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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Pure original, thought parajumpers sale women to myself how but also in spirit stronger than a spiritual abilities comprehend just Parajumpers Jacket ordinary protoss, so there is no question as to the real problem.

Under a try, and sure enough, as he expected, Luo said wooden barriers can not stop him, or even like does not exist. This is only one explanation, Li Chun original conjecture is correct, his mental strength has indeed exceeded those just awakening spiritual abilities protoss, with the method of practicing this door eligibility.

Li Chun original minds and thoughts in the hearts of slowly flowing, but could not shake his mind, he felt the TV drama meditative state, enjoying the bright stars, as well as himself lying on the water adrift comfortable.

It did not take long, Li Chun originally from falling out of this state. Li Chun originally froze for a moment, to ponder for a moment what they have done wrong, and then put on a five-day yearned posture, slowly began meditation.

Emptied its head, this time is hundreds of times, Li Chun original feeling for this state of meditation addition of a little familiar, he believed that if we make way to re-enter meditative state, it will be more easier than the original.

But Li Chun original did not so rashly make way for this meditation into the static state can contact each skilled, but the good feeling and this indescribable peace of mind to make people think about the mood like a mirror Li Chun parajumpers sale canada originally did not want to be easily missed.

Quiet his own soul, so that my putting thoughts like birds generally swept from their own side, into the starry sky. Li Chun’s original heart full of feeling emotions, do not intend to really seriously probing inside this tiny problem.

He just quietly closed his eyes, in the dark, or in the thinking of the darkness, he cut off his own sorts of confused thoughts.

No confusion, no surprise, and no other emotions, Li Chun met his former naturally.

Do not know when, in this meditation entry Li Chun original illusion, two people have standing face to face, stood quietly over the water, the head of the endless sky.

Two people look exactly alike, Li Chun original though not see his face, but just the same from his robe, hood covered his face with the same, equally stood that way, he will need some understand.

Generally speaking, meditation should all be very difficult, right? I jumped at this stage should be no sudden ability. Li Chun originally said dismissively.

Opposite is the same man’s voice: Yes, I think so, but things have been very clear that we have unwittingly crossed the meditative state, and began to visualize.

Li Chun originally opened a hood, revealing his face, smiled: I do not understand, but now I understand some.

Since you know, of course I will understand. Li Chun opposite the original also opened the hood, revealing a face exactly the same.

They both step forward, stretched out his hand, smiled tightly grip the opposite side of the original Li Chun Li Chun instantly dissipated in the palm of your hand on the original, Li Chun original slightly surprised, from falling out of a state of meditation.

This time he did not rush into the meditative state again, but slowly, just think of the scene: Who would have thought, so-called Budo is a will to contemplate? Who would have thought.

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

, He may not want to go in by a blow, have the opportunity to still go to the core of the study area where longer a heavy blow on it.

More do not want to, on the side can not help going to think, for the strong legacy of the ancient legacy of these birth to a kind of awe, it is the predecessors wisdom admiration body cast, for him, nothing beats to promote social progress and better technology. Of course, technology is a double-edged sword, the good that can benefit society with good, if misused, it may cause devastating damage, otherwise there would be thousands of years ago, eschatological war was.

The more contrast new technology weapons, the more ancient feel strong spiritual force with simulated firearms too much difference, mainly in the power of context, and simply can not think of mentioning. However, this also has an advantage that does not need to carry firearms, very convenient, but also a critical moment of a shot surprise hit, hit each other a surprise.

Ancient strong heart has been planned, we must leave the ancient ruins before, to produce twelve high-tech weapons with me, but also to constantly improve mental strength levels, although the power of simulation in terms of firearms almost can be for outside people of the world, is already sufficient deterrent.

Such as USP45, short range, the power of Parajumpers Jacket the general, precision general, but when he opened fire when dual wielding, such as bullets fired shells Pente, Philo, who can neutralize the wearer, can only lie in the underground shelter, with his head did not dare look up.

The M500 Guards level of this pistol, the actual power ranging between D and C grade, for him, it would be a good choice. Although high-tech, and can be on the outside of this level of technology is extremely backward state, the best choice or to use their own weapons smoothly, deal with some things, it was not accidentally confused.

Dolly took advantage of the time to learn the ancient practice into strong state, his mental strength during this time improved by leaps and bounds can be used to describe, and now parajumpers sale parka has more than 600 points, only a thin 200 points you can qualify for four spiritual force .

Practice has proved that the higher level of spiritual power, simulated firearms easier, and even be able to reduce the required analog components spiritual power. Simulation big powerful weapons required a lot of mental strength, but that is not often, after all, the weapons used, and the low-end weapons such as USP45, is the most economical choice.

Imagine, of course, need only 1,2 point bullets spiritual power when, in parajumpers sale women the spared them, USP45 can be used as an automatic assault rifle. Presumably to that time, M500 bullets will become necessary mental strength is low, the rough and tumble when you can open as the best assault weapon. Even when the mental strength reaches a certain height to do a variety of machine gun bullets with the same spiritual power shooting, how refreshing it is a picture.

However, these must be attached to the spiritual power level, only rank high enough in order to have more mental strength, and can simulate with very little spiritual power more powerful weapons, which is the ancient strong need to improve the strength of the most immediate one.

Thought here, suddenly remembered the ancient strong Roger say, the outside world is very exciting, and only had the experience to go out, to be able to experience the world of the real, if only sacrifice the long corner, always just a frog, which can only see the head small piece of the sky.


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Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

You killed the elders! You actually kill us Regulus big family elders!

Too presumptuous! It is too presumptuous ah! Insult ah! Absolute insult ah!

No! Absolutely can not let this man out of our Regulus family!


Suddenly, the entire city of boiling Regulus, Regulus numerous family of children, directly at the city gate running up.

Chang Ching Santo! He heard Ji Lenghe cry all day, and he has also been in the hands of gold sword against Chang Ching refers to the past.

Chang Ching Santo! Our intention to serve you and the main, however, you are actually so arrogant and despotic, cruel, bloodthirsty, even our big family elders Regulus kill! Today, however, this matter can not be a good the!

Ji finish all day, suddenly, the crowd around, all pulled out his portable weapons, while if the substance of a Unit of the murderous General Chang Ching pressed against the past.

Oh! But a large Presbyterian Bale, gentlemen, why so serious it? Faced with such strong pressure, Chang Ching is still a casual look, while behind him, North offerings one thousand cold and scared already Gongsun worry trembling, while the small gray see people have pulled out weapons against his own master also is heard Li Xiao suddenly, suddenly, everyone shook directly backwards receded.

Mere a great elders? Hum! Say lightweight, you kill our big elders, today must die! Ji month at the moment is also the face of frost, owner of her high heart qi, face their own large family Elders being exterminated scene, is completely unable to maintain calm a!

Suddenly, around a corresponding sound, look out, all day long Ji gave the order, these people will not hesitate to immediately fiercely against Chang Ching rush over!

Who said he was dead! At this point, it is suddenly faint Chang Ching said something, suddenly, the scene immediately quiet down.

Humph! Do you mean that you can make a head came off another living person to stand in front of us? At this time, Ji month but it is said coldly, his voice filled with endless rage , as if a volcano is about to erupt in general.

Yes! Chang Ching smiled and nodded, then said, I can make him alive again!

What? Everyone suddenly shocked.

However, Chang Ching-but there is no control of these, to see covered in milky directly sent a burst of Light, then, we see that his hands among a channel directly to gather up Light, condensed into one Light imprint complex.

Then, he saw Chang Ching toss hands jerked forward, suddenly, you see, a Light that directly enveloped in a large body of elders over the same time, countless Light imprint constantly in that Grand Ayatollah Turn around, and finally all integrated into a large body of elders.

And they saw that piece under the Light, that the elders already dropped his head, actually instantly returned parajumpers jackets to the elders of that big neck, followed by the Light flow between the skull actually told that the neck long in together again.

Reincarnation! Back from the dead! Disease! Suddenly, Chang Ching heard a loud shout, parajumpers sale women suddenly, he saw, he threw his hands in a glaucoma circulation, shrouded in a fiercely that parajumpers sale parka great body of elders over

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Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Yet? Ancient Lie continue asked.

Do not know …… Xin Ya a shrug, whatever people out there who would not be able to come back, that’s what I said, the space shuttle caused great pressure, and even spaceships are likely an accident, not to mention the people.

I really can! Ancient Lie no way to explain it.

Listened Xin Ya, then obviously parajumpers sale women it is now two extremes, one is even a high-tech space ship can not withstand the pressure of the extrusion, the other side is personally felt the presence of spatial channel, how to explain this? Do the authors say that the human body is stronger than the mechanical compression capability?

Ancient Lie reluctantly shook his head, which is equivalent to the scientific impact of feudal superstition, two faiths, two cultures simply no way to blend with each other, but no way to explain each other.

You really can make space shuttle? Xin Ya see him a look of frustration, tentatively asked.

Otherwise I will lie to you?

Xin Ya has been conducting a large number of calculations, how to make the body able to withstand the pressure of the gap space can be up to now no results.

King Lan suddenly laughed: What’s the use so much, you walk around with her not know?

Awoken, the ancient strong Yongliyipai slap, laughed: For ah, how such a simple thing I did not expect it?

King Lan said: I’m afraid that you have accepted the idea of ​​her bar, two kinds of knowledge but can cause conflicts, you have to be careful. Somewhat worried about her.

Do not worry, I know the answer! Gu Liela lived Xin Ya’s arm and said, Come on, I’ll take you walk around, or you parajumpers sale parka would not believe it! He raising his hand in front of a draw, there an invisible space fissures, Xin Ya have felt the strange energy fluctuations.

Gee, so strongly different spatial energy!

Gu Liela went directly to her step, fissures closed the moment, just the Xin Ya Buddist all truncated.

Body Cap 532 ruined city

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Ancient Lie not go too far with Xin Ya just rolled around the fort on the move.

Into the space channel, Xin Ya almost did not cry out, all the data related to the same record, had no way to achieve high-tech things, people now rely on their ability to actually do for her is a big shock .

Circle back, Xin Ya startled for a long time, actually do a lot of operations, the amount of data to have no time for anything else.

She is what people in the end, I feel very strange! King Lan asked.

Ancient strong thought, or something with her simple explanation.

In the technology awareness Lan Jing naturally difficult to understand, just as Xin Ya difficult to understand what people are using energy, even in the space can not be squashed fissure.

Long, Xin Ya just startled, ending the operation.

Do not know! Xin Ya parajumpers jackets sale gently shook his head, things happen to you, is beyond the scope of my knowledge!

Ancient Lie laughed: Never underestimate people’s own potential, of course, this is something you can not understand to.

Xin Ya said: indeed difficult to understand, but the data I’ve jotted down, then you can slowly do research.

Then you study it, I’m leaving! Ancient strong, laughing, remember, we must guarantee