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It is the fastest speed to restore good Liang-body injury of two people!

Light of life! Chang Ching-Liang Yang cure duo, but it is directly wand waved, suddenly, a green beam of light enveloped fiercely lived small gray, suddenly, I heard a little gray in the light of the whole body http://sorlo.net/discuz3/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=11786 rapid recovery of the same time, it was a huge body, but also constantly trembling, and small gray wretched stature, but also constantly sent bursts cheap call! People can not help but want to kick it on the feet.

Light of Life: trainer proprietary skills can directly own a pet cast the light of life! Pet status full recovery! Cooling http://axzhifu.com/plus/view.php?aid=110406 time: 3 days!

Ding! Sound Cui Xiang, http://www.rycxw.cn/uchome/space.php?uid=6132&do=blog&id=70088 aquamarine light that finally dissipated, and small gray body’s blood is gone, that the original grim horror injury is fully restored!

Wow Kaka Kaka! Master is powerful ah! Regardless suffered multiple injuries, as long as the owner of a shot, full blood brother immediately resurrected ah! Ha ha ha ha! Little gray in that proud cried throughout a lively look, and made Chang Ching also slightly relax the mind a bit.

All right! Not in this glib a! Chang Ching direct kick small gray foot, then asked, in the end is what happens! How Parajumpers Women Jacket you will be affected by such a heavy injury?

Chang Ching Boss! You’re right, north, Huai, is indeed a major event! Yang Liang sighed.

I Fanlin there yingwang fast, just less than half an hour, then flew over the city of Huainan! However, at this moment, we are the discovered that the ground above the open, direct flow, setting off several feet high waves, the impact of rapidly toward the south over! Liang Yang said his face solemn.

The three of us heart was shocked, and quickly rushed toward the north, the results, just ahead less than ten minutes, they saw that the flood is getting deeper water potential is growing! Moreover, flow among Numerous variations of fish, but also constantly flying and moving!

We just want to fly forward! Results, that the river among a python, no, it should be said that a giant Kau! That giant Jiao, the angle of the head http://www.gprjkf.com/plus/view.php?aid=140469 has been born! It going directly http://xalg.hengzhibs.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=55383 to the sky above, while we are facing fierce attack!

Yes ah! That giant Jiao, really terrible! Fast enough but for me, I’m afraid it directly on to become the food of the mouth! Little gray also look scared said.

We escaped from that giant Jiao Xuepentaikou, they quickly return to the original way! Results, I did not expect, but it is constantly hit the road flying fish and insects variation of the block, the two of us an eagle fought hundreds of years, Eventually, in countless variations Exocet python, there are countless insects under block, finally fled to the era of success near the city as a parajumpers sale result, but it is directly across the Parajumpers Jacket endless variation of insects, after some fighting, finally fleeing out! Then again, they encountered a colorful peacock, rescued back!

Liang Yang said a few words in this light, but it contains thrilling, but it is no one dared to veto! This is thanks to their great life, otherwise, I am afraid that they really want to drowning in the wilderness!

Chang Ching heart is shiver, while the heart is a burst swear, after the firm can not find them these things go, too dangerous, if they lost their lives so that

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