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Common tasks into time, this time somewhat subtle. Is actually two years before the start of the main line. In general, then, Konoha 60 years, or 64 years before that Konoha employer should arrange a time son.

Although employers do not understand the task ahead of time for 4 years why, but for Lingui Ren, it is also good. At least you want to enter the village parajumpers jackets canada of Konoha, you need to take some parajumpers jackets canada time, so a little better earlier.

After a long pause, Lingui Ren just stood up, then walked toward the outside to go, did not bother verbally asked Yang.

Walk out of the auction room, Lingui Ren is directly toward Chuansong Zhen walked past.

In the new release back to the task of that layer after Lingui Ren is walking directly toward magic card stores go, then bought a transfiguration card on the props inside the box.

To be honest, Lingui Ren if I know, would run into Naruto world imagery task, perhaps he will leave a card turned up to prepare for contingencies.

Wait until magical cards from the store come out Lingui Ren will directly come up with a public crossing card, and then lost in the infinite film inside.

Returning to the cut

Again, Lingui Ren found himself lying on top of a mountain, surrounded by quiet one. Stood up, looked around, Lingui Ren found himself in a one valley.

Fully understand the terrain, Lingui Ren came directly to a jump above parajumpers jackets men the valley, and then stand on the commanding heights of the direction afar.

In the four observed a moment later, Lingui Ren considered in the line of sight to find a way, as to where the road leads, Lingui Ren do not know, however, there is a road on behalf of the end, at least inside the mountains than in the wandering blind is much easier. Therefore Lingui Ren directly and ran down the hill, and then came the road.

In the sense of the moment, have no breath after neighborhood, Lingui Ren will only jump to it, then walked toward the road a go.

Wait until dusk, Lingui Ren far only seen a similar building door, appeared in his sight.

It is a little happy, Lingui Ren thought to come tomorrow or even longer to be able to see where it inhabited.

But after Lingui Ren walked in front of that building when Lingui Ren is not so happy, so he was into, there have been two guys took care places, stood in front of him.

Who are you from there? Into the grass hidden village to what? One of the amount will be hung on the waist guard endured stand up and speak Lingui Ren asked.

My name is Jen, used to live in the fire of the country’s borders, the war destroyed my village, I only have to flee out, for me, no matter what the village, as long as there is something to eat on the line, I was just walking along the road The. Lingui Ren was very ‘honest’ replied.

Actually, Lingui Ren did not want to say his fleeing out, can his body clothing, imagery into the world when Naruto had become somewhat tattered, it is estimated that employers make unlimited video can give oneself.

After listening to the words of Lingui Ren, grass hidden ninja village is a bit of those two do not trust Lingui Ren, after all, although it is Lingui Ren clothing tattered, but the body’s skin can not see any escape

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