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You killed the elders! You actually kill us Regulus big family elders!

Too presumptuous! It is too presumptuous ah! Insult ah! Absolute insult ah!

No! Absolutely can not let this man out of our Regulus family!


Suddenly, the entire city of boiling Regulus, Regulus numerous family of children, directly at the city gate running up.

Chang Ching Santo! He heard Ji Lenghe cry all day, and he has also been in the hands of gold sword against Chang Ching refers to the past.

Chang Ching Santo! Our intention to serve you and the main, however, you are actually so arrogant and despotic, cruel, bloodthirsty, even our big family elders Regulus kill! Today, however, this matter can not be a good the!

Ji finish all day, suddenly, the crowd around, all pulled out his portable weapons, while if the substance of a Unit of the murderous General Chang Ching pressed against the past.

Oh! But a large Presbyterian Bale, gentlemen, why so serious it? Faced with such strong pressure, Chang Ching is still a casual look, while behind him, North offerings one thousand cold and scared already Gongsun worry trembling, while the small gray see people have pulled out weapons against his own master also is heard Li Xiao suddenly, suddenly, everyone shook directly backwards receded.

Mere a great elders? Hum! Say lightweight, you kill our big elders, today must die! Ji month at the moment is also the face of frost, owner of her high heart qi, face their own large family Elders being exterminated scene, is completely unable to maintain calm a!

Suddenly, around a corresponding sound, look out, all day long Ji gave the order, these people will not hesitate to immediately fiercely against Chang Ching rush over!

Who said he was dead! At this point, it is suddenly faint Chang Ching said something, suddenly, the scene immediately quiet down.

Humph! Do you mean that you can make a head came off another living person to stand in front of us? At this time, Ji month but it is said coldly, his voice filled with endless rage , as if a volcano is about to erupt in general.

Yes! Chang Ching smiled and nodded, then said, I can make him alive again!

What? Everyone suddenly shocked.

However, Chang Ching-but there is no control of these, to see covered in milky directly sent a burst of Light, then, we see that his hands among a channel directly to gather up Light, condensed into one Light imprint complex.

Then, he saw Chang Ching toss hands jerked forward, suddenly, you see, a Light that directly enveloped in a large body of elders over the same time, countless Light imprint constantly in that Grand Ayatollah Turn around, and finally all integrated into a large body of elders.

And they saw that piece under the Light, that the elders already dropped his head, actually instantly returned parajumpers jackets to the elders of that big neck, followed by the Light flow between the skull actually told that the neck long in together again.

Reincarnation! Back from the dead! Disease! Suddenly, Chang Ching heard a loud shout, parajumpers sale women suddenly, he saw, he threw his hands in a glaucoma circulation, shrouded in a fiercely that parajumpers sale parka great body of elders over

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