face, stood quietly over the water, the head of the endless sky.

Two people look exactly alike, Li Chun original though not see his face, but just the same from his robe, hood covered his face with the same, equally stood that way, he will need some understand.

Generally speaking, meditation should all be very difficult, right? I jumped at this stage should be no sudden ability. Li Chun originally said dismissively.

Opposite is the same man’s voice: Yes, I think so, but things have been very clear that we have unwittingly crossed the meditative state, and began to visualize.

Li Chun originally opened a hood, revealing his face, smiled: I do not understand, but now I understand some.

Since you know, of course I will understand. Li Chun opposite the original also opened the hood, revealing a face exactly the same.

They both step forward, stretched out his hand, smiled tightly grip the opposite side of the original Li Chun Li Chun instantly dissipated in the palm of your hand on the original, Li Chun original slightly surprised, from falling out of a state of meditation.

This time he did not rush into the meditative state again, but slowly, just think of the scene: Who would have thought, so-called Budo is a will to contemplate? Who would have thought.

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Dirty also flows over the floor.

Body shook, next to the East wood lying on the ground, because big guy standing behind the East wood had already been dyed flesh and blood splatter blood people.

He was deeply shocked by the power of the Gatling gun, and this weapon is too powerful, and if there is such a weapon again, why fear these monsters containment?

Ancient strong a handsome manner flick will locomotives parked in front of the East wood, to stand in the locomotive, Gatling gun spray again breathtaking flames, the moment will be to clean up around the circle.

On the train! Ancient Lie said.

I …… my broken leg! Oriental wooden teeth says.

Ancient Lie glanced at him, jumped on the locomotive begins, regardless of him covered with blood, he parajumpers jackets sale will be forced to pull on the seat, a few magic man killed again, start the engine and sped away.

King Lan Parajumpers Jacket not far from the incident to stop, listen constantly ringing of gunfire, but also a burst of nervous. Soon, she saw a locomotive rushed out from the hills, and instantly relieved, turned and step onto the motorcycle, traveling in the direction toward the ancient strong convergence go.

Cap 451 floating body

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Master, you have to accept me! Oriental wooden bowed in front of King Lan.

The fire burned brightly, the fire will face King Lan dyed golden yellow, she looked surprisingly complicated, but not on the East wood, but the ancient intense.

Ancient strong a heartless way, slowly refill fuel to the fire inside. This is a fairly small hidden rubble, composed by Parajumpers Parka the great stones, they are now sitting on a stone at the top of the highest.

Oriental wooden leg fracture, an ancient strong recovery pills down his feed, and then clamped with two flat stone tied up at the break, and will not allow broken bones shift.

Apprentice calmly watched the drama staged in the heart of ancient Lie bad music, their wood rescued from the East, King Lan be owed a big favor.

He could see it, King Lan still want to accept the East wood, partly because it is a good valet, the greater part of it is because he has perseverance, this point in her opinion is very important.

So strong was broke into seemingly ancient danger, the Orient wood and save them, but favors return favors, even if King Lan did not like the East wood, he also has to rescue the past.

I still can not teach you, let your old professor Lie some basic common sense, right! King Lan silent a long time, only whispered.

Lan Jing Oriental wood care whether now teach himself, his value is a birthright – White Witch of students, this is the most important.

Master …… no, is a teacher, you decided to take me up? Oriental wooden face lighted up, it seems that leg is not so painful.

Ah! King Lan hesitated a moment, and finally slightly Shou.

That’s great! Oriental wooden extremely excited, but was a bit too obvious, if the legs if not injured, it is estimated that dancing it.

Ancient Lie surprisingly looked at her strangely, his close student also fills how let themselves be dragged in, to know myself at her side, but also in order to learn a lot of.

View Lan’s eyes seemed to feel he asked, gently shook his head, indicating that he was not talking all the time now.

Ancient Lie also understand that King was originally] a ten Lan Master,

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Feel that something was not right. Pfister also said.

Well, since his father said so, so we act now.

Li Chun originally listen to them gave in to their own purposes, it touches heart feel taken for granted, the original intention of Dayton Illinois energy weapons in there after suicide bombers, to ensure that their completely dead, considered to have a double insurance, it is indeed this Illinois Dayton kind conspirators style.

However, in that case, of course, does not give them the original Li Chun hands-on opportunities, mountain Guodong and Lucia who really want to install the bomb would not be good.

Spiritual body into a real body, Li Chun original release enormous spiritual power, the moment two people put Pute Long and Pfister spiritual force parajumpers jackets men to the fully engulfed.

Now shipboard level energy weapons have been installed, he must always pegged here, and therefore no longer on Pute Long and Pfister two Tu Taya kind. As for the kind of spirit implied under the mountain Guodong and Lucia, Li Chun original thought altogether knocked out two of them threw a secluded place, lest they wake up after a bad thing.

Pfister read Pute Long and memories of two guys after Li Chun originally did not get the most important information, just know that they have to wait two Illinois Dayton feel free to contact.

It would have to wait, though Li Chun also know that the original decision to the future fate of the war is coming, but now had to restrain irritable mood slowly down to wait.

Body turned into a spiritual body again, quietly returned to his room the moment, will devour the spirit of power and eliminate potential dangers before you go out.

Some voices in the hall, and the bulk of the original Cao Wei Jianzhong they had come.

See Li Chun original came out, they quickly got up: Mr. Lee.

Li Chun original schematic them to sit down: that you had only wanted to discuss the issue Di pass, but now we have a related matter Parajumpers Jacket of survival to happen, these days I am afraid it will not be quiet, you two here in my safer.

Di Tong? Have any questions? Wei Jianzhong some doubts asked.

My mental strength after the withdrawal, Di Tong’s brain is like a newborn child, need to rediscover the world. Laowei, you can be considered for Di pass quite emotional, would be willing to put a little bit of He raised adult education? Li Chun originally asked.

Wei Jianzhong hesitated: This actually can, but there is no better way to do it?

There is no better way, that we were also thinking about Di suffers go through now is not an option, make decisions with everyone you come about, but then I thought, that does not so exaggerated, have this idea.

Wei Jianzhong heard this, nodded his head: parajumpers jackets If so, I’ll try. Smiled and said, Actually, my time differences can also just a little progress, I have some heart, or use the time to do different point what.

Li Chun originally laughed: Time abilities, presumably also use it to many conditions, so you want a good to say too late.

Section 506 chapters unlimited text Hyun freezing rain

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Wei Jianzhong smiled: Mr. Lee said, also, that since then Di pass on to me.

This is something the

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

, He may not want to go in by a blow, have the opportunity to still go to the core of the study area where longer a heavy blow on it.

More do not want to, on the side can not help going to think, for the strong legacy of the ancient legacy of these birth to a kind of awe, it is the predecessors wisdom admiration body cast, for him, nothing beats to promote social progress and better technology. Of course, technology is a double-edged sword, the good that can benefit society with good, if misused, it may cause devastating damage, otherwise there would be thousands of years ago, eschatological war was.

The more contrast new technology weapons, the more ancient feel strong spiritual force with simulated firearms too much difference, mainly in the power of context, and simply can not think of mentioning. However, this also has an advantage that does not need to carry firearms, very convenient, but also a critical moment of a shot surprise hit, hit each other a surprise.

Ancient strong heart has been planned, we must leave the ancient ruins before, to produce twelve high-tech weapons with me, but also to constantly improve mental strength levels, although the power of simulation in terms of firearms almost can be for outside people of the world, is already sufficient deterrent.

Such as USP45, short range, the power of Parajumpers Jacket the general, precision general, but when he opened fire when dual wielding, such as bullets fired shells Pente, Philo, who can neutralize the wearer, can only lie in the underground shelter, with his head did not dare look up.

The M500 Guards level of this pistol, the actual power ranging between D and C grade, for him, it would be a good choice. Although high-tech, and can be on the outside of this level of technology is extremely backward state, the best choice or to use their own weapons smoothly, deal with some things, it was not accidentally confused.

Dolly took advantage of the time to learn the ancient practice into strong state, his mental strength during this time improved by leaps and bounds can be used to describe, and now parajumpers sale parka has more than 600 points, only a thin 200 points you can qualify for four spiritual force .

Practice has proved that the higher level of spiritual power, simulated firearms easier, and even be able to reduce the required analog components spiritual power. Simulation big powerful weapons required a lot of mental strength, but that is not often, after all, the weapons used, and the low-end weapons such as USP45, is the most economical choice.

Imagine, of course, need only 1,2 point bullets spiritual power when, in parajumpers sale women the spared them, USP45 can be used as an automatic assault rifle. Presumably to that time, M500 bullets will become necessary mental strength is low, the rough and tumble when you can open as the best assault weapon. Even when the mental strength reaches a certain height to do a variety of machine gun bullets with the same spiritual power shooting, how refreshing it is a picture.

However, these must be attached to the spiritual power level, only rank high enough in order to have more mental strength, and can simulate with very little spiritual power more powerful weapons, which is the ancient strong need to improve the strength of the most immediate one.

Thought here, suddenly remembered the ancient strong Roger say, the outside world is very exciting, and only had the experience to go out, to be able to experience the world of the real, if only sacrifice the long corner, always just a frog, which can only see the head small piece of the sky.


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Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

It is the fastest speed to restore good Liang-body injury of two people!

Light of life! Chang Ching-Liang Yang cure duo, but it is directly wand waved, suddenly, a green beam of light enveloped fiercely lived small gray, suddenly, I heard a little gray in the light of the whole body rapid recovery of the same time, it was a huge body, but also constantly trembling, and small gray wretched stature, but also constantly sent bursts cheap call! People can not help but want to kick it on the feet.

Light of Life: trainer proprietary skills can directly own a pet cast the light of life! Pet status full recovery! Cooling time: 3 days!

Ding! Sound Cui Xiang, aquamarine light that finally dissipated, and small gray body’s blood is gone, that the original grim horror injury is fully restored!

Wow Kaka Kaka! Master is powerful ah! Regardless suffered multiple injuries, as long as the owner of a shot, full blood brother immediately resurrected ah! Ha ha ha ha! Little gray in that proud cried throughout a lively look, and made Chang Ching also slightly relax the mind a bit.

All right! Not in this glib a! Chang Ching direct kick small gray foot, then asked, in the end is what happens! How Parajumpers Women Jacket you will be affected by such a heavy injury?

Chang Ching Boss! You’re right, north, Huai, is indeed a major event! Yang Liang sighed.

I Fanlin there yingwang fast, just less than half an hour, then flew over the city of Huainan! However, at this moment, we are the discovered that the ground above the open, direct flow, setting off several feet high waves, the impact of rapidly toward the south over! Liang Yang said his face solemn.

The three of us heart was shocked, and quickly rushed toward the north, the results, just ahead less than ten minutes, they saw that the flood is getting deeper water potential is growing! Moreover, flow among Numerous variations of fish, but also constantly flying and moving!

We just want to fly forward! Results, that the river among a python, no, it should be said that a giant Kau! That giant Jiao, the angle of the head has been born! It going directly to the sky above, while we are facing fierce attack!

Yes ah! That giant Jiao, really terrible! Fast enough but for me, I’m afraid it directly on to become the food of the mouth! Little gray also look scared said.

We escaped from that giant Jiao Xuepentaikou, they quickly return to the original way! Results, I did not expect, but it is constantly hit the road flying fish and insects variation of the block, the two of us an eagle fought hundreds of years, Eventually, in countless variations Exocet python, there are countless insects under block, finally fled to the era of success near the city as a parajumpers sale result, but it is directly across the Parajumpers Jacket endless variation of insects, after some fighting, finally fleeing out! Then again, they encountered a colorful peacock, rescued back!

Liang Yang said a few words in this light, but it contains thrilling, but it is no one dared to veto! This is thanks to their great life, otherwise, I am afraid that they really want to drowning in the wilderness!

Chang Ching heart is shiver, while the heart is a burst swear, after the firm can not find them these things go, too dangerous, if they lost their lives so that