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Yet? Ancient Lie continue asked.

Do not know …… Xin Ya a shrug, whatever people out there who would not be able to come back, that’s what I said, the space shuttle caused great pressure, and even spaceships are likely an accident, not to mention the people.

I really can! Ancient Lie no way to explain it.

Listened Xin Ya, then obviously parajumpers sale women it is now two extremes, one is even a high-tech space ship can not withstand the pressure of the extrusion, the other side is personally felt the presence of spatial channel, how to explain this? Do the authors say that the human body is stronger than the mechanical compression capability?

Ancient Lie reluctantly shook his head, which is equivalent to the scientific impact of feudal superstition, two faiths, two cultures simply no way to blend with each other, but no way to explain each other.

You really can make space shuttle? Xin Ya see him a look of frustration, tentatively asked.

Otherwise I will lie to you?

Xin http://www.qhdyy.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=511769 Ya has been conducting a large number of calculations, how to make the body able to withstand the pressure of the gap space can be up to now no results.

King Lan suddenly laughed: What’s the use so much, you walk around with her not know?

Awoken, the ancient strong Yongliyipai slap, laughed: For ah, how http://gh.yeu.edu.cn/Review.asp?NewsID=146 such a simple thing I did not expect it?

King Lan said: I’m afraid that you have accepted the idea of ​​her bar, two kinds of knowledge but can cause conflicts, you have to be careful. Somewhat worried about her.

Do not worry, I know the answer! Gu Liela lived Xin Ya’s arm and said, Come on, I’ll take you walk around, or you parajumpers sale parka would not believe it! He raising his hand in front of a draw, there an invisible space fissures, Xin Ya have felt the strange energy fluctuations.

Gee, so strongly different spatial energy!

Gu Liela went directly to her step, fissures closed the moment, just the Xin Ya Buddist all truncated.

Body Cap 532 ruined city

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Ancient Lie not go too far with Xin Ya just rolled around the fort on the move.

Into the space channel, Xin Ya almost did not cry out, http://shangwang7.com/forum.php/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=412335 all the data related to the same record, had no way to achieve high-tech things, people now rely on their ability to actually do for her is a big shock .

Circle back, Xin Ya startled for a long time, actually do a lot of operations, the amount of data to have no time for anything else.

She is what people in the end, I feel very strange! King Lan asked.

Ancient strong thought, or something with her simple explanation.

In the technology awareness Lan Jing naturally difficult to understand, just as Xin Ya difficult to understand what people are using energy, even in the space can not be squashed fissure.

Long, Xin Ya just startled, ending the operation.

Do not know! Xin Ya parajumpers jackets sale gently shook his head, things happen to you, is beyond the scope of my knowledge!

Ancient Lie laughed: Never underestimate people’s own potential, of course, this is something you can not understand to.

Xin Ya said: indeed difficult to understand, but the data I’ve jotted down, then you http://www.lxaqw.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=13907 can slowly do research.

Then you study it, I’m http://vb.qaweim.com/showthread.php?p=230200#post230200 leaving! Ancient strong, laughing, remember, we must guarantee

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