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, He may not want to go in by a blow, have the opportunity to still go to the core of the study area where longer a heavy blow on it.

More do not want to, on the side can not help going to think, for the strong legacy of the ancient legacy of these birth to a kind of awe, it is the predecessors wisdom admiration body cast, for him, nothing beats to promote social progress and better technology. Of course, technology is a double-edged sword, the good that can benefit society with good, if misused, it may cause devastating damage, otherwise there would be thousands of years ago, eschatological war was.

The more contrast new technology weapons, the more ancient feel strong spiritual force with simulated firearms too much difference, mainly in the power of context, and simply can not think of mentioning. However, this also has an advantage that does not need to carry firearms, very convenient, but also a critical moment of a shot surprise hit, hit each other a surprise.

Ancient strong heart has been planned, we must leave the ancient ruins before, to produce twelve high-tech weapons with me, but also to constantly improve mental strength levels, although the power of simulation in terms of firearms almost can be for outside people of the world, is already sufficient deterrent.

Such as USP45, short range, the power of Parajumpers Jacket the general, precision general, but when he opened fire when dual wielding, such as bullets fired shells Pente, Philo, http://satodamai.com/bbs/honey/honey.cgi/%255DViagra%5Dwww.nflwholesalejer%5B/honey.cgi who can neutralize the wearer, can only lie in the underground shelter, with his head did not dare look up.

The M500 Guards level of this pistol, the actual power ranging between D and C grade, for him, it would be a good choice. Although high-tech, and can be on the outside of this level of technology is extremely backward state, the best choice or to use their own weapons smoothly, deal with some things, it was not accidentally confused.

Dolly took advantage of the time to learn the ancient practice into strong state, his mental strength during this time improved by leaps and bounds can http://0551920.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=18847 be used to describe, and now parajumpers sale parka has more than 600 points, only a thin 200 points you can qualify for four spiritual force http://yg.tjcu.edu.cn/eng/plus/view.php?aid=124847 .

Practice has proved that the higher level of spiritual power, simulated firearms easier, and even be able to reduce the required analog components spiritual power. Simulation big powerful weapons required a lot of mental strength, but that is not often, after all, the weapons used, and the low-end weapons such as USP45, is the most economical choice.

Imagine, of course, need only 1,2 point bullets http://investrussia.com.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=10216 spiritual power when, in parajumpers sale women the spared them, USP45 can be used as an automatic assault rifle. Presumably to that time, M500 bullets will become necessary mental strength is low, the rough and tumble when you can open as the best assault weapon. Even when the mental strength http://whatvideo.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=10425 reaches a certain height to do a variety of machine gun bullets with the same spiritual power shooting, how refreshing it is a picture.

However, these must be attached to the spiritual power level, only rank high enough in order to have more mental strength, and can simulate with very little spiritual power more powerful weapons, which is the ancient strong need to improve the strength of the most immediate one.

Thought here, suddenly remembered the ancient strong Roger say, the outside world is very exciting, and only had the experience to go out, to be able to experience the world of the real, if only sacrifice the long corner, always just a frog, which can only see the head small piece of the sky.


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