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This time, all the wood absorbs Lo spiritual power, the spirit of the original Li Chun also increased the total force, and then after that you just removed slowly disrupt their strong emotions and distractions of mind, a total increase of about one tenth of the catch Li Chun original night of penance now.

According to this, Li Chun original spiritual force growth fell fast, is subsequent processing up trouble.

Open the door, Li Chun originally called several of his men prepared a stretcher, let them put on the bed, Di pass to lift up. This feeling is quite interesting, original looked Di Li Chun pass, like she had two places at once, like Di feelings through body movement as long as he is willing to also can feel it.

Li Chun Yuan, what are you going to do? LI Fei Li Chun former commanding surprised to see people put wood possessed Di Lo pass to lift out,

Li Chun original smiles: I want to recover his body good.

LI Fei was about to speak, wants the former has said it should Di Li Chun Tong’s body to recover after a good and useful, but my heart eventually disturbed: Li Chun Yuan, Luo wood that person will never be a good class, the way you put him to good recovery, maybe he would do anything bad.

It’s okay, he has not done a bad thing. Li Chun original smile.

LI Fei did not understand, see Di Tong is still alive, which means that there is no dead wood Lo, Li Chun original why would say such a thing? Does he really trust Luo wood?

Li Chun original smiled, not much to say. His left hand, but there is a Ma Bute Lacy metal plate, and this time a detailed explanation of their parajumpers jackets sale strength, whether it is for whom is a blessing or a curse.

With a somewhat dilapidated pedestrian to the original residence of Li, Li Chun Li had just entered the residence of the former did not take long to hear the voice of Ma Bute Lacy: Li Chun Yuan, you finally come! Behind you, that person is lying less than a third the weight limit, there are two strongest abilities protoss moves you?

Li Chun original feel exceptionally careful this time, Ma Bute Lacy voice, in the final analysis is also a spiritual power fluctuations directly transmitted to their seemingly magical way to maintain the fundamental truth or power. Such a powerful spiritual force, sent from place to come to earth, which Ma Bute Lacy’s power is strong to incredible.

But Li Chun original and a little doubt, by virtue of past Ma Bute Lacy’s performance, the other party does not seem such a powerful force, or an idea off himself will never be empty words.

Li Chun original answer a cry, let his men down the stretcher and then go back, Ma Bute Lacy is already prepared Medical Command who began treatment for Di through the body recover.

Body of four hundred and fiftieth IX appeared therapy

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Then I want to treat this man, Li Chun Yuan, waiting for you to go out. Ma Bute Lacy gods sent this spirit fluctuations.

Li Chun origin nodded, slowly walked out, Ma Bute Lacy let yourself out there waiting probably do not want to see for yourself what’s going on, but for Li Chun had said, he’s such a hidden now, there were no significance.

Di pass to see, as long as Li Chun originally wanted to know, it would not be parajumpers sale free shipping missed.

Out of the house of

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