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Blood in order to examine evidence of his DNA!


Faction newly developed annihilate ghosts go!


Body Cap 227 and Xue’s story

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Chapter 227 and Xue’s story

Lu days the wind did not know at the moment three thousand meters underground cities in the Middle East. A middle-aged man was quietly watching him on the screen.

Middle-aged man suddenly said: If the good, the reason why these zombies be tamed, a large reason is because that four catalytic ghost which four catalytic ghosts are afraid since four crystal ball to jump out! That four crystallized in the end pieces Guimu contains how kind of energy?

Middle-aged man full of doubts, he stared at Lu Tien-feng, said: It seems that I have to go take a trip, the land of the mysterious day the wind caught my interest!


At parajumpers jackets sale the moment, Lu took one hundred days the wind backing catalytic zombies, pull the wind from the south bound in Yunnan, the way wherever he went, have caused local survivors exclaimed.

But when the wind into the southern continent days later, he became silent, he did not speak.

Lolita childlike authentic: Big Brother, what do you think? Does he want my sister ah?

Lu Tien-feng smile, picked up the little Lolita, said: Yes. Little Frances told me how parajumpers jackets to do it?

Lolita laughed: big brother, if you miss my sister, I’ll kiss you one.

Then, little Lolita kiss in the land Tianfeng face.

Lu days the wind laughed, and said: Little Frances, you are so cute.

Lolita giggle giggle to laugh.

South of the Yangtze, Lu Tien-feng heart somewhat calm, he just wants to kill bright Guimu, capturing brain grain, and then look for water swim Guimu, crawling Guimu, burrowed Guimu, which can be completely revived sister. Sister alive, Lu Tien-feng went looking for other female students separated, Sophie, Lin Jingjing, Xia Yu, Xue Dong dreams, etc., which Dong dream has been to the United States.

Dong dream land Tianfeng classmate, a very cute, very pure, very noble girl, her father was China’s richest man, its river group, is China the most massive and funding Hung thick big company, Dong Meng’s father, net worth has more than fifty billion, family operated industry covered the entire planet.

One week before the world crisis, Dong dreams to Hong Kong, attended her grandmother’s seventieth birthday. Flooded everything, Lu Tien-feng know, Dong dream should go to the United States, because her family has a branch in the United States.

Dong dream family is very large and strong, the last generation of this family in the last days, the Far sinking, on the contrary, they rely on viruses, zombies, and so become a powerful genetic groups, particularly in the third after a shower of blood, this group , it is a powerful batch of Bionicle, but in the world with other strong forces hegemony.

Dong Meng, Lu Tien-feng will go looking for!

In addition to Dong dream place, there is a pair of sisters, Xia Yu and Xue. This pair of sisters, the majority of the crown beauty, in parajumpers jackets men addition to a different name, the two girls are almost exactly the same. Lu days of wind and this pair of sisters are not classmates, they are art college freshmen, but in just one semester, through New Year party, New Year’s party, evening party, and then singing contest held in Guangzhou

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