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Dirty also flows over the floor.

Body shook, next to the East wood lying on the ground, because big guy standing behind the East wood had already been dyed flesh and blood splatter blood people.

He was deeply shocked by the power of the Gatling gun, and this weapon is too powerful, and if there is such a weapon again, why fear these monsters containment?

Ancient strong a handsome manner flick will locomotives parked in front of the East wood, to stand in the locomotive, Gatling gun spray again breathtaking flames, the moment will be to clean up around the circle.

On the train! Ancient Lie said.

I …… my broken leg! Oriental wooden teeth says.

Ancient Lie glanced at him, jumped on the locomotive begins, regardless of him covered with blood, he parajumpers jackets sale will be forced to pull on the seat, a few magic man killed again, start the engine and sped away.

King Lan Parajumpers Jacket not far from the incident to stop, listen constantly ringing of gunfire, but also a burst of nervous. Soon, she saw a locomotive rushed out from the hills, and instantly relieved, turned and step onto the motorcycle, traveling in the direction toward the ancient strong convergence go.

Cap 451 floating body

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Master, you have to accept me! Oriental wooden bowed in front of King Lan.

The fire burned brightly, the fire will face King Lan dyed golden yellow, she looked surprisingly complicated, but not on the East wood, but the ancient intense.

Ancient strong a heartless way, slowly refill fuel to the fire inside. This is a fairly small hidden rubble, composed by Parajumpers Parka the great stones, they are now sitting on a stone at the top of the highest.

Oriental wooden leg fracture, an ancient strong recovery pills down his feed, and then clamped with two flat stone tied up at the break, and will not allow broken bones shift.

Apprentice calmly watched the drama staged in the heart of ancient Lie bad music, their wood rescued from the East, King Lan be owed a big favor.

He could see it, King Lan still want to accept the East wood, partly because it is a good valet, the greater part of it is because he has perseverance, this point in her opinion is very important.

So strong was broke into seemingly ancient danger, the Orient wood and save them, but favors return favors, even if King Lan did not like the East wood, he also has to rescue the past.

I still can not teach you, let your old professor Lie some basic common sense, right! King Lan silent a long time, only whispered.

Lan Jing Oriental wood care whether now teach himself, his value is a birthright – White Witch of students, this is the most important.

Master …… no, is a teacher, you decided to take me up? Oriental wooden face lighted up, it seems that leg is not so painful.

Ah! King Lan hesitated a moment, and finally slightly Shou.

That’s great! Oriental wooden extremely excited, but was a bit too obvious, if the legs if not injured, it is estimated that dancing it.

Ancient Lie surprisingly looked at her strangely, his close student also fills how let themselves be dragged in, to know myself at her side, but also in order to learn a lot of.

View Lan’s eyes seemed to feel he asked, gently shook his head, indicating that he was not talking all the time now.

Ancient Lie also understand that King was originally] a ten Lan Master,

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