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Lu days the wind was surprised, and said: Xiao Qing, you hide behind me.

Shoop sound, a rush of flying down a ghost mouth open, to Lu Tien-feng Diao.

Lu parajumpers jackets men Feifei Tianfeng a punch demons.

But the other side and from behind the hit, its goal is little Lolita.

Big brother, I’m afraid …… Little Lolita hugged Lu Tien-feng thighs.

Lu Meng days the wind blow towards flying magic attack to go: Apocalypse Warrior midrange nirvana – hole!

Bang bang, fist hit him in the flying demons, breakdown entire bloody holes.

But this time, the other two have been flying demons flew in front of their ghost hand outstretched to seize the land the day the wind, to be dragged up.

That two ghost mouth kept biting wind landward days.

Lu Tien-feng arm constraints, can only dodge.

Meanwhile, a waist, thighs severely hit the flying demons.

Bang sound muffled, flying demons by pain, let go of the land the day the wind.

Lu days the wind dropped to the ground, turned a somersault and stood up.

Flying magic call loudly, and rushed down.

Lu Tien-feng once again resorted to apocalyptic midrange nirvana – hole!

Flying punch severely hit in the devil, the direct hit smashes.

Dead two, there are three, which three days the wind seems to realize that the strong land, there is no storm.

Xiu Xiu call out three times, two days Parajumpers Jacket of wind flying demons headed toward the land, but in addition a small LORI fly.

Tian Lu Feng heart an anxious, exclaimed: Xiaoqing Fear!

However, the small LORI already panicked, she stood there, hands trembling, could not move.

Lu Tien-feng surprised, subconsciously to the small LORI ran, but two flying demons fiercely to land the day the wind towards me.

Lu Tien-feng was diverted, and small LORI also been caught flying demons, to the air and flew.

Big brother save me …… Little Lolita crystal ball in hand and fell off.

Lu Tien-feng anger, he punched two before flying flying demons, I do not know how, my mind flashed a thought – Geshandaniu!

When flying to seize the far end of the small LORI magic and Lu This is the first day the wind in front of the formation of the line of flying, Lu days after the wind resorted to apocalyptic warrior bands Nirvana – Pai Mountain!

Beat severely hit in the head flying in front of this magic body, bang a loud noise, like a row of mountain flying magic power severely hit in the body, people panic happened, came out of that kind of broke mountains cold even from the dead air flying magic body burst, severely hit the other end to the air flying demons.

Bang a loud noise, cold air hit the other end of dead air flying demons, while Tonghu, dead air began to devour it.

Geshandaniu finally succeeded!

Lu Tien Shan Pai wind than this trick to be tough after a period of many bands, two birds with one stone to kill two flying demons.

Dead air swallowed flying demons, ghost loosen little Lolita, Lolita falling down from the sky.

And the last one flying demons screamed loudly, even open Xuepentaikou, toward the little Lolita.

Big brother, save me ……

Tian Lu wind strikes the brain was severely hit with a stick, he rushed up and severely beat hit: Apocalypse Warrior after order nirvana – Pai Mountain!

Beat mercilessly shot in the flying demons who instantly stimulated strong force burst flying magic.

Danced in the blood, Lu parajumpers jackets took a small LORI Tianfeng, urgent: Xiaoqing, do you have something?

Lolita shook his head, his face was panic undecided.

Lu Tien-feng check again little Lolita, no bite marks, he was

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