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Monday, October 21st, 2013

Home, and now I am the only one thought to be eliminated evil master of the house entered the realm of condensate. So that Xiaoya head were home, in addition to outside Hershey is to tell me that a test would not have had this year, over two days we will be able to follow her directly back Shenxiao mountain. So my purpose is to tell you, as soon as the thing you want to deal with to deal with. Originally I thought that this year marked a good job to do, did not think I retreat a parajumpers jackets canada few years, almost everyone went Shenxiao mountains, and to also save me a lot of things.

Oh, in that case the better, baby first congratulate his father, as to Linger over there, I tell her about the trip, she was very reasonable, will support my father does not have to worry about what this thing.

Can you handle yourself better and better. Stay with you I take my drink two glasses.


Two days later, Lin Xiaotian is with Lingui parajumpers jackets sale Ren and Ariel Lin Feng together with straight Shenxiao planes.

Shenxiao looked towering mountains, the Lin family three sons, and Lin Lin Feng Xiaotian mood best, after all, is about one step further, the other is able to justifiably see every day the minds of the goddess. Only Lingui Ren, at the moment it is extremely calm, familiar with him know that Lingui Ren attempt anything more to it, his face will be more calm.

Body Cap 376 outer door disciple contest!

Elegant house updated: 20121018 6:24:39 words in this chapter: 3233

Sitting on the fly into the cloud Shenxiao Hill, Ariel is directly recruited a maid, let her go with Lingui Ren and Lin Feng Lin Xiaotian assigned to other homes, as she herself went with Lin Xiaotian the transmission power house.

But parajumpers jackets men must be separated in advance, Lingui Ren and there is no objection, directly on the wind and the forest with a maid in the behind, sitting in the clouds drove her to an elegant small courtyard inside, looked around environment, is indeed quite clean, Kiyonaga is a very suitable place.

Directly from the sodium ring the inside out, a low-grade began, it is implied the Lingui Ren be stuffed into the hands of the maid who lead the way.

The sister, a labor you take us over, little mind, I hope you do not find it too is.

Oh, it is respectful than from life, after Lin Gongzi if something does not understand, even though I am a good looking, I’m Tracy! Nor polite with Lingui Ren, who called Tweety’s directly put low-grade Lingshi to receive into his meson bags inside.

But just when she wanted to leave, but it is opening Lingui Ren stopped her.

Tweety sister, if you’re not busy, can you swim with me about it Shenxiao hill, only to come here, I’m completely confused, where scenery is good, what can not go to these places, I do not know exactly it, so I hope not hesitate to advise Tweety sister, of course I will definitely compensate for these Tweety sister wasted time. Lingui Ren is referring said.

And hear Lingui Ren said, had intended rebuff of Tweety, suddenly to the spirit, just gave a low-grade began to lead the way, when the escort should be higher than the price? Anyway, back is practicing, it is better to seize the opportunity to earn some pocket money, too.

Nodded, Tweety’s come up again the cloud symbol

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Monday, October 21st, 2013

Transport, that is, in fact, want to get married so that everyone can justifiably be together. And now we have to go Parajumpers Jackets Canada back over the result, both the United States are considered holy or divine mixed a crack Lianshu. After longer appear on both sides of the family in the eyes of those who are not too obtrusive, so the marriage thing seems pretty important. As long as Mikoto and Lingui Ren very affectionate in the eyes of outsiders, then together on the action and bring the two maids did not have anything strange. Naturally, will not be attractive, after all, they show the strength of external not high.

So as long as Lingui Ren exceeded the realm of God, has been practicing behind those books, you do not actually get married and there is no relationship. So compared to how to consider married, might as well consider how the strength of Lingui Ren degree robbery off into faster, more even more important to me.

Did not say anything, Miya is a happy moment all the way along Lingui Ren continuous transmission, went straight to the seven planes.

Small half later, they came to the holy beauty Lingui Ren Qixing planes Thai home.

Mikoto came home a few days and God Schism in Lingui Ren felt the breath after parajumpers jackets sale a very happy welcome out.

But when found in her eyes after only Lingui Ren Zai beauty, Mikoto’s face had come a hint of doubt.

Again explain things again, at the moment Lingui Ren’s eyes only frustration.

And hear this unexpected answer, that there is no psychological Mikoto lost it is certainly false. But has been accustomed to Lingui Ren-centric Mikoto, the lost, we began to consider starting after things.

Go to meet my father and mother, right, talk about the truth to them, they should be understanding. Etc. After that, we go to a good tour for some time! Standing Thai doorstep, at the moment only Mikoto Roles can bring forth replied.

For Parajumpers Jacket Toronto Mikoto said, Lingui Ren agree very much nodded. Has come to Thailand doorstep, if they do not see what cheap Lao Zhangren and wife’s mother, it is how are justified. Therefore, the Lingui Ren worship together they followed Mikoto met Thailand’s current home owners and home mistress.

Two days later, he again took Mikoto out Lingui Ren traveled.

Body Cap 369 bridge plans!

Elegant house updated: 20121014 6:23:55 words in this chapter: 2133

Although tailin two elderly who Lingui Ren is everywhere this time they traveled out experience, but for Lingui Ren them myself, just looking for a person who rarely have to go practice planes, and then find a Reiki relatively abundant place, followed by start practicing it.

And such planes in hell sector, there is no one thousand eight hundred, usually are not open Euro RSCG as some of the animals, the growth planes. Since the degree of civilization almost at zero, there will never be a master appeared generally only need to collect some low-grade material would go beyond, basically no one will go to adventure.

Of course, this situation is bound to change in the infinite appears impossible, because in infinite circles, someone will fight any piece of land. It is absolutely impossible for hundreds of thousands of planes without wisdom racial admitted, unless the planes simply not suitable for living organisms to survive, or else an absolute impossibility

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Friday, October 18th, 2013

Common tasks into time, this time somewhat subtle. Is actually two years before the start of the main line. In general, then, Konoha 60 years, or 64 years before that Konoha employer should arrange a time son.

Although employers do not understand the task ahead of time for 4 years why, but for Lingui Ren, it is also good. At least you want to enter the village parajumpers jackets canada of Konoha, you need to take some parajumpers jackets canada time, so a little better earlier.

After a long pause, Lingui Ren just stood up, then walked toward the outside to go, did not bother verbally asked Yang.

Walk out of the auction room, Lingui Ren is directly toward Chuansong Zhen walked past.

In the new release back to the task of that layer after Lingui Ren is walking directly toward magic card stores go, then bought a transfiguration card on the props inside the box.

To be honest, Lingui Ren if I know, would run into Naruto world imagery task, perhaps he will leave a card turned up to prepare for contingencies.

Wait until magical cards from the store come out Lingui Ren will directly come up with a public crossing card, and then lost in the infinite film inside.

Returning to the cut

Again, Lingui Ren found himself lying on top of a mountain, surrounded by quiet one. Stood up, looked around, Lingui Ren found himself in a one valley.

Fully understand the terrain, Lingui Ren came directly to a jump above parajumpers jackets men the valley, and then stand on the commanding heights of the direction afar.

In the four observed a moment later, Lingui Ren considered in the line of sight to find a way, as to where the road leads, Lingui Ren do not know, however, there is a road on behalf of the end, at least inside the mountains than in the wandering blind is much easier. Therefore Lingui Ren directly and ran down the hill, and then came the road.

In the sense of the moment, have no breath after neighborhood, Lingui Ren will only jump to it, then walked toward the road a go.

Wait until dusk, Lingui Ren far only seen a similar building door, appeared in his sight.

It is a little happy, Lingui Ren thought to come tomorrow or even longer to be able to see where it inhabited.

But after Lingui Ren walked in front of that building when Lingui Ren is not so happy, so he was into, there have been two guys took care places, stood in front of him.

Who are you from there? Into the grass hidden village to what? One of the amount will be hung on the waist guard endured stand up and speak Lingui Ren asked.

My name is Jen, used to live in the fire of the country’s borders, the war destroyed my village, I only have to flee out, for me, no matter what the village, as long as there is something to eat on the line, I was just walking along the road The. Lingui Ren was very ‘honest’ replied.

Actually, Lingui Ren did not want to say his fleeing out, can his body clothing, imagery into the world when Naruto had become somewhat tattered, it is estimated that employers make unlimited video can give oneself.

After listening to the words of Lingui Ren, grass hidden ninja village is a bit of those two do not trust Lingui Ren, after all, although it is Lingui Ren clothing tattered, but the body’s skin can not see any escape